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What grout for a tile in the bathroom is better

undoubtedly, one of the most popular materials for finishing bathroom tile is exactly. At what is applicable such as the paneling for floors, and wall, in some cases, even the ceiling. And its popularity there are a lot of explanations, for example, moisture resistance, ease of care, durability, etc.. But today we will talk not about tile, and one of its associated packing material. And it will be the subject of grout for a tile in the bathroom, and what better to choose.

grout for a tile in the bathroom
The idea of ​​combining the white grout on the black tile

And in reality it is a very important issue, because it is the choice of grout will depend on the appearance of the premises after renovation.

What is the grout

Little help for those, who had not previously contacted with the laying of tiles and has no idea, that is floating and why it is needed.

In the majority of the grout tiles is a dry mixture of cement or epoxy. This mixture is used in diluted form in water for the filling and protecting the tile seams.

While it is important to understand, that performed the grout is not purely due to aesthetic reasons, the plan, but also directly to the protection cover. In particular, it protects joints against ingress of moisture, bacteria and fungus, which has a direct impact on durability.

pollution and damage joints gr
Less white tile grout is that it is contaminated, it is better to choose a gray color which awakes less visible dirt.

And another important factor is the, that its application can help hide surface defects, in particular:

  1. Errors when laying tiles.
  2. irregularities of the walls.
  3. And a number of defects, that affect the appearance.

types of grouting

Before you go shopping for your tile grout is necessary to take into account the fact, that there are several types of such material. In particular two types of isolated:

  1. Grouting cement based mixtures.
  2. And the resin material (the most popular variant of the epoxy resin.

And let's take a closer look at each of the options.

The cement grout

The most popular was just cement grout. This is primarily due to its lower cost, and in addition, and ease of use.

This mixture was diluted with water sufficiently and can be used directly. In some cases,, grouting already presented in finished form, in such a situation can be found in buckets, capacity on average 5-7 liters.

It should be noted, that use a ready structure is sometimes more convenient. But do not forget that, it is extremely uneconomical. After opening the bucket so the grout dries quickly, and a large number have to throw it.

cement grout tile

Apply cement grout primarily for working with small stitches to 5 millimeters, in some cases, with wide, wider than 5 mm. But in the case with the broader must be used with the addition of a mixture of sand.

Besides, in this case, the size of grains of sand necessary to increase the size of the seam is directly proportional. Also, some formulations contain fungicides (special agents, providing protection against mold and mildew).

The composition of such mixtures prevails cement, hardener, dye, in some sand mixtures and additional chemical components.

grouting in the bathroom

Of the resin material

Among these materials are separated mass species, thus it is possible to allocate, for example, grout based on furan resins. But the most popular option is the material, at the base of which is incorporated epoxy resin. While furan found its application in production, Epoxy same mixture can be found everywhere.

epoxy grout to the tiles in the bathroom
Grout with mother of pearl

Touching on the issue of, a grout trowel tile in the bathroom, most experts consider it their duty to give preference to epoxy grout. This is due to the following factors:

  1. They do not lend themselves to degradation caused by moisture, chemicals, and in addition are more resistant to dirt.
  2. It does not require additional processing or components for protection from mold or mildew.
  3. more durable.

Thus cheaper option is to choose a cement grouting for tile, which completely fulfills its function and help protect against moisture and various fungal damage, in the case of epoxy-cost increases in times, but the view is of course another.

brilliant grouting

But, Flooring pretty good option would just cement grout.

As we have already said a little earlier, the most popular among the grout composition based on epoxy resins is precisely. The basis for such material is epoxy resin, dye and hardener.

cleaning tile grout from surplus

It is also possible to note an additional type stronger grout - cement and latex. But for her, we will not talk, because it is used for finishing the building facade (since it has much greater strength, than like her), and we are now talking about the bathroom.

Selecting the grout according to the color

An important factor in the question arises, how the grout for a tile to choose the bathroom becomes colors.

In the case of cement grout, it may be the color of its main component, ie. gray, without the addition of dye. It may also be of any color from all palettes, depending on the design space requirements. Besides, by adding a special pigment, you can create the desired hue.

In the same time, range of epoxy grouts slightly more, but on their own to change the hue or color saturation will not work. The only difference, which in some cases attracted much more, application becomes brilliant effect in such materials. It allows you to create grout, which after drying will attach seams gilded effect coating, or bronze, metal, silver.

But whatever form the most grout you have chosen, There are several rules, to be observed:

  1. Using dark, or contrasting grout is permissible only, when there is 100% confidence in the quality of laying. This is because, Such shades focus on drawing, respectively, when even a small error, they are clearly marked and visible, which ultimately hopeless ruin the appearance of the premises.
  2. AND, respectively, if on the surface there are some defects and errors, the use of lighter colors helps them hide. Thus the emphasis will be placed on the sutures, and not on the tile.

A word of advice! If you do not want to make a mistake when choosing the material, it is desirable to take a sample of the tiles with you to the store when buying a grout. Also refer to our tips on how, how to choose a grout for a tile.

Calculate the right amount of material for purchase can calculator tile grout.

Using a transparent or colorless grouting

In some cases, when used in laying tiles of different colors, or fit into the mosaic, the best answer to the question of how to grout tile to choose a bath, It will be the use of transparent.

Such material is made based on glass, thereby allowing the seam to give a clear, glass appearance. Although such a transparent smoothing called only conditionally. It does not transmit light, respectively hide glue color seams. At the same time he takes the tile seam shade, that allows you to create the effect of transfusion of colors.

colorless grout tile

Use of such a material can not only at seams than 2 millimeters.

We choose only the best

Another issue, which should affect, how the grout for a tile in the bathroom is better. And to answer it, we present some of the most popular brands. In particular, We give the TOP-5 leading manufacturers (Only on the basis of the opinions of professionals).tile grout

  1. Over the years,, well-proven company Ceresit, at what it can say about all of its building materials production. The company's product range includes a mixture of silicone-based, cement, and bicomponent compositions.
  2. The second in our ranking becomes a maker Atlas, that offers epoxy and cement grout.
  3. the following notes blow with cement mixtures.
  4. Another producer of cement compositions Mapei Ultracolor Plus (Ultrakolor Plus)
  5. And last, producing a two-component epoxy products becomes Litokol.

but remember, regardless of, what you choose for grouting tiles in the bathroom, its high quality, this is just 20% success. To obtain reliable results for all its application instructions must be observed strictly.

Special grout for porous tiles

Particular attention should be paid to the porous tile, because it has a relatively high moisture absorbing properties. Experts do not recommend to equip it in rooms with high humidity.

But now we found a solution, which helps protect the coating from strong water consumption. To do this, smeared with a special sealant, or varnish. Such a composition is sufficiently expensive, but at the same time significantly improves the properties of tile, in particular:

  1. Improves protection against pollution.
  2. Greatly facilitates care for coating.
  3. It helps preserve the color throughout the entire period of operation.
  4. It gives the characteristic luster.

special silicone grouting and sealing compounds are used for processing such tiles. The use of such material helps to improve the water resistance times, furthermore protects against mold and mildew.

And given, that the performance of work by a special gun, the process of work is not only easy, but also enjoyable.

silicone grout

How do grouting

Let us now briefly consider the question of, how to perform grouting own hands.

Depending on, what type of grout used, open the packaging, Dissolve the dry mixture, or simply open ready. According to its consistency grout should be like toothpaste. Next, do the following:

  1. remove the crosses, or tiling system (depending on what was used).
  2. Fill the seams with a mixture of, Why use a special spatula. In one approach is held floating at least one square meter, it is desirable to carry out works from top to bottom.
  3. Further purify seams of excess mixture, preferably immediately after treatment.
  4. Thus gradually overwrite the entire surface.
  5. As the drying of the composition is necessary to remove the excess from the tile, which is done using a damp sponge.
grouting technology
tile grouting technology

Thus runs the grout and tile cleaning further traces of grout. For more details about, how to grout tile joints can read in a separate article. Besides, Please explore the videos, in which the properties and characteristics considered floating and each of its species individually.




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