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Video how to lay linoleum correctly

Как стелить линолеум правильно фото. Настил линолеума изображение, как ложить, стелить линолеум в картинках
How is laying linoleum with his own hands video examples.

Linoleum flooring is made after all the construction and repair work. Pre necessary to prepare the surface. It must be perfectly smooth and flat. You should also clean the floor from paint and oil stains. If the base cement-sand screed, the finished floor will be cold. As the basis for linoleum can use plywood or particleboard, but these materials are afraid moisture.

Before working linoleum should lie down in a room in the roll out as a day - two. In this case, the room temperature should be not less than +18 degrees. The edges of linoleum must go to the wall on 5 cm. And when cutting the coating should not reach the walls on 1,5 cm. Now a few tips, to know how to lay linoleum correctly.

Marking linoleum - picture, if there is, be sure to fit in. Cutting lead with a margin, t. to. material shrinks. If the length of 6 m - 20 mm, 10 m - 30 – 40 mm, more 10 m - 60 mm. Better to choose a linoleum, to the seams did not exist. In this case, the coating is placed in any direction. If the coating consists of strips and wakes seams, the need to lay on the window, so the joints will be less visible.

If the room is small (to 20 m.), the linoleum can not glued to the substrate. Along the edges of the baseboards, it is fixed. If the room is large, it is recommended to glue a floor covering. To do this, use special mastic. Pre-primed substrate and must reverse linoleum. If used for attaching the oil-chalk putty, the primed surface with varnish. If bituminous or bituminous - linseed oil should be diluted with gasoline (ratio 1:3). Also, the webs can be glued with special adhesives. After priming is necessary to allow to dry and linoleum (unfolded), and base. Still laying linoleum with his hands on the video examples will be clearer, so be sure to look good video repair apartments and linoleum in particular - at the bottom.

Mastic is applied with a notched trowel and level. Mastic may be applied and linoleum on the substrate but, if you want perestelit floor, this coating is difficult to tear off. If the room is a single web (no seams), the mastic can be applied only on the perimeter. If the coating of the individual strips, that greased the entire surface of the base. Neighboring sheets are overlapped (3 cm), but the edges are not to be missed the mark with mastic. After drying, produce a range of joints prirezku, so the seams will be more smooth. The edges can be glued to the double sided tape, and seal the joints with special glue or liquid for cold welding. All joints are sealed after drying putty. After laying the cloth stitching produce it from the middle to the walls. Mastic dry for about three days. When completely dry can be installed baseboards.

Video how to lay linoleum correctly

Super Story shows how an installation of linoleum with their own hands and without problems. look.



School repairs also will show on video, how they do it, share secrets and tips.

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  1. You probably gave little time after unrolled roll in the room. It is necessary to kill him on the perimeter and give sludge a day. Kilometers prokleyanyh joints and I have such problems Nebel. A possible reason is that the linoleum and glue are not suited to each other. There is a question you have it stuck solid? Most modern materials only glue joints linoleum mean linear expansion material.

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