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Plastering of walls on beacons video, plastering technique

wall plastering produce for their alignment before further painting, sticker wallpaper or tiles. For plastering walls using special dry mixture or blend of cement and sand. The consistency of the resulting plaster must be sufficiently thick, that the mixture does not slip down the wall under its own weight. Watch the video below necessarily plaster walls on beacons from the pros.

There are the following options to set the guide to the wall:

The order of the installation of the guide

Walls before work should be cleaned from the remnants of old plaster, clay and t.d. It is also necessary primed wall special priming mixtures and diluted tenfold with white glue. See how to choose the primer it is better. A very important part is the proper exposure beacons. For them, used rails, plastic or wooden. To be attached to a wall, trowel, apply a little of the solution on one line, angle deviating from about 20 cm-30 cm. Rail dent in solution. beacons (their outer face) must be separated from the wall by 25-35 mm. Level reconciling uprights location.

Штукатурка стен по маякам своими руками фото
Technology applying the plaster on the walls with his own hands.

Repeat the procedure by a second angle. Then, outside of each beacon in the lower and upper parts of the walls, trying to drive on the dowels. His head should be level with the beacons. We stretch horizontally between the dowels cord segment, up and down. On the cord are putting additional beacons. The distance between the two beacons should not exceed the length of the rule. Now we need to wait a few hours, solution to completely clutched. Plastering of walls on beacons is the simplest and most common technique respectively.

Directly in front of the wall of the work to be wet, better to plaster fell on her, and wait, let the water soak. When operating in conditions of high humidity in the plaster, you can add a little alabaster. Plastering of the walls is made only when the positive temperature. If desired,, for greater reliability can be mounted on a wall fine mesh, metal or of synthetic material. If work is performed on the sand-lime brick, the presence of the grid becomes mandatory.

You can proceed directly to the plaster. Throws a spatula or your hands the solution to the wall. Further, the rule should be to align the mixture on the wall from the bottom up. Work should be without any pressure. The angles are aligned with a spatula. Do not forget to remove the beacons. Rub clean seams formed solution. Now it remains only to wait, that the plaster has dried completely. The surface may overwrite grater of karbolit. Plaster Flow Calculator rodʙand.


Plastering of walls on beacons with video examples

Below is good information on the works on plastering the walls from tools, surface treatment, nomination and installation of beacons, surface preparation, Technology applying the plaster on the walls with his own hands.


Videos from Knauf company demonstrates the whole process of how to mix gypsum plaster "Rotʙand", to prepare the surface walls, how to install beacons on the wall correctly, how to apply the plaster on the wall of technology. We see as the same one more our article plaster walls with his own hands, there are a few video examples and more detailed article on the installation of lighthouses, etc..




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