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Quality LED lamps

Since domestic producers did not hurry to withdraw the production and sale of LED bulbs on a fundamentally new level, the only option for consumers is a custom lighting abroad. Especially high demand for LED lamps from China although they are dubious build quality.

Advantages and disadvantages of Chinese LED lamps

The main advantage of the Chinese LED lamps from China is their low cost. Shipping from China is cheaper, than from any other country. In recent years, Chinese manufacturers LED equipment particularly close attention to the quality of. Respectively, quality LED lamps from China are often inferior to those of European products.types of LED lamps

Modern Chinese technology, over which the development of schemes of action of LED equipment is still far from the limits of their own capabilities. experts believe, that it is not currently involved more 10% the actual building. And this at a time, LED resource that on average 100 thousands of hours of operation.

Value for money and savings lampvh. It only remains an important issue as LED lamps?
Value for money and saving on lamps. It only remains an important issue as LED lamps?

Build quality LED lamps

Large Chinese manufacturers often take care of the quality characteristics of their products:

  • using high-quality components for production;
  • use research laboratories;
  • conduct quality control of each LED lamp separately.

In small companies, the situation looks different. Small Chinese manufacturers of LED equipment and carry out savings on components, and workforce. As a result, the price of these products is much lower, as well as the quality of LED lamps. Sellers are assured, the lamp will last for a long time but knowing about the quality of Chinese LED bulbs is not the case. service juice depends on the quality of parts and lamps often do not serve even a year

To assess the quality of the assembly is sufficient to make out a few Chinese LED lamps. When disassembling particular attention should be paid to the presence of glue on the board and soldering quality. On the latter criterion can be judged on the quality of all products. Not superfluous will also make sure the case is the LED lamp chips and cracks. Poor assembly similar lighting products often leads to failure of the LED lamp and the whole. In this way, answer the question, why blinking LED bulbs and LED light bulbs burn out why the obvious. All fault assembly poor quality.led-lampа

In addition to substantial savings LED, Chinese often try to reduce costs through the use of electrolytic capacitors in the driver circuit, which for the year of operation is completely dry.

Since one of the most important parameters of the LED lamp is a temperature diode heating elements. If the heat is not enough good, occurs overheating and subsequent destruction of the crystal diode. This results in reduced brightness of the lighting unit.

As known, the life of the LEDs is calculated in hours. So, If the lamp contains a figure 25 thousands of hours, it means, that after the deadline the lamp will shine on 30% less intensively. However, this standard applies only to branded products. Many Chinese manufacturers specify operation term 25 thousands of hours, forgetting to mention that, that the quality of the lighting LED lights will fall after this not standard 30%, and all 50%.


What are the problems with the Chinese LED lamps

More often than not with the Chinese LED lamps has the following problems:

  • power lighting is lower than specified by the manufacturer;
  • the brightness of the lighting is lower than specified by the manufacturer;
  • lights flicker;
  • not comfortable color lighting
  • Inability to work with switches, working with an indicator;
  • a small angle of illumination.

If we take the characteristics and disadvantages of the most popular in the world market of LED lamps from China and arrange them in a single summary table, the result will be as follows:lamp

The table clearly demonstrates, that none of the lamps under consideration does not ensure that the luminous flux, which is indicated by the manufacturer. The best option is no more 84%, and worst - of the order 30%. As for the color rendering index CRI, the norm of this figure should be more 80. All LED lamps from China are not up to this index. It means, that if such light fixtures illuminate the room, colors of all objects in the room will be very distorted. Seven lamps generally are not suitable for residential use, because they have a high rate of flicker. with switch, equipped with LEDs, according to the table work correctly only three lamps, others burn very poorly, because their electronics includes only two capacitors and a diode bridge.

Some lamps have discussed quite comfortable color lighting. Most of shades is a shade, which is simply impossible to be confused with the color of a standard incandescent lamp.


Why blinking LED light bulb

If the LED lamp to look through the camera, can be found, that it is strong enough to attend. It means, that was used in its manufacture poor-quality driver. Blinking lights may significantly affect vision. So if you are unlucky enough to purchase lighting equipment of poor quality Chinese, screw the better in their premises, where the wire is not very long. for example, the toilet, hallway or common corridor. For living rooms is better to use the best quality lamp with a smaller fluctuations Getsov .

The easiest way to determine the quality of LED lamps, is to use the camera or camera phone. Hovering stripes appear on the screen, if the band is invisible light means well and has 100 hertz.

Why burn LED bulb

The main reason for blown LED lamps (as they flicker) It is the use of low-quality manufacturer drivers. Often, such a problem is associated with the breakdown of the transformer, which is responsible for undervoltage, which receives light. often, that burn light elements. To know the reasons why you can burn out LED tapes here.

To avoid various problems with Chinese LED lamps, pay attention to the characteristics. We should not strive for cheapness and to select products by manufacturers, which can give a guarantee quality of their products. Done right, the LED lamp will give you a choice for years to come and will not disappoint.




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