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Video how to bend drywall, shaped structures made of plasterboard

Как согнуть гипсокартон фото, как гнуть гипс картинки, изогнуть лист гкла изображение, согнуть гипсокартон для арки своими руками фото
Fitting the folded sheet of plasterboard

If the thickness of the sheet to 9mm 12,5 mm, the drywall sheets can be bent dry method. The radius of curvature at the same time will be from 1 m to 2,75 m. The sheet pre-cut to size. Well in advance is necessary to collect frame, to which will be attached drywall. It should be remembered, a dry method that can only bend the plasterboard sheet along. If bend across, the sheet breaks. One edge of the sheet must be secured to the frame, and on the other end hung a small load or force is applied. Gradually, the load must be increased until the leaves take the necessary form. After which the sheet is fixed to the chassis with screws, and the load is removed. In this way, bend drywall better with a partner. Recall, what has more detailed instructions - how to bend drywall for arches, where the basic 4 bending method with a video example. After mastering bending technology, You can easily make beautiful curly design of plasterboard with their hands.

A simpler and more reliable way to bend a sheet of drywall - the wet method. To begin, a sheet or cut to size in advance element must be rolled spiked roller on the one hand. If there is no roll, You can make punctures awl, but it will take a very long time. After that, the surface is necessary to moisten with water. You can use the roller, brush or sponge. The surface is wetted with water at room temperature for 10 minutes, until it becomes like a mirror. When wet drywall becomes very flexible, and after drying it back to its strength qualities. Good water-impregnated sheet is placed on the template-frame. Then slowly bend yourself or give to bend under its own weight. After that, the edge of fixed clamps and allowed to dry for 24 hours. After drying kipsokartona sheet remains in a bent condition and it can be removed from the frame. Because the sheet can be cut or elements necessary to use the entire curved structures.

There is another way how to bend drywall, to create a curvilinear, shaped structures made of plasterboard. To do this, make incisions with a sharp knife on one side of the sheet. The incisions are made perpendicular to the fold line. notches frequency depends on the bend radius - the smaller radius, the smaller incisions step. For the design of columns and chimneys cuts on the sheet should be on the outside, and for the construction of arches - on the inside. With this method of bending step is obtained, not smooth. For smooth lines need to use milling machine. It is possible to cut the n-shaped or v-shaped recesses. Is selected from the recesses to the whole gypsum cardboard sheet. Step recesses is selected on the same principle, as when cutting through drywall knife. If there are no mills, the recess can be done with a knife, but it will take time. Now watch the video examples of works.

Video how to bend drywall

The shaped structures made of plasterboard




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