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What's the best shower or shower cabin

If you're wondering, which is better - shower or shower cabin, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information set out below, which was kindly provided to us Moscow store plumbing specialists «SanSmail».

company SanSmail, which is the owner of the store, deals not only with the implementation of shower enclosures and shower stalls, but also their installation and service.
Thereby, Company professionals can provide objective information about all the pros and cons of the product or frost.

If you can not install a bath

The Company sells showers and shower enclosures for bathrooms for more than 10 years old, but still of the opinion, that if there is room enough space, it is better to install a bath with a glass curtain, and a convenient walk-in counter or shower panel.

Only if there is no place to put a bath or you absolutely do not need it, should think about alternative ways of water treatment.

Shower cabins
Types of shower enclosures

choice of alternatives, generally, somewhat wider, we will consider.
In addition to showers and shower enclosures, also has shower boxes, shower niches and even full-fledged home sauna with built-in shower.
But these options are more specific and quite expensive, so we will not have much to draw attention.

so, which is better: showers and shower stalls

We have collected the main features and led them in the summary table.
Below is a look at some of them in detail, as well as focus on the important nuances, which many people simply do not know.

Parameter Shower Enclosures Shower cabins
cost of Central (from 11. 000 rub.) high (from 17.000 rub.)
Durability Very high high
Service It requires little or no must
Cleaning Glass is easy to clean and is not prone to the accumulation of pollutants Acrylic washes harder and harder dirty
installation On a pallet or on the floor with the installation of the ladder / tray only on a pallet
The complexity of installation Central (from 5.000 rub.) Central (from 5.000 rub.)
Additional work It requires high-quality finish in a corner of two walls, where it will be installed corner + mixer with shower assembly + installation polochek Usually, not required
Versatility It can only be installed in a bathroom lined with waterproof material walls Installation is possible anywhere, where there is a water supply and sanitation
Functionality taking a shower only Hydromassage, Turkish sauna
Pallet only low Any
Reliability Corners almost kills Depending on the manufacturer and model
Roof Usually, It is absent in the base Usually, present
The presence of the water filter Not necessary Is required when using the hydromassage nozzles
design universal minimalism, It fits virtually all bathrooms It does not fit the strict interiors, especially in the classical style

From the table it is obvious incorrectness of the question "What is better: shower or shower cabin ".
Cabins and corners are very different, so comparing them is so difficult, as, generally, and choose between them.

However, we could give some guidance to people, who are still undecided:

  • If you just need a place to take a shower, then choose the corners.
  • If you still want to be able to connect additional functions (hydromassage, Turkish sauna, high tray, radio, lights, etc.), already give preference to shower cabins.

However, keep in mind the nuances, which we describe below.


shower cabin

important nuances

1.false compact

Showers are not as compact, as it seems.
In practice, they take up a lot of space in standard bathrooms look awkward.
Corners much more effective in terms of saving space.

2. Quality and price

Almost all budget showers have poor quality.
they proceed, they rust hardware, yellow plastic, etc..
Cheap shower easier to replace, than serve, as it will be constantly sum up and demand to periodic repair costs.

Buying the cheapest Area, You get quite normal sanitary equipment.
It is not without flaws, but it is suitable for permanent use.
More expensive corners already have excellent quality, at the same time at a price comparable to the cost showers.

The conclusion is - if you can not afford a cool shower, then it is better not to buy (prices for good showers bite - make sure in that).
It is better to give preference to a corner (reliable glass over the cost is quite accessible - look).

3. Equipment

Shower walls are implemented by manufacturers without pallet, despite, Product photos that contain it.
You should take this into account and added to the price further 10-15 thousand rubles for a good pan (Cheap is not worth taking).

The same applies to a substantial portion of showers.
But they are not included in the price in addition to the pallet, usually, also additional options (nozzles for hydromassage, seat, mirror, shelves for toiletries, etc.).
Carefully study the card catalog, because all manufacturers have different attitudes to complete.

4. More is not better - the main rule when choosing!

Remember, showers that are designed primarily for water treatment.
Therefore it is not necessary to pursue functionality, because the more features and options, the more expensive model and requires more maintenance.

Top of the range often fail, as well as any sophisticated equipment.

5. filters, filters and filter again

If you prefer a modern shower cabin with hydromassage, instead unpretentious shower enclosure, it should be ready for the continued use of water filters.

The fact, that hard water quickly clogs injectors.
Therefore, it must be cleaned constantly, and that additional costs and rather big.


If you have money - take a shower, it is still more convenient.
Want to save - safely buy shower cabin with acrylic shower tray and you will not regret.



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One comment on the record "What's the best shower or shower cabin

  1. Shower bath may be suitable for any bath, even the smallest, the only course, this wall, that should be waterproof and inability to sit in the bath. For lovers of relaxation in the bath, a shower cabin is not suitable. here, eg, I'm so, that in our small bathroom would establish only such area, firstly it takes up little space, secondly I bathe only in the shower, sit in the bath is not particularly love, in the third it is a bit cheaper than the shower, but my husband and kicks only for cab, since it is possible to take a steam bath, that he loves. But, as it did not disperse our desires because of the walls, we can not set the shower cabin, unto our walls, generally not waterproof will not live long.

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