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What paintable wallpaper is better to choose

Everytime, when comes time to repair, constantly have to invest a lot in terms of money. You must buy a new wallpaper, glue for pasting them, etc.. But if you sit down and reflect a bit, even inexperienced or novice master will understand, pasting wallpaper that is more expensive, than, for example painting the walls. And in fact it is so. for example, at room area 18 m2 take at least 9 rolls of wallpaper standard width 53 cm and an average value 7,5$ by tube. Besides, It requires high-quality glue, which will draw at least 2$ for PACK. in total, Cost estimates for the execution amount of wallpaper pasting 7,5 × 9 + 2 = $ 69.5. While the one-time costs for gluing the same non-woven fiberglass or make as much, but their coating will cost almost three times cheaper than in the follow-cosmetic repairs. Because one can of paint on the specified area of ​​the room is worth no more than two rolls of wallpaper. But what paintable wallpaper is better to choose? This question will answer.

Benefits of Wallpaper, as a finishing material for walls

Wallpaper Paint
Wallpaper Paint

according to statistics,, Wallpaper occupy a more important position in the list of the most preferred options for residential premises and rooms. This is due to the fact, that many to this day believe that this kind of finish is partially protects from cold, or as many say, them warm and cozy. But in fact, this is less evident, than say visual improvement wall structure. With the wallpaper can hide unwanted aspects on the wall surface, not to mention giving relief.

And in fact, with the help of structural types of wallpaper on the wall you can perform beautiful compositions and different transitions in accordance with the design solution. It may be visual arch, transitions, column, niches, etc., what it lacks imagination of the master. Wallpapers possible restore. Only with the help of wallpaper wall can be velvety soft. But the fore today are the issues of efficiency and practicality, so all options rolled canvases painting pot increasingly seen. Today, these wallpapers are commercially available several kinds of different materials, and several types within a single species. But the choice of wallpaper - this is only half the battle, matter what color the paint wallpaper , in fact, choosing the wrong type can not only damage repair, but also put himself in a substantial material costs. Calculate quickly right amount of wallpaper, will help online calculator.

choose wallpaper

Select a wallpaper for painting
Select a wallpaper for painting

Before, What wallpaper to choose for painting, We need to examine a number of factors:

  • type of lodging. Wallpaper, as well as any other material, They have their pros and cons, which are as secure, strength and durability. One type of wallpaper is more durable and hardwearing, which makes it more suitable for rooms with high traffic. Others have more beautiful appearance and texture, but less resistant to abrasion.
  • Microclimate. Today, there are different materials for walls, each of which has its own parameters breathability, but, Consequently, and the ability to maintain the microclimate conditions. Important, that in the living room, and especially in the children's room, These conditions are most suitable for health.

so, There are different wallpaper for painting, What is better to choose for stick in the living room? Today, there are two common types of wallpaper, which can be successfully used for painting, moreover, make it possible to 10 time without spoiling the surface and its structure:

  • flizelinovye;
  • steklooboi.


non-woven wallpaper

non-woven wallpaper
non-woven wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper for painting the pros and cons, undoubtedly, have, but this is the best one for use in dwellings. Now we shall understand, why:

They are made with natural pulp and the fibrous web. This makes them environmentally friendly and totally safe material for use in residential areas. The porous base structure allows them to freely pass air through itself, allowing the walls to breathe, and to maintain an optimal indoor climate. Also, this kind of wallpaper is rich in a variety of textured patterns and the most unimaginable relief images, made of stamped and coated nonwoven. They can be used to make walls and velvety soft, that will give the room a unique and unique look. In addition, only this type of coil coating is able to visually make the room warmer, of course, with proper selection of subsequent paint color.

But no matter how great the material may have been, he always has and disadvantages. Non-woven wallpaper less strong, than say steklooboi. Relatively soft and loose fleece on the surface exposed to abrasion by mechanical loads. This feature eliminates this kind to be used as decoration of public premises. Also non-woven wallpaper are very heavy and susceptible to soaking under moisture or excessive amount of adhesive, therefore, in the exercise of their spread gluing is not necessary.

Besides all the above, an important factor when dealing with non-woven wallpaper is, how to paint roller wallpaper. For this material should only be used with a soft bristle rollers and without artificial wool, as well as soft brush. Be sure to observe the intensity of staining:

  • paint must be applied evenly without gaps;
  • the next layer after the first overlay is recommended only after complete drying of the previous, otherwise it can lead to excessive soaking the material and its peeling from the wall;
  • applied for one repair cycle no more than two layers, because they are all on 5 to 10 cycles.

When pasting wallpaper is important properly prepare the walls. For more details on recognized by pasting technology can here.

Glass wall in the interior

Cullet in the interior of the apartment
Cullet in the interior of the apartment

The best wallpapers for painting in a room with high traffic are just steklooboi. In its structure - a unique material, made of woven fiberglass fabrics using. The physical properties of this kind of wallpaper is ideal for indoor use, where a very large factor of physical impact on them. Fiberglass is a very stable in any mechanical stress and poorly torn. Besides their woven structure promotes a stronger adhesion to the wall, which it is then a significant problem when removed from the surface. High mechanical resistance and poor ability to absorb moisture to increase the number of painting layers, which is limited only the structural damage of the pattern due to the increasing thickness LMB.

Fiberglass for painting are cons also have, associated with their poor breathability. But this is more of a plus, because only this kind of roll coating can be used in rooms with high humidity. It will provide an additional moisture barrier, and which will prevent ingress of moisture into the impregnation wall.

sometimes, but to a lesser extent, used as wall decoration paper wallpaper paintable, which then need to paint, that they then either peeled off. In principle it can be done and conventional acrylic or latex paint, but the best, that it is thick. The smaller the paper gets wet, the lower the probability of delamination from the surface.

Choosing paint for painting wallpaper

Paint for painting wallpaper
Paint for painting wallpaper

What paint for wallpaper for painting is better? This question, undoubtedly, confronts every master, who decides to make the design of your room unique and practical at the same time. Considering all the currently available coatings, It can be a long time to choose, but it is important to know, that for indoor use and is recommended only vodoemulsinonnye paint on acrylic or latex-based. While here, the choice can be mixed, more For details on selecting colors. for example, for painting non-woven wallpaper is better to use thicker compositions, because when applying re-layer coil coating properties deteriorate. But for the glass wall can be used and more liquid paint, because these wallpapers are significantly less hygroscopic.

What paint color wallpaper for painting masters? This specialist can paint the wallpaper even any paint. It is important to follow a few rules when performing this quite complex, and simple at first glance, the work:

Choosing paint for painting wallpaper
Choosing paint for painting wallpaper
  • Painting wallpaper with their hands should be carried out only on the surface of the dried completely. That is, after the back-lining work should pass at least 24 o'clock, but rather a few days.
  • The main tool for the application of paint to be a roller with fine nap. The longer it, the more likely splashes slap adjacent surfaces. for example, ceiling.
  • Movement must be performed smoothly and orient in one direction.
  • To paint the wallpaper in the apartment with his hands qualitatively, overlying paint layer must do the least. Best of all, each time dipping roller along the edges or wiping it, to get rid of surplus.
  • The second layer of paint applied is recommended no sooner 24 hours at a temperature of not less than 15 ° C..

And in addition to the article offer video, which provided a paint spraying technology wallpaper.


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