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Design options small bathrooms

Today there are many options for a unique interior design of small size bath room, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. Not a secret, that when the Universe in a new home, everyone immediately raises many questions, the choice of color tiles in the bathroom and to the number of light sources?

There are doubts what to choose a bath, maybe better install shower?

And that's just some questions, that concern in the early stages. Along the way,, always there and a lot of other problems, each of which can always be easy to deal with in a professional manner, and you can always find the best solution.

design solutions

The original design of the bathroom

There are some principles of the design of the project under certain criteria. first, what to consider when creating a bathroom design, functionality. Usually, Little Head room is available just in a small apartment, Consequently, important factor is the space. And often it becomes very difficult to choose the right proportions and variations for the simultaneous placement of all necessary.

When you create a design small bathroom room photo, for example, which you can see below, difficult to place and washing machine, and a ceramic sink and even larger 2 meter bath. So you have to sacrifice something. for example, Instead of a large ceramic baths, install shower or screen, that will not only equip the room necessary element, but also save considerable space to install something else.

Making the composition of the necessary components of a bathroom in small sizes, photos which are also available in this article, you must consider their proper distribution. If the wrong place toilet, sink and bath, the comfortable washing and even the mere presence in the dressing room will be difficult to call.

It is therefore necessary to give serious consideration to the issue and to consider all possible details and nuances, during the creation of a small bath design.

Divide the right space of a bathroom

so, with bathroom from 2,5 to 3 m², that can accommodate?

Yes, almost anything, if rationally allocate space. This room can comfortably accommodate a bathroom the size of a standard length 1,5 m, small sink and even a washing machine, even if you do design a small bathroom in the Khrushchev. All becomes compact and at the same time enough good harmony.

Important to remember, that the deployment of household appliances directly near water sources will become very dangerous. Therefore, the installation of such a unit is better not to carry out in the bathroom, and in the kitchen. There, where there is no likelihood of its ease of getting wet.

But the interior of a small bathroom is not always an eyesore, because creative thinking is often not enough for large areas. A truly unique and extraordinary designs usually fit on just a few square meters, perfectly combining everything you need for a comfortable life.

Stages of formation of design

Here are a few stages in the formation of design in the bathroom small size:

The original solution with a twist
The original solution with a twist
  1. The first step is to make small sketches on paper or even simulate a rough interior small bathroom, which is complete in the virtual network, or using a PC. Today, there are plenty of resources and opportunities to fulfill it. Properly thought-out interior, always favors and gives only positive emotions.
  2. In the next stage there comes a moment of illumination. It is important to properly distribute the light sources, so it does not create the conditions for operating and obscure space. Designer bathroom is small in size, photo attached, as well as convenience and comfort and is fraught with some danger. When excessive wet floor tiles slippery, which may adversely affect the health of residents. A sufficient and thus moderate light, It allows enough time to pay attention to the water and remove the stain or to cross it. Besides, adequate lighting allows a good view of the flaws on your body, to carry out beauty treatments for him. But this is not the most important.

The design of the main light

Modern unique design
Modern unique design

The light sources can be placed in the ceiling, and on the walls. It depends on the design of the planned small bathroom, but the main, that they are closed, and sealed. Many used ordinary Spotlights, which may cause accidents. Usually, lighting is planned at the stage of design creation combined bathrooms, when in the bathroom there are only bare walls, without any decoration and, of course, there is still no ceiling. In any case, in the dressing room should have good ventilation and at the same time it is best to exhaust type, that accumulated during washing couples went quickly from the room.

When choosing light sources must take into account the dimensions of the room. In the small bathroom design combined in a few square meters are usually only one or two with light scattering in different directions.

Bathroom without toilet
Bathroom without toilet

Modern design registration

Today there are many decorative design bathrooms, which may be the light, and dark shades. Therefore, the lamps must have the appropriate color. If the owner restroom preference to black and mirrors, then the lights should be slightly hidden in the ceiling black, highlighting its presence a little different in color fringing. But if priority is given to dark shades, in the design just fit perfectly mirrored components. Wall tiles, panel on the ceiling - everything will be perfectly combined, even in the designer bathroom is small in size.

A modern solution for creative peoplemore, of course, people give preference to lighter tones. In terms of comfort for the view, this is the best variant. Because the human eye is always better to perceive the surrounding objects in soft light illumination. But it is also not necessary to do interior design bath and toilet whitish glare tone. If there is some attraction to white, it is best to alternate it with black or dark tones of different color tones. It can be as zigzags, tiles in a checkerboard pattern, some elements. White harmonizes well with all the other shades, What can be said about the other colors.

Interior Design Ideas, wall and ceiling

WC without bath
WC without bath

The design of each new bathroom in a small apartment is always unique and unrepeatable, because there is no space of the same dimensions. There are always some deviations, that will result in a shift pattern and on the walls to fix the tiles, and placement of accessories and other, especially if it is a designer bathroom in small sizes.

The number of fixtures and their capacity depends on the selected color tiles, so at this stage it is also carried out the first choice of tiles. During rebound preferences dark tones number of light sources, respectively, It should be increased. When the lighter colors they can use less, because it absorbs the dark, and all the light reflects and sometimes even increases the intensity of light.

Color selection

After creating a sketch of an exemplary interior design small bath, lighting layout, there comes a time selection of tiles on walls and floors. Also selected options Ceiling design. undoubtedly, Tile should be used or two tones tricolor. It can be as individual thumbnails in the form of paintings (drawn images on the tiles), and skirting around the perimeter of the room at eye level. It is important to emphasize the flavor in the design when laying tile.


When making the ceiling it is also possible to consider a lot of options:

  • Frosted glass;
  • specular gloss;
  • color to match the walls and potolka.i

But apart from the color, important role played by material, from which the ceiling. This can be PVC plastic, glass, mirror tiles or metal panels. While the latter can also be mirrored, perfectly combining practicality, reliability and extraordinary style.

Options for laying tiles

Today there are many interior design bathroom tiles. Among this diversity can always choose the most suitable. Laying tile can be carried out in a checkerboard pattern, and with shift, eg, as in masonry. On the same floor in a small room is better to lay the tile diagonal method. There are lots of interior design small bathrooms, in which this method is applied. Tile, of course, should be strictly correct forms - square, rectangle, with inlays and without. the main thing, to a tile on the floor was not slippery, ie have a matte or textured surface.

The choice of accessories to create a unique design

That came accessories selection stage to create a unique interior in a very small bathroom. This is one of the most difficult steps in building a unique and comfortable design. Large room - large bath, small - small. All clear. But how to do it most harmoniously.

Many in the bathroom necessarily require the presence of the shell. If space is insufficient, you can always resort to combining. Shell can be elegantly placed above the bath in its narrowed zone. Yes, for such a design in the bathroom small size of the room will have to run and look for even a bath, but still. Not having more space, this is the best variant.

It is also possible to combine the bathroom with sink, install the faucet over it.

But it's not always convenient, because the frequent use of it is imaginary sink bath have often washed by water stains and soap stains, toothpaste or something else. So what to do, if the break in the kitchen faucet and will not be able to wash the dishes. Then it will have to perform in the bathroom, which is not always acceptable and convenient.
But resorting to combine the functions of bathtubs and sinks, in a small room becomes a little more spacious and on the ground, where would sink is mounted, you can safely install a washing machine or toilet, if it was provided by the project. But if you do decide to combine function and install equipment in a small bathroom, is essential to install a protective guard or even a hard curtain. Oilcloth and other types of curtains become alternatives, because they quickly become contaminated and lose their bright and rich color.

All the comfort of a small area
All the comfort of a small area

Small area - not a vice

Nothing so enhances the space, like an optical illusion. With the help of large mirrors, located on the walls of the sink, room area is doubled, which creates a feeling of freedom.

Mirrors may be placed not only on the walls, but also on the ceiling, which makes it possible to increase the space and still high. If you run a small bathroom fotopotolok with the image of a bright sky with clouds, even poor lighting will provide the desired result.


design standard
design standard

Marble bathroom and gold taps - it, probably, the dream of every owner. These accessories are not only durable,, based on both the value of, and of the brands, but, undoubtedly, will also Head room decoration.
But count on a marble in a small room does not have to. Today, acrylic companies have learned to produce works of art. However, they can be equipped with all sorts of attributes, type tumblers, and everything else. A variety of shapes and options once will not leave customers without the desired.
For those, who prefer a compact, a great option would be the interior of a small bathroom without bathroom. Instead, you can install shower. They are on sale now and available for the countless different designs.


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