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Top 10 popular models Renovator

Multitools or another name Renovator - is a multifunctional power tool is compact and features a large variety of tools, which can be used both at home, and in manufacturing. The word "Renovator" has actually become a household word among the people and shops, used everywhere, as the name of the tool at the correct name "Multitools".

To pick up a quality electric multifunction device is not easy - you need to take into account its functionality, versatility and technical features. We will produce an unbiased review rinovatorov top models and will help you choose a reliable model.

Rules multitool selection

When choosing Renovator, multipurpose equipment, it is important to find a healthy balance between flexibility and quality. A large number of functions in the apparatus will be indicative of deterioration of the quality of certain operations, and confirmation of high performance can act:

  • High speed motion;
  • A wide range of oscillations;
  • For dust removal function;
  • Fixing tool-free snap-in type;
  • Removable battery;
  • high ergonomics.

Consider the features of the universal instruments, which is consistently ranked tops rankings, in more detail, and then compare their options.

Nozzles for Multitools and rules for their selection

It is important not only to choose the right quality multitul, but also to find a suitable attachment for him. Many companies offer accessories, which by means of special adapters can be installed on various multi-function device. Besides, compulsory acquisition is the vacuum elements, allowing the work surface to eliminate the resulting dust and fines, appearing in grinding and cutting.

It is worth considering when buying Renovator cost and the possibility of interchangeability of consumables as there are differences between manufacturers.

When selecting nozzles need to focus on the, how often and for what purpose will be used Renovator. Among the most popular components to be mentioned:

  • spatula;
  • blades;
  • saws;
  • Serrated knives and bezzubchatye;
  • abrasive surface.

attachment to the Renovator (multitul)
Types of baits to Multitools

Types multitool and their applications

All existing Multitools can be divided into:

  • electrical, fed from the fixed network;
  • Cordless, working from removable batteries.

The first are characterized by good capacity, and the second - mobility and less weight. On most sensors installed Multitul, showing the degree of charge, which facilitates the use of the device.

The multifunctional tool may be resolved and repair various construction tasks, including:

  • Cutting materials with different texture and density;
  • Cleaning and polishing surfaces;
  • Removal of residual lubricants and sealants;
  • Dismantling floorings;
  • Cutting of stoneware and ceramic tiles, etc..

Fein MultiMaster FMM 350 Q

Fein MultiMaster FMM 350 Q - the first of oscillating tools appeared on the market, to this day it remains one of the best of them. The apparatus is preferably used by professionals, due to its high cost and the wide choice of accessories. Prices from 17000 rubles can not be called cheap.

note! AT 2008 year expired patent on the use of oscillating technology and today they are used in virtually every multitool.

Multitool is equipped with a powerful engine FEIN (350 W), providing maximum cutting speed and high work productivity, and it has a number of convenient technical solutions:

  • QuickIN - quick clamping system;
  • Electronic speed regulator;
  • StarlockPlus - clamp with comfortable transmission of torque;
  • Softgrip - zone, ensuring convenient handling.

The unit is attractive and flexibility of a presence in the sale of individual packages, some of which have no analogues, if it is a multitool other manufacturers. Full review multitapa Fein Multi Master FMM 350 Q


Bosch GOP 300 SCE

Bosch GOP 300 SCE
Bosch GOP 300 SCE

This universal cutter can be used for performing parquet, mounting, restoration, carpentry and other work. The device is equipped with a unique system Constant Electronic, supporting stability engine speed when the load fluctuations. The multitool can quickly change tooling, because the manufacturer has determined it has no analogues SDS system.

An additional advantage of the model is the availability of convenient and roomy briefcase L‑Boxx, which can be joined with other case studies, and has two handles, allowing to carry out its portability, not only in the horizontal, but upright.


Bosch PMF 250 и CES (350)

Bosch PMF 250 THESE
Bosch PMF 250 THESE

multitool from Bosch differs excellent performance and can be used for cutting, Cutting and Grinding. Applicable aggregate mainly in household conditions, one of the few of its drawbacks is smaller, than comparable models, fixing the oscillation frequency range.

Thanks to an innovative system SDS replaceable nozzles takes a few minutes, and additional handle provides a sure grip and total control over the instrument. Mechanisms vibrate multifunctional unit, committing to 20000 oscillations per minute, ensuring maximum safety of its operation. Included with the multitool supplied depth stop, improve the performance.

Perhaps a more popular model. There 250W 350W model, but a better and safer. Prices from 6000 rub.


Black&Decker MT300KA

Black&Decker MT300KA
Black&Decker MT300KA

Multi-function power grinder 300 W has a distinct advantage over its competitors - system SuperLok, allows mounting without additional tools screwdriver and wrench. The device has good ergonomics and a well-designed, as well as excellent flexibility, which provides adapter, allows the use of universal accessories from other manufacturers. Sanding multitool has an integrated dust removal system, provides a cleaner work. grinding quality using MT300KA - the best among those represented in the Top models, however it is recommended to operate the instrument with gloves, vibration isolation.


DeWalt BE 315 KT

DeWalt BE 315 KT
DeWalt BE 315 KT

This allows multitul perform any kind of work due to the large range of nozzles. The unit is equipped with a rubberized grip, does not allow to slip your hand and provides high operator comfort. Changing attachments is possible without using the key: functional DT20720 adapter, installable snap into place and anchored screw, multitul allows any modification in the "quick-coupling".

Some users call the main drawback of the location of the power button multitool. It is at the bottom, and if you put the device on a flat surface there is the risk of inadvertent inclusion.

reliable tool, cost from 7000 rub.


Festool VECTURA OS 400 EQ Set

Festool VECTURA OS 400 EQ Set
Festool VECTURA OS 400 EQ Set

The main advantages of this multi-functional machines - compact and easy to use, provided by the rubberised handle. but, Unlike shown in the top Multitul, This unit is designed exclusively for cutting and sawing facilities, including such, who are afraid of mechanical influences.

With its powerful engine with electronic control of each operator can quickly perform complex technical tasks. Multitool is also equipped with cable plug-it VECTURO, providing instant power unit. Unlike previous multi devices, delivered in containers, This model comes with SYSTAINER included with the device for installation and blades for cutting.

Perhaps the best professional tool, only the cost of it in 50000 rub. Only available for a solid construction firms.


Omni TIME 300

Omni TIME 300
Omni TIME 300

From those in the list of models that the machine is distinguished by the linings on the body, made their microstructure, making it easier to hold the machine. Change the nozzle on this multitool is possible without the use of additional tools, and the disadvantage of the device experts call the body shape, that is difficult to hold in their hands while working.

Affordable price from 5000 rub. good equipment.


Worx WX675

The device is positioned as it is of the few products, with Universal accessories, suitable for almost all manufacturers multitool. but, device does not have a reliable fixation, and requires manual removal of dust during operation. Rigging this multifunctional unit is compatible with other manufacturers multitool.


Dremel MM20

Dremel MM20
Dremel MM20

powerful machine, which is suitable primarily for professionals. Multitool for abrasive cleaning, cutting and removal of mortar and allows you to quickly cope with the tasks thanks to high-performance engines. The device is equipped with a system Quick-Fit, helps to quickly change accessories, but poorly compatible with attachments from other manufacturers.


Skil MultiTasker 1470LA

Understand 1470 THE
Understand 1470 THE

With this multi-function tool can work equally well in the house and in the garden. At the adapter unit is supplied, compatible with most vacuum cleaner, which will ensure the cleanliness of the room after the completion of. The apparatus is also equipped with a segmented blade, allows to perform the immersion cuts, not only in the wood, but also plastic. Speed ​​control in this multifunction device very smooth, for maximum comfort control technology provides an ergonomic handle with a soft, softening coating vibration.

Inexpensive Model Renovator Skil 1470 Price starts from LA 2500 rub. Suitability to expect from her super results do not have to.


Diold MeV 0.34 MB

Diold MeV 0.34 MB
Rinovator Diold MeV 0.34 MB

The first of the domestic models in the Top. This multitool has passed numerous improvements, so has a good powerful engine and an increased oscillation angle. The developers have also added a set of improved cooling system and the anti-vibration. As a result, characteristics of received multitul, allowing her to use it only at home, but also in industries. When this device is much lower cost analog - also "Renovator" represented in this survey. But for Zaton 2500 rub. You get strong 350 W tool.

Enkor MFE-400E

Enkor MFE-400E
Enkor MFE-400E

This is a fairly powerful hardware with a simple design. Although functional unit, It brings a lot of trouble during operation, in particular - it makes a very loud noise at a low level of vibration, and because there is no seal on the model, you may receive the dust. Also, the developer had not foreseen the possibility of connecting the device to a vacuum cleaner and adapter (he not only supplied, but no sale). A series of very simple, so it is recommended to perform periodic unprofessional work on the home and infield.


That model Renovator

The last of the representatives of this stamp Renovator , having interesting technical device. Rigging the unit sold units and has a high cost of the order 2500 rub, but it eliminates the need to buy unnecessary attachments. Fixing components made by means of screws. The model is also characterized by an acceptable level of vibration and result, in some cases, superior results are more expensive popular foreign analogues.

Unlike similar Renovator, this device can only work with the original tooling, and buy a special adapter for this model is problematic. Fix the nozzle is not very convenient: operation is performed with a special screw, which can spin only removing the three small parts. Another disadvantage of "Renovator" is a bad gathering dust collector dust, manufactured of sealing elements, which is poor quality.

Of course, a legendary name Renovator due course advertising. From him and went to the habit of calling all vibrating machines Renovator, instead multitul. The same story, as with grinder)

Comparison of the analyzed models

Ratings and characteristics of the models described above, are most popular in the table below:

Table comparison tool
comparison Table Renovator (multitul)

All of the above Renovator (multitul) can be both a wonderful addition to the core set of working tools, and the sole unit, which you will use to work in the house or in the garden.

Multitools rarely have high power, as manufacturers focus on maximum stroke frequency and compact tool. Power numbers of such units varies between 150 and 300 watt

As evidenced by the description and the table above, multitul need to pick carefully and thoroughly. The first thing to consider, Whether it will be used in a business or home. Having picked the right model, you can immediately buy a model with attachments, that will cost a lot. Therefore, a good solution is considered to be the purchase of multifunctional devices, and then - the gradual acquisition of component parts at retail, which can carry out as and when they need. Take also into account, I use the machine is supposed to solve a particular problem or, which actually were invented electric Multitools, in different areas (as a carver, grinder, etc.). Save on Renovator pointless - rather quickly such purchase pays for itself with a vengeance, because the devices are functioning properly for many years.

so, If you plan to use the multipurpose tool infrequently and mainly for the implementation of household tasks, Choose a model with a straightforward household device: they have all the features you need and you do not have to pay. More solid model suitable for those, who plans to perform more complex and frequent work, because in this case it requires a rich range of accessories and some additional features, e.g. - lights.

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