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Installation of the ceiling plasterboard Video Example

Монтаж потолка из гипсокартона фото, установка подвесного/навесного потолка из гипрока. Как сделать потолок из гипсокартона. Красивый потолок кругом
EXAMPLE false ceiling single layer of gypsum plasterboard

These ceilings have such advantages as: perfectly smooth surface, convenience wiring, variety of forms.

Even before the acquisition of materials, consider the following nuances: plasterboard sheet weighs 27 kg - 30 kg, so will need telescopic boom lift or someone to help with the installation. Further, quality domestic materials are often not up to par and you have to use their foreign counterparts. For the ceiling in the bathroom using a water-resistant gypsum board, in the kitchen - Refractory.

Consider single-level installation of the ceiling plasterboard as a base. First, spend the marks on the ceiling and walls of a frame and suspensions. On all the walls, departing from the ceiling 10 cm - 15 cm, using the level marks the spot for the installation profile for the starting frame. using dowels, on distance 50 cm therebetween, mount rails from galvanized profile. Getting to the ceiling layout and by suspensions, Consequently, bearing guides. Partitioning runs parallel at a distance equal to half of the sheet of plasterboard (1250 cm).

At anchor dowel fasten hangers every two feet. Now we take the supporting rails and install them in the starting frame, but not tight (on each side of the gap 2 mm). This is necessary to compensate possible deformations. The guide should be placed under suspension. LN-16 screws fasten the rails to the frame. Then fasten the rails to the suspensions with the same screws, on each side - two.

Now you need to set the longitudinal guides. However, if the floor area is small, then we can do without them. They are mounted with a pitch of about 50 cm - 60 cm, taking care, to attachment points do not coincide with those of the suspensions. There are two main ways of fixing the longitudinal rails to cross. One - by a single-level connectors "crab", the second - in screws bolted to the rails segments starting Profile. The carrier frame for mounting gypsum board prepared.

Do not forget about the wiring. It is necessary to lay before installing gypsum plasterboard sheets in the special cable - channels. Also concealed wiring should not lie within the metal profile, to prevent short circuits.

Sheathe sheets of frame, in this installation of the ceiling plasterboard will be finished. Screws fasten sheets, from the wall. Between the sheets should be a distance 2 mm; the same distance should be between the wall and the sheets of plasterboard. After placing the last sheet plastered joints of special blends for grouting. It only remains to putty ceiling. See detailed video instructions, there laid everything on the shelves. For reference: suspension, mounted, multilevel ceiling - it's all about this type of ceiling.

Installation of the ceiling plasterboard in Video examples



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