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Creating a design using glass bricks

Glass blocks are also one of masonry materials, which can perform functions as a dividing, and decorative. Particularly popular were they years 10 ago and it was almost the only way to make a bright and airy room there, where there is little sunlight and no possibility to equip the room with additional light sources. Today, glass blocks in interior design provides the same functions, as before, but they are made more qualitatively. The latest technologies today allow the creation of materials not only excellent quality and durability, but also excellent appearance.

types of glass blocks
types of glass blocks

Why go back to the glass blocks?

Cause reintroduction of glass blocks in the massive construction can only be explained by its unique properties and parameters, which may be decisive in choosing the material, its mode of installation and the place of installation.

Primarily glass blocks the bulk, as earlier, used for the construction of partition walls, which will not be subject to further stress. Load-bearing walls of this material can become critically dangerous, both for the structure, and for tenants. Because glass, and even such a thick, like glass blocks, still beats, and can be divided by any hard object. There are other ways to erecting decorative partitions.

Even, despite the possibility of injury in case of accidental damage of the blocks yet they can be a great way to create a universal partition, which is not only perfectly prevent sound waves, but also become a means to strengthen light beams, partially absorbing them, and partially enhancing, as a lens. Hence the second reason, why they are becoming popular again - providing good lighting in the room.

The high level of illumination
The high level of illumination

Modern production of glass bricks is not the process of creating a turbid green bricks crooked shape. Modern production produces perfect geometrical and practical parameters of masonry material, which can be:

  • crystal clear;
  • gently brushed;
  • raised;
  • It produced a huge number of colors and shades;
  • with drawings on the inside and even with objects inside.

All of the above can not only be a decisive fact for the decline is to this material to create a decorative and at the same time multi-functional partition in the living room, kitchen or hall, but it will be the main reason to use it in the bathroom for the separation of the room into zones. After the glass, as a solid and very dense material, at all, It does not absorb moisture, easy to clean and polished, if necessary. But for laying glass block, respectively, will be required and the high-quality glue.

That is, it turns out, that for self-assembly of glass blocks, needs some waterproof glue, and after laying all the joints be sealed with a fugue. This special composition, which prevents moisture in the adhesive layer, eliminating the possibility of fungal microorganisms therein.

Glass blocks - it is a lightweight material, which can be applied not only in a private house, but also in the apartment. But we should remember, their large number could still lead to an increase in the load on the overlap, so you should consider this well, before proceeding to the installation of all partitions of this material. Glass blocks in the interior of the apartment, photos which can be seen below, can play a significant role, because it is only with their help, you can create a color and contrast of colors. It will be incredibly nice to play with sunlight. After all, probably, one notices in your life, that when a ray of light passes through the non-uniform in thickness glass is refracted and even breaks up the spectra, like grating. And this creates a extraordinary warmth and comfort arrival at the apartment, home or even in the office.

Decorative partitions in the living room
Decorative partitions in the living room

Looking through the glass blocks in the interior in the photo can be seen not only a huge variety of colors, but also laying combinations. Even having some ability to fantasize or zeal for art using glass blocks can create a truly unique and unique design. The blocks can be combined in different colors and shades. Apart from a wide raznotsvetya today, many manufacturers offer a unique solution - the blocks with different inserts and colored drawings. Also, modern technologies allow to produce glass masonry engraved. But, of course, not everyone will desire to arrange at home a museum or exhibition environment.

Only glass blocks for the walls have the unique property, how to transmit light, but through it you can not view the actual object contours, making it safe to build walls between even a bathroom and a living room or kitchen.

Glass blocks can be used for decoration of the window opening in bathrooms in private homes. This makes it possible not to reduce the degree of illumination, and thus create a solid barrier from the eyes of others.

Walling of glass blocks

Glass blocks can be one of the ways to create not just deaf walls, but also part of a small decorative designs, is an ornament of premises. Here, undoubtedly, should remember the colored glass blocks. Only a combination of several shades, you can create a truly unique atmosphere, which will give dynamism and originality.

But even the blank walls of this material do not create such a massive visual sensations, which typically produce opaque structure. This indicates, that they can be used to expand the space visually.

One of the excellent properties of glass blocks are geometric parameters. Each block has an almost imperceptible variation in size, that translates perfectly aligned structures. A small layer of adhesive uniformly distributed over the corrugated end surface perfectly holds all the structural elements, creating a single entity.

size glass blocks
Glass blocks sizes

Glass glass blocks in addition to the advantages are also not entirely positive properties. for example, smooth front surface does not allow them to lay on the tiles or any other decorative material. on a wall as it is not necessary to fix the furniture, technique, racks, etc..

Technology laying glass blocks

Installation of brick and glass glue
Installation of brick and glass glue

Installation of glass block is similar to the technology of masonry block any materials.

The first step is to prepare the base, align tie, primed deep penetration, etc..

Although glass blocks have dimensions almost ideal geometry, but also for smooth masonry should be installed beacons and tags. This can be done using a laser level or plumb, and the usual gidrourovnya. To simplify the masonry along the walls to him is to attach the guide battens, to them, in the process laying will be attached drawstring to align each row.

Laying glass blocks may be performed in various ways, Similarly,, as masonry:

Laying brick and glass white glue
Laying brick and glass white glue
  • in dressing wire;
  • in a checkerboard pattern with alternating colors;
  • seam weld.

To create a partition, you can use several ways of laying glass blocks, which depends on the customer's preferences. On the strength of the structure can be in principle, and not to think, as, eg, with penomblokami or bricks. But all the same, considering all options, the best way of laying it will vperevyazku. He will make the wall stronger and more stable.

The first layer of blocks is placed on the reinforced base, for this it is necessary to use a thin reinforcement and put into the base. In this case, better to put on two rod, This would eliminate the peppered deformation of masonry during its solidification.

Tips for installation of glass blocks

Masonry reinforcement blocks
Masonry reinforcement blocks
  1. The glass block has a smooth structure, so when applying adhesive is important to remember, the mixture should not be exposed to the front surface. And if they got, then it is necessary to quickly rinse the sponge. Because in the future it is removed may damage the image.
  2. Also during transport units must be remembered, This material is fragile. And the slightest shaking and collision may lead to chipping and loss of its appearance.
  3. Glass blocks are difficult to cut, rather, at all, do not give in to her. Therefore, when you create a partition of them should take this into account and advance to count every action. To simplify the masonry manufacturers produce a half blocks.
  4. High-quality glass block laying their hands or on their own should be carried out slowly, because each block - a tight and slippery material, which poorly adheres together even qualitative adhesive. Therefore, a single approach should not settle more 3-4 rows of blocks. And for the filling of joints must be used special crosses.
  5. That the seams do not spoil the appearance of the picture after the installation of glass blocks, necessary to use light, predominantly white adhesive composition.
  6. To create an arch or dome-like structures for reinforcement of masonry is necessary to use a thin armature. It fits so, that it could not be seen from the back side.

These tips on laying of glass blocks will be decisive in creating a truly unique design partitions or, which is intended to be the main element of decoration of an apartment house, apartment or office.

Methods of forming corners
Methods of forming corners

The use of glass blocks in the design

Furniture made of glass blocks
Furniture made of glass blocks
    Glass blocks can be used not only for the construction of walls and walls. They may be used for decorating walls of the brick or block masonry, how to highlight certain aspects or merits. It may be a niche, patterns, etc.. Also, one can perform an original and no less attractive fixed furniture. It could be coffee tables, chairs, seat, pedestals, etc..

frame technology

frame technology
frame technology

Besides the conventional technology, There is another way of mounting glass blocks. It consists of using the frame. It can be made from wood or purchased ready-made from plastic. Section recruited as a designer and glass blocks are inserted tightly. This method of stacking blocks provides a more aesthetic and precise partition. But the cost of its styling is quite high, and the process requires a certain skill. Besides, such partition has poor sound insulation properties.

made his own cell for each glass block, which he then inserted. The elements of one section are bonded to each transparent silicone sealant and wire. For the construction of such walls is sufficient 8-10 hours, can not be said about the traditional method, who will request to 3-4 days.

A supplement article, both with their own hands to lay glass blocks, Video will be a great addition.





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