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Especially the choice of material for the construction of wooden houses

Despite, that the construction market is constantly developing new technologies, the popularity of one of the oldest building materials themselves - wood - is not reduced. The main reason for this: tree - an environmentally friendly material. Besides, it has a wonderful natural insulating properties, but its texture creates a pleasant psychological microclimate indoors, and the area around it. . To little to protect themselves from the harsh environment, people began to re-use in the construction of their homes in various combinations of wood, as only wood can provide the highest level of your home Ecology.

First of all, you need to know, that the construction of the building, very important event. You must save wisely, build a house, quality materials inviting people, which will help save and efficiently get the job done on time and quality. For this purpose it is possible to attract professionals from reliable construction company

The construction of housing in wood

Treatment of this building material has its own characteristics, which derive from its natural, instead of synthetic origin: without proper preparation and follow-up care wooden structures can quickly be damaged by fungi, mold and bugs carpenter.
To avoid this, tree in preparation for use to be treated with special preservatives or burn the surface of the lung to the extent of charring. Before that, it is necessary to carefully examine and identify signs of infection by fungi - hyphae or white mold mycelium - delete the infected areas. It is also necessary to act, if the beetles were discovered carpenter, a complete disinfection treatment insecticides.
Antiseptic prevention is proper installation log, which should provide natural ventilation, not allowing moisture to accumulate between structural elements.
For the construction of modern wooden houses are now rarely use simple hewn logs. For this purpose there is specially treated or laminated logs cylindered, profiled or laminated veneer lumber.home from a bar
Experts recommend the use ¬ builders for the construction of individual housing round logs. Such a timber is treated in a special machine the tree trunk, cast to a standard diameter, identical at both ends, length and is typically 6 m. To improve the strength of the mounted structure along the length of the grooves made of wood-cuts ("Locks"), logs which are interconnected.
Installation of walls made of round logs done with little effort, in the construction of single-storey buildings can even do without the construction machinery, since the weight of the building material is relatively small. Besides, small their weight allows the use of lightweight foundations, which reduces the cost of housing.

timber species
Kinds of material for construction of wooden houses

Currently very popular construction of wooden houses. There are a variety of houses, depending on the technology and the material of the future home. cost of the project may vary significantly from the smallest detail.

The materials used in the construction of

In areas, where there is no timber problems, Mighty Planking home will be cheaper apartments in any major city. Therefore, to build a building of wood-effective solution and an alternative to noisy urban apartments. Besides the usual cobbled houses there are more expensive options. Wooden building handmade expensive real estate, and, of course, it always has a buyer. The main part of the price of handmade home - is the cost of masters services, erecting noble "tower". Despite all, using profiled beam construction can save not only on the material but, and payment for work. For example: spacious house size 7h9 meters of corrugated timber can cost about 40 one thousand dollars. While comparison: in a major city for that price you can buy a one-room apartment. How view, saving face, the house can not be compared with the one-room apartment.

In addition there is also a more economical option. Prefab buildings, which are advantageously used under cottages, but if it is further warmed special materials, these homes are suitable for year-round.

Frame houses
The scheme of a frame house

If we are talking about saving, the most effective protection against unsustainable costs during construction - good design, which will be developed by experts responsible, it costs no more than 5% by house prices. It is not necessary to save it because the right to do the calculations with all the materials and types of construction works pays for the whole project several times. Besides wooden home design can be personalized, or choose from an existing directory where previously everything in advance is counted considering the fact the ratio of "price and quality".

House of laminated veneer lumber, cheap and reliable

Can, of course, many years ago, folded house from logs. But if you are an amateur in this case,, the best option for you will glulam. Domestic manufacturers have long worked laminated veneer lumber production technology, which ensures lower cost and shorter construction of the building.
If you do decide to build a house of wood, you should know, that can be used not only glulam. First try to determine the type of material from the timber:
Round logs, taking into account all the possibilities of modern production, you can give the perfect shape, add different slots, for ease of assembly of the whole structure. Log, it does not say, durable and reliable material for building a house. The only drawback quality logs - cost.

Wooden houses made of logs
Wooden houses made of logs

shaped beam It is much easier and cheaper. From it you can lay down and the house, and a barn for cattle, garage. The only significant drawback - shrinkage, which, usually, It occurs because of insufficient drying in the production of material. main shrinkage process is about 28 days, The further course of the process is not so much.

shaped beam
House of shaped timber

Shaped beam shrinks more. Since the plant is processed one-piece tree trunk, dry it completely is almost impossible. That is why moisture even in dry profiled beam can reach 22%, while the natural moisture content of the material - up 87%.

Shaped beam is losing heat twice as fast, but provides a natural circulation of air in the room.

House Glulam
House of laminated veneer lumber

glued laminated timber devoid of these shortcomings, because its production is much cheaper and drying thoroughly. House, made of laminated veneer lumber, reliable, since the deformation after the construction is not possible. Because of the simplicity and relative cheapness of production, respectively, dramatically reduces construction time of all buildings.

The thermal conductivity of laminated veneer lumber is 0,1 W / m * C. It means, that the construction of this wall material will be a very long time to keep warm, even if you turn off the heating in the house. Engage in additional warming house and do not have.

After the completion of the process, the house always sits, as the timber gradually evaporate moisture, which leads to a reduction in the height of construction. This is called the shrinkage. Glued laminated timber shrinks slightly. All excess moisture is removed from the timber still in the process of manufacturing the slats.

The main difference from the profiled laminated veneer lumber is, that laminated veneer lumber is not deformed and is less prone to cracking. Therefore, the strength laminated veneer lumber is superior shaped and capable of withstanding heavy loads.

Variety of forms of laminated veneer lumber

Due to a number of advantages, more and more people choose laminated veneer lumber in the construction of its eco-friendly housing. Glued laminated timber never loses solid wood abilities, such as:

  • Durability;
  • humidity Support;
  • Creating a healthy microclimate;
  • Environmentally friendly.

Shrinkage of houses of laminated veneer lumber does not exceed 1%, that will not affect the future exploitation of the building and its appearance (Shrinkage of logs is approximately 20%). In contrast to the solid timber, glulam never crack or crumble under the influence of stress and aging of the material in the course of operation, and in the construction of houses made of this material, you can safely forget about the insulation of walls and floors. According to the thermal insulation properties, wall of laminated veneer lumber does not yield a double brick wall masonry. Glued laminated timber is not lit. (here, of course, not without flame retardants), appearance design has an attractive appearance due to careful otshlifovki, there is no need for additional treatment.

Price of a wooden house

Due to the complexity of the manufacturing technology laminated veneer lumber is much more expensive profiled. There are similar to the shaped beam at a cost options laminated veneer lumber, but they do not want to choose. Probably, price reduction is made possible through the use of lower quality wood or saving on any of the major processes.

Technology of beams compound
Modern sealing technology and timber stranding

To summarize. undoubtedly, House made of wood will always be an alternative to a city apartment. the most amazing, that the house of laminated veneer lumber is much stronger, than from a single timber or round logs. High thermal insulation allows a decent save on heating in all rooms. The low cost of the entire structure and the shortest time to put its construction laminated board in the first place out of all wood materials. It should also be remembered, that the tree ennobles, sets the correct microclimate, It provides a unique flavor and energy at home. Living in a house, Getting closer to nature, you begin to really love it and appreciate. Now you know, from which to build your paradise, good luck.





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