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Water apartment with his hands

What should be a water supply scheme of apartments? Before starting work,
You have come to the conclusion, that pipes for water supply in the apartment need to be replaced, since the existing water supply system is rotten and fallen into disrepair. On the question of replacing the communications may also push factors, as the need for a major overhaul in the apartment, Earliest check-in new building, where in addition to the walls all have to do with their own hands. If the apartment is new, here you and the cards in your hand, as the saying goes, as designed water supply scheme in the apartment can get an easy-to-use. Before starting work, should also take into account another important point: to install plumbing in the apartment with his hands should be parallel with the water filtration system.

Filter elements can be set for each valve individually, and on entering, after accounting device. This care should be taken at the very beginning, before installing the water supply, since this will depend on the quality of water consumed and the state of your health. Additionally the filtered water contains a small percentage of impurities and salts, which greatly extend the life of pipes and ancillary equipment.

Before proceeding to the installation of water supply, you need to solve a number of issues:

  • Select pipe and, respectively, material, from which they are made.
  • Determine the number of fittings, valves, cranes, pipe, risers and other circuit elements tap. To facilitate the resolution of this complex issue, necessary to plan.

First flat water circuit must be constructed, which the plan should be displayed on the paper in the form of a drawing based on the premises plan.

Properly drawn up a drawing will determine the choice of consumables and the number of all elements of the water supply system.

The old water supply system can prompt, a number of pipes needed for the installation in the event, If you decide not to do a full re-planning the plumbing system. Planning water system, do not forget to think about the future possibility of connection of additional equipment, for which you must prepare reserve space for their connection.


Methods of wiring running water

Laying water pipes in apartment. Tee and water collector circuit apartments.

Installation of water pipes in the apartment may be performed in several ways, the most relevant and technically correct are the tee and the collector circuit. Let's look at them in more detail:

Troynikovaya (consistent) plumbing connection diagram in apartment means by a wiring line from a central supply to all consumers individually. In this method of connection uses a large number of connectors, but, flow pipe at the same time a little less, than when using the method of the collector. In addition, the laying of water pipe in an apartment with tees and pipe fittings, It is not complicated structure, Yes, and for the price it goes quite accessible. The essential disadvantage of this scheme include the periodic flow of water in some places compound, because the system consists of a plurality of individual elements. In addition, at certain points of the connection may be a head of water pressure drop. possible supply wiring diagram in the apartment.

Wiremap water in the apartment

Manifold connection method is considered more reliable, although its costs are significant. But ovchinka vychinki worth, therefore it is better one time to invest in a competent installation of water supply in the apartment. A distinctive feature of this scheme is an independent connection of each user in the apartment from the supply branch, that easily allows you to carry out prevention, repair and replacement of each of them, without shutting down the entire water supply system. these, Unfortunately, can boast consistent scheme, whereby the plumbing can be mounted in a flat device. In addition, the replacement of water pipes in the apartment will not be any problems, because in some areas water supply it can be done autonomously. This type of connection is practically devoid of serious shortcomings.


Covert and overt laying of water pipes in the house

You probably had to deal with the, the pipes, located outside, over time, begin to irritate, yes and have not very aesthetic appearance. This is especially true of the old apartments, which have long been in need of repair. Remember, how ugly it looks installation of running water in the apartment, especially risers and pipes in small rooms the toilet or bathroom, accounting sew decorative screens, thereby limiting the already scarce space. Therefore, an open pipe-laying is a certain lack of. But hidden gasket will remove piling pipes. In addition, the replacement of water pipes in the apartment hidden way has a number of significant advantages. Both methods have specific characteristics and advantages:

When the pipe wall in a hidden process Grooves in walls, then sealed with, whereupon room has beautiful appearance. Replacement of water standpipes in the apartment is also needed, because eventually it narrows their lumen, and they slaughtered, which can lead to undesirable consequences. Besides, hidden in the walls of the pipe do not interfere to arrange furniture, plumbing items, household equipment and other equipment, which sometimes can not be mounted due to the fact, simply prevented that the pipe. Besides the lack of pipe outside excludes their damage.

Replacement of water in the flat tubes open method also has positive nuances. First of all, There are no restrictions in the selection of consumables, however, any tube can be placed. Installation and replacement of water pipes in the apartment does not require cutting cutting grooves for their laying, and therefore the costs would be much lower. In addition, replace leaky system component will not be any problems and this will make it much easier and more convenient, than hidden plumbing. The disadvantages are the unsightly appearance and a decrease in the useful space of the room, which is why sometimes there is no way to install, for example, furniture unit.


Which can be used for pipe installation?

tubes, stainless steel they considered durable, because their service life exceeds 60 years old, moreover, they are not afraid of rust and growths. They are easy to install, but, such pipes very expensive. Through them, e.g. towel through, It is easily determined by the temperature of hot water in the apartment.

Pipes made of copper are also expensive, but they can last up to 80 years and is easy to install. Not afraid of corrosion and bends easily during installation.

polypropylene pipes have a good strength and can be operated over 50 years old. For installation you need a special soldering iron and hacksaw (or scissors) for their cutting. Twig hot water is recommended to install a metal or glass fiber reinforced pipes.

Polietelina Conduits are also connected by welding. They are quite durable and can last more 40 years old.



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