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LED ceiling lights

In recent years, LED lighting in the apartment is becoming more common, thanks to its excellent consumer characteristics: high energy efficiency, long service life, easy installation. Use of special tapes with LEDs in the regeneration of the ceiling allows for a variety of design solutions for classical interiors, and for lovers of minimalism or hi-tech.

The advantages of using LED strips

His popularity led strip required to a wide range of benefits of their use compared with other light sources.

  1. Long service life. LEDs have a service life of more than 30 thousand. hours, ie. about 10 years if the lamp is turned on location 8 hours a day.
  2. Significant energy savings. LED strip lights and consume electricity in 10 times less than traditional incandescent light bulbs.
  3. Shine, which gives diode lighting in the apartment, as close as possible to the natural. This makes it more comfortable for human eyes.
  4. LED-lamps are sustainable. If their production is not applied chemistry.
  5. LEDs do not heat during operation, therefore safe when installing a suspended ceiling, it does not cause deformation or fire hazard.
  6. LED Strip, thanks to its flexible form, suitable for lighting the most complex geometric designs on the ceiling.
  7. Lighting LED Strip apartment offers great opportunities dimming and color of the light flux with remote controls.

The disadvantage of this type of lighting can be considered a high price of LED light sources, compared with their counterparts. However, their cost is falling rapidly in recent years, due to the wide spread of technology.

The cost of LED lamps will pay off for 2-3 years old, due to energy savings.

How can I use LED strip lighting in the ceiling

LED ceiling lighting possible in several embodiments:

The backlight on the perimeter. One of the most popular ways. The tape is attached or oil paint box, constructed for her, or located in a special wide baseboard Polystyrene.

Lighting of multi-level ceiling structures. The tape can be laid between the ceiling and along the contours of the figures.

LED Strip Light, established under the stretched canvas, It allows you to get the effect of a luminous ceiling. If the owners of the premises supporters bold decisions in the design, under the cloth ribbon can be laid out certain pattern. In this case, the ceiling can be a major element of the interior.

When choosing LED strip for the ceiling must be considered, the role of light it would take: primary or decorative. In the first case one would tape an excellent type SMD 5050, for interior decoration suitable type SMD 3528. A universal solution is RGB tape with diodes of three colors.

light control

LED lighting design ceiling easy to change, depending on the current situation and needs. Perhaps this is due to the use of the controller to control light, and dimmers.

In order to modify at will only light intensity, must be connected to the LED strip dimmer. They come in two variants: with control and without it. In the second case, control is performed with a mechanism, built into the housing.

More sophisticated light flux manipulation require the installation of special devices - controller. It can be used to change the color variation in the LED strip mode, given through the control panel.

Modern controllers are available in three versions:

  • Radio-controlled devices allow you to change the color of the program using the remote control.
  • The digital controller adjustment is carried out via mobile phone. And smartphones are suitable for these purposes, working both on Android, and on iOS.
  • Audio controllers are connected to the musical instrument, resulting in LED strip changes color in time with the music.

To simplify installation and operation can immediately purchase a set of LED backlight, which includes tape, controller, remote control and power supply.

mounting Features

Installation of LED strip for illumination of the ceiling it is possible to carry out their own. Installation is carried out in two ways:

  • The tape is attached to the ceiling surface, skirting or wall due to its own adhesive layer.
  • Using a profile, in which a tape. Profile or glued to the surface on the double sided tape, or use special clips. Tape the top closed transparent or matte screen-diffuser.

Cutting the tape can only be in specific locations of the marks! Make it better to, semi. Located at an altitude of, engaged in cutting pieces of the desired length is inconvenient.

Lighting ceiling apartments LEDs helps turn it into a stylish design element, add a room of comfort and unusual. In combination with high reliability and energy efficiency, it is recognized as a favorite among solutions light decoration ceiling structures.



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