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Laying laminate your videos hands. laminate stacking technology

Как правильно класть ламинат

If you decide in his apartment lay laminate flooring yourself, then you can be understood, because it is laminate flooring still quite relevant in our time. Laying laminate your own hands is not complicated, and the price is acceptable. Now in stores a huge selection of laminates. You can choose to suit every taste and interior of your apartment. He always looked harmonious and beautiful. Decide where laying laminate will be on the floor. The bathroom is not advisable to do it. The coating comprises a wood laminate, and as you know the tree is sensitive to moisture. Do not forget about it. Site renovated apartment with his hands I prepared a good instruction on the laminate stacking technology with photos and video.

Laying laminate their own hands

To begin, we want to draw your attention to the fact, that put the laminate alone is still quite problematic, it is desirable to carry out at least a couple.

To start pick up the color of the laminate, then define its class. Then you have to decide as it should be laying on the floor in a specific room. In one pack 10 boards. They are designed to 2 square meter. Let's assume, What's on 12 square meters will need about 6 laminate packs. Buy, just in case, with a margin, as it is likely accidentally damage the board during installation, or to cut the board on the wrong side, especially if you are a stele to the floor on their own but still the first time. This common cases, especially if you are new to this business. In short extra pack of laminate will never be superfluous! Find out how much you need packs of laminate, you can free online calculator.

Before you start laying laminate flooring with your own hands and right, you need to prepare very well the very foundation, on which you will lay it, before this carefully align the floor and go vacuuming. When laying the screed to do or what or other operations are not necessarily. It will be sufficient to, that you have a smooth floor surface without strong bumps and drops.

If you have a wooden floor, then go to the right places sander, and if the floor creaks, hammer a few nails in the ground bonding (near the previously hammered nails, may become loose old). But you can not utrudnyatsya - you can lay laminate linoleum, if it's the most important thing l, what would it be with a smooth surface. And if you want to, that would be all turned out great and perfect, it is desirable to implement screed.

Before you start the robot, Prepare once all of the most essential tools. First of all, it: foamed polyethylene roll (basis under the laminate) how to select it read here. Need more jigsaw or drink, hammer, wood plank 15 – 20 cm., measuring tape and a pencil. You can use an electric jigsaw - cut laminate hand not so easy.

laminate stacking technology with their own hands

Most people believe that in the laminate stacking technology to the floor is no big deal, and it is done pretty quickly. These are the people, uchuvstvoval are not personally in this matter, and hearsay, or simply by seen how others do it, watched videos. At first glance, everything is simple, boards are taken and added together and placed on the floor. However, we warn, laying laminate it with their own hands, and even more so for the first time it takes you pretty more effort and time, than you can imagine.

крепление ламината замок

Let us examine the laminate stacking technology to the floor details. Boards fastened together on all four sides on the basis of the ridge - groove, in other words, the crest of one board is inserted into the groove and firmly bonded to the other using a hammer. More detail is shown in Figure.

The technology is quite simple, You can start from any side of the room. Put the laminate perpendicular to the window, so will not be visible seams between the planks. In the beginning you need to reach the substrate along the wall in a row, because, if you place it, sex, around the perimeter, it will be very disturb. After that, take the laminate planks and lay one strip along the wall and fastened together end face. Customize hammer board, that they abut each other.

To do this, take a piece of wood, and set it by the end of the board at the end face, just not to the ridge and on top of it, so as not to break the ridge. Then customize boards to each other, gently tapping with a hammer on the bar. Abut the end of the board to the wall, leaving a gap of a thickness of the laminate (To do this, fit the pieces), the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you can damage the laminate board ( in such cases, and the stock needed). That is how we spread and customize the board along the wall. At the end of the need to cut the right size board.

That laid the first strip. Push it as close as possible to the wall, inserting before that wedges on all sides, approximately at 1 cm. For these purposes, you can use all the same cut pieces of laminate.

Second strip fold in the same way, just before it cut off a half-laminated board and begins to take shape with her. And just next can begin again with the same board.

In this way, It should get the, that the laminate floor is like a chessboard, it looks very nice and original. It is in this laying laminate increased resistance to driving forces, and he will not "walk".

How to lay laminate flooring yourself

It was under such masonry settles second board. Tightly fit together. Then gently take the strip and insert the comb into the groove strip, which is pressed against the wall. This must be done at an angle 20 degrees. Squeeze tightly, and then push the top, only carefully. Band of the boards must tightly comb enter into the strip groove, against the wall. Do not worry if that did not work, try again. In the process of laying you will get it much faster and more confident. The most important thing, do not forget, that the band should be drawn up so, that would not accidentally messed up and started putting the other party. That is, the ridge must be in the groove, instead of a groove in a groove or ridge to ridge. In the video below, It shows how to lay laminate on the floor with their hands, look.

Укладка ламината своими рукамиIf there is any gap between the strips of laminate, take planochki, hammer and fit together, gently tapping along the strip, in the top of the main groove, so as not to damage it.

That's the way you need to collect and connect all of the laminate strip, urging them to each other around the perimeter. The most important thing, do not forget to insert wedges, between wall and laminate somewhere in 1 cm. The most difficult and not easy, this is the last band. It firstly need vymeryat accurately and carefully cut, and secondly, when inserting the last sheet it is not convenient to customize more dense. To do this, take a strip of iron or profile, the edges bend in opposite directions, so that on the one hand was a bend in 0,5 cm., and on the other (in the opposite direction) about 1 – 1,5 cm for a hammer blow. Thus homemade "tool" will be easier to customize the last sheet.

How to bypass other obstacles, such as pipe, door sills think clearly, take jigsaw, vymeryat and cut. Laying laminate on the floor with their hands ready. I had some work to do, but we saved money and learned stacking technology. If something is not clear - see the video and ask questions in the comments. Thanks for attention. And if you have damaged laminate, Learn how to repair his own hands, then this article is just for you.

Laying laminate your videos hands




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