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Video taping the walls with wallpaper

Видео оклейка стен обоями, фото
Technology papering the walls of wallpaper

The first stage - the preparation of the surface, it clean, alignment (putty cracks and holes), padding (look how to choose the primer). If there is a very noticeable irregularities, they eliminated plasters. Wallpaper does not hide flaws walls, so the application surface should be smooth and flat. It is also important to know the how to choose a wallpaper for a room, after all Wallpaper species It provides a wide range of choice, for example there sound insulating wallpaper wall.

Wallpaper paste is better to start from the corner, next to the window. Partitioning walls - from the angle of pull back a few centimeters, and with the help of a plumb line, level and a ruler perform smooth vertical line. It is not recommended to align the wallpaper on the doorframe or the corner of the room, they are rarely flat and vertically. See necessarily how to prepare the wall for wallpapering.

roll rolled, and strips are cut to length. If you want to customize the picture, next rolled out the next roll, selected pattern and the strip cut off the desired length. It provides the correct wall-paper hanging.

The cut strips are formed face each other downwards and are coated with adhesive. Glue is applied a thick layer. The preferred to apply the adhesive roller (pile length - average), but it is possible to work and brush. All linen should be thoroughly missed. Pay particular attention to the edges. Now there's a colored adhesive, which after drying discolored. Easy to use, t. to. it is seen, which is already coated with adhesive, and where dry. Fluff strip of wallpaper glue to fold like an accordion inside and leave 5 – 15 minutes. Not recommended promazyvat all lanes at once.

Technology papering the walls of wallpaper. So far, the band must be carefully soaked fluff the wall with glue over the entire height. Then we take the first "accordion" on both sides and expand to its full length. Glued strip must be from the ceiling, if the image does not need to combine, and from the middle, if desired pattern fitting. Carefully combine the fabric edge with vertical markings on the wall. Glued to smooth the wallpaper best wallpaper brush or squeegee. Smoothing lead from the center outwards, and at the same time from the top down. In this way, air is removed from the web and smooth crumpling. If the wallpaper glue is strongly stretched from, Lower excess can be trimmed with a sharp knife. sponge (cloth) wipe the floor by adhesive.

Places for switches and sockets and are cut with a knife. First, make a cross sections of the cross, then individually cut all received segments. Wallpaper near the holes obtained again smooths.

So butt glued next band. after gluing 4 – 5 bands need more time to lubricate the glue brush edge. find out how much wallpaper you need help wallpaper calculator for calculating the amount of.

Video taping the walls with wallpaper




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  1. Very interesting tips and videos for remontu.polzuyus.No as I can not find the video for pasting wall cork wallpaper roll…I'm afraid to spoil material,and he did not deshovyy.Podskazhite where to look or help advice.

  2. Article beautifully decorated, evident that the author picked up the material as a specialist, enough pictures that complement material.Okleyka walls with wallpaper is always as a theme relevant, after all paste over both, It is the hottest decorative material. Thank you for a good article.

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