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The lighting in the living room

Living can be considered the most important room in the house. Here we have a rest after a day and going to friendly gatherings or family celebrations. This resort played by children, and there is the night we stopped to visit mother-in-law or mother-in. Therefore, the design of the room must meet the requirements of multifunctionality. Living room lighting design plays a crucial, if not the main, role. It will help accents, create a cozy atmosphere or bright holiday, divide the room into several zones for comfort for all family members.

Types of lighting in the living room

The lighting in the living room modern design as the primary, decorative and local. The optimal solution is to combine them in a single room. This will allow the zone the room and create multiple lighting scenarios depending on the situation: romanticheskiyuzhin, family night watching TV or loud party.

general lighting

It used as the primary light source. For many years he played the role of a chandelier in the center of the ceiling. These days have become increasingly popular spotlights, LED Strip, track system. And if the choice still falls on the chandelier, the market offers not only the standard classical model, but also ultra-ice chandelier unusual shapes with excellent consumer characteristics.

local light

Helps set to rest, create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort. To this should include floor lamps, a variety of wall sconces and table lamps. It is important to keep a measure of: living in a small sample will be sufficient to install only a floor lamp or wall lamp over the sofa, whereas in a large area of ​​the room, you can use several types of lighting devices.

Decorative lighting

We need to add accents in the room. That it gives the interior zest and makes it interesting. in aid decorative lighting you can select a niche in the wall, statuettes and souvenirs, pictures. the spotlight can also be a light objects, eg, glowing bubble bar and Aquarium.

When choosing lighting design, consider, that if the living room is decorated in bright colors, they will enhance the lighting of the room. The same applies to the abundance of glossy surfaces, which can lead to oversaturation of light, visual stimulation and fatigue.

Types of lamps for the living room

Lighting design apartments It is closely related to the type of fixtures, used in the interior. So, mnogolampovaya chandelier "requests" in the classic interior. Whereas in the living room, decorated in a minimalist style, perfectly fit track system or built-in LEDs.

The most common design for living room use the following types of lamps:

Chandeliers, made in different styles: from the strict and prim classics to the ornate Art Nouveau.

suspensions. You can consider them as a subspecies of chandeliers. The fixture is characterized by having a lamp and may serve to isolate functional areas indoors, eg, dining table.

Spotlights. Are used to create the basic and decorative light. Lighting design in the living room in a modern style is unthinkable without their use.

sconce, floor lamps and table lamps give a local light. With a variety of shades and lampshades, you can choose the option to any interior.

Provide sufficient number of living sockets. Do not save. In the future, it will be easy to add new elements to the lighting system: floor lamps or table lamps. Using the extension does not add comfort room.

Basic principles of lighting in the living room

To the outcome of work on the design and creation of the ceiling, and local lighting has become a harmonious and comfortable room design, you must pay attention to the basic key points:

  • Before starting work, it is important to find out the ceiling height, errors in the geometry of the room, pick exemplary materials for decoration and furniture. Only then should proceed to the choice of luminaires.
  • The bulk of the fixtures should be located on the ceiling. The light living room he plays the main role.
  • Certain styles of interior corresponds to different light intensities. for example, high-tech requires bright, drenched room light. country style, in front of, revealed a mild, slightly diffuse illumination.
  • It is important to create the possibility of using several light scenarios in the living room, or at least connected to the main source of light dimmer, to adjust the brightness of the lighting depending on the situation.
  • Do not get involved in the original design of fixtures. Just one bright accent. Otherwise, the reverse effect may be obtained: many unusual elements in the same room will look a manifestation of bad taste.
  • Cool shades of light - not the best solution for the living room. Comfort and relaxed atmosphere will help to bring the light sources with a warm yellow or white light.

If the living room also serves as an office and a dining room, lights in these areas better positioned on different levels. for example, Desktop to put a table lamp, hang over the dining table a few hangers, and next to the sofa the lamp.

Modern design Lighting apartment offers many options, suitable for use in the living room. By combining different types of lighting, You can create a lighting solution, perfectly appropriate room functionality.



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