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The ideal base for flooring

Question devices maximize a firm, level base for future work in the apartment is largely determined by the success of repair work. Time, spent on device alignment screed, It pays off almost immediately, because the flat floor in the apartment will provide an opportunity to carry out work without delay and delays in other areas - from the tile work in the kitchen and bathroom, to wallpapering the walls and the installation of a stretch ceiling. However, it is one of the most time-consuming and costly operations requires the maximum care and prudence in their sequential execution.

Cement floors - where to start?

The ideal option repair is always the case, when the room of furniture can only bulb, as tenants move out to the country for at least a month. In order to properly make cement screed in the apartment, this event is a must, because in contrast to the decoration of the ceiling or wall, leveling floors requires the simultaneous use of all facilities, eg, if the alignment is carried out under the laminate, here work better with a maximum surface area to cover the proposed laminate.

initially, before you start making the cement screed is recommended to conduct a thorough examination of the entire apartment floor surfaces. On examination counted:

  • surface defects associated with the influx of cement from previous work;
  • Horizontal drop in same room, and the whole apartment as a whole;
  • device doorways, their design, availability thresholds design doorframe;
  • the need for readjusting the door panels after installation on the leveled floor (sometimes it happens, that the differences are so great, that it is necessary to file the door leaf on 2,5-3 cm;
  • Floor seal tightness around the central heating pipes;
  • design of heating apartments, the presence of areas or rooms with established lines or underfloor heating system;
  • cracks, fractures, gapping plates to walls or incorrectly arranged coupler with sound and heat insulation.

Further, carried out most responsible flooring screed device operation - definition of total floor level necessary to fill.

Council: for this operation better and easier use of modern means of engineering works - Laser Level. Construction contours using such a device will take a few minutes, much less, what need time to practice the mark on the surface contour of the walls.

During that operation, you can also use other traditional means - gidrouroven, Typically a conventional bubble level. The important point here is the need to draw a general level of the so-called "0" in all areas, to calculate the amount of work.

The second stage of work in favor of work estimate calculation, it is important to clearly understand what methods are most effective, and better carry out all the work:

  • for large differences, from 4 cm or more recommended pouring cement floor screed based grout;
  • small differences to 2 cm can align conventional self-leveling ready mixtures;
  • floor with a large number of defects have to spend an additional reinforcement ties, even using a metal mesh or special welded wire screens;
  • there, where the floor is planned to be used with large loads, possibly, will have to arrange a reinforcing belt of steel reinforcement.

What better use of materials and tools

Today the majority of mixtures device cement screed is used brand cement 400 and brands 500. These components are used both in the ready-packaged mixtures, and in solutions called self-leveling mixture. Additionally prepare a solution of the finished compositions screed, grout can be cooked alone. For large areas and using the reinforcing layer made of synthetic or metal mesh is used mainly cement grade 400, in proportion 1 the proportion of cement and 3 the proportion of sand. For more demanding applications, apply cement brand 500, the ratio of cement and sand pieces for preparation as a solution 1:3.

grade of concrete
Table grade of concrete to cement ratio

In some cases,, when it is necessary to speed up the process of hardening, or when work is carried out in unheated rooms allowed the use of a variety of chemical additives - plasticizers, reduce the time indicators pour screed.

For smaller differences to achieve a flat, horizontal povrehnosti can use the special casting pre-mixes. Leveling floor screed, reinforced, to 2 cm in thickness, It filled without problems by using self-leveling cement mix floor. The dry mixture of this compound has the additional inclusion, making a mixture of a particularly mobile, therefore, by pouring the solution obtained from such a mixture is very uneven and fills them, forming a smooth, level floor.

Besides, self-catering, you can use ready-made solution, produced in the house-building factory and delivered with a mixer, for this cement brand ready solution must be M100, M150, M200.

Calculator for materials on the sand- Cement floor screed

The values ​​are in meters in the format 0.00 m!

The width of the room
The length of the room
The height of the screed
Cement kg.
Sand kg.
water l.

Details about the proportions, brand of cement and material consumption.

Technology of work and the basic methods of work

In the process, it is not only important question, What is better for cement screed, but that, technologically correctly carried out the work, and this requires the use of an appropriate tool, allowing the most efficient work. In operation, the need:

  • for solution container;
  • bucket, or even a few buckets, but that one of them must have been with scale for liquid;
  • needle roller;
  • rink;
  • Paint brush;
  • level;
  • rule;
  • ladle;
  • shovel;
  • Master OK;
  • Metal shears (for the metal reinforcing mesh);
  • respirator;
  • Rubber Shoes;
  • gloves.

Pouring the screed is carried by two main methods:

  • using the self-leveling formulations;
  • Fill in using beacons.

Before you make a cement screed floor sweep, close up large cracks, and possibly surface treated with primer, to create a strong layer subfloors.

filling technology with self-leveling mixes extremely simple - the prepared and surface treated primer solution was poured and the screed layer is formed. By means of the needle roller, Laminating on fresh, the slurry yet removed air bubbles, thereafter the mixture is left to dry until dry.

floor screed
Self-leveling floor without the use of beacons. Suitable for no more than minor level differences 1 cm.

For cement floor screed with a layer of reinforcement and the big differences is recommended installing pre beacons. On laid reinforcing mesh in 20-25 cm from the wall and then at a distance 1 meter room for dine special metal beacons installed, on the level "0".

Further, cement covering device is carried out by classical technology - the solution is leveled on the floor, and the surface formed by the right to move on beacons.

should know, that the use of too much grout may cause deflections, formation of puddles, sedimentation of sand filler, so for self-catering solution is necessary to strictly follow the recommendations, and the solution itself should be at least the consistency of sour cream.


Cement in the technological plan has several stages of curing, so the question, as dry cement, directly depends on the time and temperature. At normal temperature +20 degrees C, first 3 the day is not recommended to walk on the floor, through 5 days can be carefully tread, and through 7 days without any problems, you can continue working on the surface.

Compare the possibility of independent creation of floorings and option of hiring professional builders for the device leveling screed services price, which ranges from 120 to 250 rubles for 1 square meter. The cost of the most concrete screed with reinforcement of fiber will be from 345 to 700 rubles for 1 quarter. meter.




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