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Wiring electric cookers

Подключение электроплиты своими руками фотоToday we look at the electrical outlet for the kitchen stove, as well as being the correct connection of the electrical boards with their hands.

Appliances and especially stoves consume significant amounts of electricity, which requires mandatory grounding body. Components domestic stoves when selling often represents connectors RSH-VSH - a pair of electric sockets and plugs. This type of connector has been created in the Soviet times. As a method for mounting sockets it relates to products exposed wiring, but in our time, and we modified flush.

Constructive solution pairs eliminates the possibility of incorrect connection when using. The maximum stated operating current - 32 amps (average power 7 kW). However, the total power of the heating devices of modern Cooktop averages 8-10 kW and higher, that this connector is unacceptable. Simultaneous operation of all devices serve fatal outcome connector. Today, the production of RSH-VS Ukraine, Price and product quality are not high.

Элекророзетки для кухонной электро плиты фото

outlet cooker

Pretty good pair of plugs, sockets manufactured in Belarus. They have a modern design and are more suitable for import of electric cookers, kit to which the cords and plugs are not included.

Белорусские разъемы фото
Belarusian connectors

Belarusian connectors withstand large amounts of electrical power, than 32A, user-friendly and the installation. Mounted in the two embodiments, for hidden, and for open wiring. For the price a bit expensive Ukrainian, but much cheaper than European.

Разъем французского образца фото
Connector French sample

for electric sockets are installed in the same, as a common outlet. When installing flush hollow recess in the wall, into which installed with a special solution based on gypsum-box of any shape Escutcheon. Towards podrazetniku wall Hollow Stroebe and it laid supply lines, attaching them to the terminals of the socket. It is important to connect the ground wire to the terminal strictly with the designation.Заземление знак

Then socket mechanism mounted in a special screws Escutcheon, in shutdown puts the lid. Mounting wiring accompanied with open fastening mechanism socket directly to the support surface of a wall without additional Escutcheon. Necessarily connect the ground wire.

The apartments are newly built ground wire is visible at once, its isolation green (yellow-green) colors. In the old houses all the wires and monophonic, usually, white. To find the correct wire, first in an apartment completely cut off electricity. Then take ohmmeter and one of its probe cling or heating radiator for a water pipe, and the second touch turns all power supply cables. If the grounding wire, show little resistance ohmmeter, not more than a couple dozen ohms, resistance to other wires would be infinitely stronger. In this way, detected ground wire marker or tape is marked for further simplicity in contrast. How to connect the remaining wires is not important. See the article about the new and old methods of connecting electric wires, It will be useful for all. Now consider how the electrical connection scheme looks plates in Examples and Photos description.

How to connect the electric stove correctly

To connect the electric stove will need:

  1. connectors. In the presence of the socket, requires only the corresponding plug.
  2. Skein of wires PVA 3*4 mm2 . Flexible, three-wire, length 1,5-2 m.

On the back panel under a plastic cover plate electrical terminals located, having several copper jumpers. opening the lid, can be seen next to it a picture, usually depicted 3 connection options:

  1. three-phase mains - L1, L2, L3.N.PE.
  2. two-phase mains - L1, L2.N1, N2.PE.
  3. single-phase mains - L1.N.PE.

A suitable embodiment - third, we it will be able to connect electric stove correctly. The jumpers are installed in accordance with figure. Then the wire on both sides of the PVA is removed in the top shell 75 mm and the insulation from the ends of the veins on 30 mm, close up of ring. Lived insulated green ground connector is attached to the PE, remaining alternately to terminals L1 and N (Phase and zero). It is preferable to attach the wires to the phase conductors insulated with brown or white, and zero for blue, but it is not critical.

Зачистка и подключение проводов фото
Stripping and wiring the electrical boards.

After joins the electrical plug. The wire with green insulation is attached to the earth terminal, the rest - to the phase and zero.

Подключение вилки розетки электроплиты и клеммника фото
Wiring plan, plug sockets and appliance terminals.

Multimeter checked correctly connected: grounding contact resistance between the plug and the metallic furnace casing shown zero. Granted a coincidence grounding plug and socket. If everything is as it should be, terminals capped. See how to install the correct socket.

It is recommended to remove the power socket, before inserting the plug into it, disabling automatic in the switchbox. By doing so, checked by touching the display surface of the metal housing screwdriver no phase plate. If the order, carried out further checks in all operating modes.

Kitchen electric range to some extent stationary device, because over the years it does not move from one and the same place. And in fact, there is an option to connect it without the socket. He is represented in the figure below. Electric plate is connected via a ceramic terminal block or karbolitovy, located in the junction box.

Подключения эл. плиты через карболитовый или керамический клеммник фото
Wiring through karbolitovy electric plate or a ceramic terminal block.

If there is a three-phase power line to connect the electric stove is best for her. This is necessary especially at high loads on the slab, such as cozy restaurants in small total power device is much higher 10 kW, that a single-phase plug can not afford long stand. Three-phase connector RSH-HS is designed for maximum current at 25A and allows the device to be powered power 15 kW. And to be quite a copper cable with a cross section 2,5 mm2. To calculate the required wire size, use our free online calculator.

Подключение электроплиты к трехфазной линии питания фото
Wiring diagram for appliance to a three-phase power line.

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  1. I can not find the wiring diagram the resistors.
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  2. circuit must execute using the protective conductor operating as a zero electric range must be connected conductors 5th-l1 l2 l3 N PE

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