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Price tiling: yourself or hire?

Many recently interested in the question how much is laying tiles per square meter. That is why, Specialists of our portal have decided to analyze the market and to provide comprehensive information about the cost of such works. Wherein, It will be considered as the cost of the work of specialists, and the cost of materials (when working with your hands).

among the materials, It is mandatory itself tiles, adhesive mixture, and in addition leveling and solutions, the cost of which must be considered when carrying out the work.

In this way, for full disclosure issue regulations laying tile, and its value was analyzed directly building materials market, and repair companies, and, private members of the profession.

In order not to mention every time, We note at once, the cost will be specified average for laying tiles per square meter.

How much does the tiling specialist

The first question, to be considered, how much is laying tiles per square meter specialists profession "tiler", as well as construction and repair companies.

prices for tile laying
The cost of laying tiles in Russian cities

First of all attention should be paid to factors, that affect the cost of the work. these are:

  1. experience wizard.
  2. Region, in which the ordered services.
  3. Provision of services by a private individual or company.
  4. View placement.
  5. The cost and type of tile, and adhesive mixture.
  6. The need to carry out preparatory work and surfacing.

And look at each of the points in more detail.

tiling specialist

The cost, depending on the master

Of great importance is the professionalism of the master. In this way, Work beginner or graduates of specialized educational institution can cost 400-800 rubles (depending on the region), at the same time professional masters will take for their work fee in the amount of 600 to 2000 rubles.

The second factor is the actual carrying out of the work area. For example, ordering services in the provincial town, You can find the expert with a price tag for the job 400-600 rubles, while the multi-million dollar city (Moscow, St. Petersburg and others.) will be different from the value of 1000 to 1500 rub.

follows, that should be considered, This person status, providing services. In this way, private master may ask for laying in the middle 500 rub (for the province) and 1200-1300 (to the capital). At the same time, hiring an employee for a construction company will cost an average of 20-30% expensive.

The cost depends on the type of work and materials.

Also important is the type of presentation. In this way, cost of work depends on the complexity of its implementation. The average price tag for a laying seam in a seam or be vrazbezhku 500-700 and 1000-1500 for different regions, respectively. In the same time, Installation with friezes, division, non-standard patterns or designs may cost even in the province 1000 rubles, and the price in the capital will be from 1500 to 2500.

Accordingly, the type of tiles becomes an important factor. The answer to the question, how much is laying tiles in the bathroom depends directly on the value and type of the material. For the understanding of the, average price tags specialists lined up in such a way (the first price for small towns, the second for the capital):

  1. When the value of the tiles before 1500 rubles, work cost 400-700 and 1000-1500.
  2. For materials costing up 5000 per square meter, styling is carried over 800-1200 and 1500-2500.
  3. At the higher cost of the tiles, the work is estimated at an average of 30 to 50 percent of total, cost of the material.

tiling Price per square meter

And last, that is to say on the employment styling - minimum work threshold. In this way, Some experts put the minimum order threshold. For example, if the amount of work less 10 square meters, then the order they refuse (each individually sets the bar, and that's why, some will agree and 1 square, while others will not take a project with an area of ​​less than 50).

Underwater rocks: surface leveling

And talk about the completion of the recruitment of staff, analyze one, main, underwater rock, of which many stumble. And so is the cost of surface preparation and its alignment.

In most cases, master trying to play up and get round the issue of training, Yes, and customers often forget to ask about this. And that's what happens in the end:

The price does not include tiling premises preparation, removal and surface leveling. For these services issued a separate bill.

In this way, without knowing it, and vychityvaya close cooperation agreement (at the conclusion of his now), or are not negotiating the terms of the data with the private employee, obtained weight loss problems and.

In particular, the customer agrees on the value of work, based on the area of ​​the room. It seems everything is agreed, the work is, but in the end it presented a check, the amount of which half or more higher than the original (for the most part on this trick can be reached by private masters).

Calculation of the total cost

But let's look at a full cost, an example of one of Moscow companies (for ethical reasons, the name of leave in secret). Consider the full list of works, to be carried out and their cost, respectively, will be approximately the value of the work for 1 square meter of tiles. Let's start:

  1. The first process becomes dismantling of the old coating: cost of 300 rubles per square meter (no garbage removal)
  2. alignment walls 400 rub.
  3. primer walls 60 rub.
  4. Or self-leveling floor screed 500 rub.

Thus the preparation of the base wall cost 700 rub, for sex 800.

Preparation of the base under the tile

Now comes the laying:

  1. The average cost, depending on size 800 rubles.
  2. Diagonally 1200.
  3. Working with granite 1000.
  4. Mosaic - 1500.
  5. Zatirka 70 rubles for the usual tiles and 180 for mosaics.

And add the required additional work:

  1. Laying baseboards 250 rub.
  2. drilling holes (under the outlet, switch, hanger and so on.) - 250 / pc.

And now we add the total cost of all works. As a result, we obtain the following:

  1. While using the normal tile, the total price will be laying 1580 wall, and 1680 for sex.
  2. When laying diagonally price will rise to 1980 and 2080 respectively.
  3. In the case of granite - 1780 and 1880.
  4. Mosaic - 2480 and 2580 rub.

And note, that was not chosen by the most famous and expensive company, and the usual office with a small staff and modest prices. Respectively, order to more good company will be more expensive to 30-40%. The cost of such work in the province will be somewhat less, about 20-30% small repair organizations. And make approximately the same amount for larger companies.

And at the end of this paragraph of this article, note, which is approximately the same amount, in some cases, the dumb (and possibly much more) less will be spent on the cost of materials.

Calculation of cost of materials

We now turn to no less important point in question, how much it costs to put tile square - the cost of materials.

First, consider what materials will be needed at all, this:

  1. tile adhesive.
  2. Tile.
  3. consumable items.
  4. Tool.
  5. Zatirka.
  6. To carry out leveling cement and sand.


And now compare the cost. Let's start from the beginning, ie. with training. We need to perform floor leveling and walls. For one, the square will take about 6-8 kg solution for plaster, and 20 kg screed. Now count:

  1. Speaking of the wall, We need 6-8 kg of mixture, respectively, involved in 1 to 3 It will be used 1,5 kg of cement and sand 4,5-5kg. At a cost of roughly released 15-20 rubles.
  2. Floor will need a little more, and the cost of materials, taking into account the bedding get about 80-100 rubles.

With alignment surface figured, go further.

Now, from the materials we need to tile, adhesive and grout, taking into account the average market value of we obtain the following:

  1. Tile - 500 rubles.
  2. Clay - about the cost 300 rubles for packaging 25 kilogram. An average flow rate of glue 7 kg, and turns, 1 meter will cost from about 60 to 80 p.
  3. Grout also cost is not very expensive, and estimated consumption in terms of money around 50-70 rubles.
  4. And the last component will be tic or pegs to align the seams. Individually they can rarely meet, but on average the bathroom is usually missing several packages, the cost of each on average 50 rubles. Figuring we can say, that a meter they need rubles 10-15.

And is now considered a complete list of materials, in the end we get the amount of medium 700-800 rubles (for floors and walls). AND, as you can see, when buying inexpensive, but high-quality materials, their value is half of the work itself.

Experts or independent repair

so, summarize, and concluded, that it is better, make repairs to, or entrust it to professionals. There are two sides of the coin.

  1. Quality of work.
  2. cost of.

And let's look a little more in detail each item.

Let's start with the quality of. Thus we understand, that make their own without the help of a professional repair specialists, and experience can not be. Even, If all works will be able to perform their own good, it is clearly - not ideal, and a minus, in a case of a large.

The second factor is the effort and time, how to perform activities, and on the theoretical study of the technology, as well as practical training (proceed directly to the laying of finishing on-site repair is not recommended). Since you can not right the first time to take into account all the nuances and requirements for laying tiles.

quality control tiling

But let us pass to the main advantage. Considering the cost of works and adding materials, we get an average price tag 2500-3500 rubles. And it is for some pretty significant amount. And at the same time think about, that it can be cut three times. A nice bonus is not it??


In this way, make any repairs, or entrust the laying of tiles in the bathroom professionals private matter. On the one hand - this savings, On the other hand the quality and long experience.



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