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Installation of electric floor heating Video

Монтаж электрического теплого пола фото
Installation of the electric floor heating with examples of video.

Underfloor heating is the preferred choice when deciding about heating country house. Doubtless its advantages are easy laying and maintenance, reliability in operation. See more detailed instructions clearly where we discussed assembling electric underfloor own hands with a photo in the video examples. You must begin to work with the floor layout. Underfloor heating does not fit in the place of installation of furniture and sanitary ware. As determined by a place in the sensor, This takes into account, that it should be between the loops of the heating cable.

Next, the shtroblenie wall mounting box. From her prorubyvaetsya punch groove, in which the corrugated tube is laid, containing a sensor and its cable. The tube is fixed alabaster or cement-sand mixture. The end of her carefully sealed with adhesive tape.

On the bottom wall insulating tape is adhered 10mm. Now the sheets stacked on the floor thermal insulation material - polystyrene or Penoplex. Since under heating cable may accumulate condensate, with the purpose of sealing the top overlapping layer of polyethylene is put. Seams are glued or soldered mounting tape construction hairdryer, or a blowtorch.

Now it is necessary to create a base for mounting an electrical heating cable underfloor. To do this, make a tie. This is followed by mounting the tape pack, securing it with nails or screws. The distance between the rows of mounting tape is on the order 1 m. Before laying the heating cable is necessary to check its resistance. It must match the nameplate data. The heating cable should be laid in the clamp mounting tape and fix them. Lots of cable in any case should not be crossed or come into contact. The optimum distance between the two segments of the cable is considered 25 – 35 cm. cable loop size should be less than 5 cm. Also fix the corrugated tube with temperature sensor. We get into a wiring box ends of the heating cable.

Mounting of the electric floor heating went to completion, watching a video example. We must now make cement screed thickness of up to 4 cm. After that, as the coupler can withstand the weight of a person (usually 3 – 4 day), Getting started with the wiring. The thermostat wiring box set. At the same plant in a special temperature sensor cable socket, the ends of the heating cable, wire power supply. It is also worth provide a circuit breaker unit. After final drying screed put topcoat. Renovated apartment contact will be faster and cheaper!

Installation of electric floor heating Video

Video instructions for installing floor heating TEPLOLUX. must watch.

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