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Design ceiling lighting

Properly designed ceiling lights in the apartment - the cornerstone in creating a cozy and comfortable interior. It will help not only to zone premises, but also significantly save on energy costs. Therefore, the approach to solving this issue you need to thoroughly, carefully consider all options.

Basic principles of arrangement of fixtures on the ceiling

lack of understanding, how to position the light on the ceiling, It leads to poor quality of ambient light, high energy consumption and disharmony outside the room view. When planning lighting schemes must always take into account the principles of placement of fixtures.

  1. The distance between the lamp wall and the point must be greater than 20 cm.
  2. If the room have a rectangular shape without complex ceiling structures, chandelier should be located exactly in the center of the ceiling.
  3. The distance from the film seam (during installation of suspended ceilings) to the lamp - at least 15 cm.
  4. Diffuser chandelier must be below the level of web tension is not less than 15 cm.
  5. When calculating the required number of fixtures must be assumed, one dot or spot device can effectively illuminate only 1,5 m2 area.
  6. If the lighting scheme involves a symmetrical installation of several lighting devices, it is important to achieve the greatest uniform distance between them and with respect to the walls.

For ceilings, it is best to use LED lighting, they are not heated and do not cause deformation of the blade.

types of lighting

for ceiling lighting fixtures are varied:

  • Chandeliers and suspensions - the most traditional type of lighting, often perform basic lighting function. Thanks to the original design and unusual shape can act mainly of the interior element.
  • Spotlights - without them it is impossible to imagine a modern ceiling light. They are used to highlight specific areas of the room, highlight features of the interior, as the main beam.
  • Spotlights - provide a concentrated beam of light in one area. This feature helps to change the geometry of the room, or focus on the desired subject.
  • Ceiling lights LED strip inside or on the perimeter. This allows us to achieve interesting effects, eg, soaring ceiling in the air, and create different light patterns on its surface.

Good lighting in the apartment involves a combination of several types of fixtures with the ability to create different lighting scenarios depending on your needs. So, eg, The large living room is appropriate to use a nice chandelier volume, create a festive and bright mood in the room, and concealed ceiling lighting to give an atmosphere of relaxation and romance.

When choosing lighting, be sure to take into account the height of the ceilings, total area of ​​the premises and purpose of the room.

Zoning space with light

For visual separation of the room into several zones great tool is the shape of the ceiling in combination with properly chosen lighting fixtures. Ceiling structures often are constructed of drywall, possible to combine it with the stretched canvas. It allows you to create multiple levels, lowered ceilings, where it is needed, create unusual geometric shapes.

Only spotlights can be installed in small spaces, as well as accents to use sconces, table lamps and floor lamps. spacious rooms, in front of, require the allocation of different functional zones with the help of a ceiling form. Usually, for each zone are selected chandelier or suspension, complementing their point or concealed lighting.

Correction of the rooms with light shortcomings

Often the rooms in the house or apartment have a non-ideal shape: too stretched, polygonal, with projections or other bearing elements on the walls. Well-designed options ceiling light will help to correct these shortcomings.

Using light can visually lower the ceiling, darkening its part, or, conversely, add height, installing lighting with directional light. When, when the room has an irregular geometric shape, from the center of the ceiling of the chandelier should be abandoned in favor of built-in fixtures. This will help to avoid focusing on the "misalignment" of the room. It is also a great solution is to install chandeliers or hanging over the sense-element of the furniture in the room: table in the kitchen, bed in the bedroom, sofa in the living room, etc..

Lighting rooms depending on their functional

The appointment of the room determines the ceiling lighting ideas, applicable to it. So, hardly anyone would ever think to hang in a typical bathroom a crystal chandelier, and in the living room confine backlighting.

Tips for Planning the lighting in the rooms:

  • For children's rooms and bedrooms as the main light it is recommended to use lamps with a soft glow, desirable to direct light flux upwardly. Be sure to take care of the additional elements: night light, sconce, illumination of the working area for the child, and so on.
  • Living room, usually, used for family vacation, and noisy holiday feasts, for watching TV. Several light ceiling lighting scenarios, provided in the room, help you tune in to the right atmosphere and make the room more comfortable for life.
  • In the kitchen, depending on the design and construction of the ceiling, optimally set several groups of fixtures: over work surfaces, over the dining table and in the central area of ​​the room.
  • Entrance and installation imply tub spotlights in various combinations, which saves space and provides the necessary space for these small amounts of light. Additional elements of lighting and unusual design of the ceiling appropriate only in rooms, characterized by a large area of. In this case, you can use the ceiling illumination using LED strip and other lighting solutions.

In dark rooms can be used on ceilings stained glass, hiding behind them lighting fixture. This will create an interesting effect of natural light, coming from above.

Modern ceiling lighting involves the use of various types of lamps, in combination with at least a variety of ceiling designs. It allows you to create the interiors not only pleasing to the eye, but also comfortable to live.



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