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Screed floor with their hands

Стяжка пола своими руками фото
Floor Leveling on beacons

Screed is used for floor leveling, strengthening weak concrete foundations, repair of minor defects, pouring heated floors. It is also necessary as the basis for the majority of floor coverings. The main types of screed - cement-sand mixture (happens liquid and semi-dry), self-leveling compounds, combined and dry screed floor with his hands video examples - gypsum fiber technology.

Before making a screed floor, should decide, what is necessary operational strength of ties. For residential premises is enough, if the strength of the concrete will be equivalent to M-150 and, Consequently, You can use simple cement-sand mixture, for commercial or industrial premises require polymer-already, equated strength to concrete M-400.

Table cement to sand ratio

You first need to find on the floor of the highest point. If the height difference - 1-1,5 cm, it is recommended to use self-leveling leveling-mass, if more - cement-sand mixture.

It is necessary to put on the floor a special primer mixture to increase the adhesion with the concrete screed. The degree of priming dilution also depends on the degree of unevenness of the floor. It is believed, that if the height difference to 2,5 cm - it is necessary to dilute it to a "jelly", more 2,5 see - to a "sour".

Screed floor with his hands self-leveling compounds - the easiest way. Enough to dissolve the mixture according to the instructions and put it on the floor. Further, it is necessary to conduct a preliminary alignment of the large roller. To the horizontal level it is equalized mixture itself due to the high fluidity. Fully mixture pick up strength in two weeks. The most common way is to tie the cement-sand mixture.

Currently very popular is gaining a fast and inexpensive way to it semi-dry floor screed.

Upon detection of the highest point of the floor, It wants to install beacons. It should be taken into account, that ties the height should be at 3 cm above this point. Mounted beacons alabaster, or they can be installed in specially drilled holes in the floor. Now breed and the mixture was put on the floor. When using castable, enough to put her on the floor required amount and smooth long rule 2 m, periodically checking the leveling instrument. If taken semi-dry mixture, the base layer is first applied, We laid on it a metal net and causes the second layer of the mixture, which is already aligned and wide spatula. If necessary, the mixture can be refilled.

When the coupler can withstand the weight of the body, We extract all beacons and cover with foil or a damp cloth to 10 days. This will create optimal conditions for drying and acquiring the strength properties. Screed dry completely after four weeks.


Below is a video technology semi-floating screed. It is highly recommended for viewing.


Useful tips from the authors of videos, these video below, will help you avoid mistakes because knowing how to properly tie a floor - do not flood the neighbors below. Good luck!


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