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Variants of glazing and insulation in the apartment balcony

Significantly improve the comfort of the apartment will glazing and insulation of balconies and loggias. It is not very expensive, but time-consuming procedure, whereby the free space outside the premises can be made more useful, use it as part of a separate room or area, which can accommodate a recreation room, winter Garden, to store infrequently used items in a comfortable environment.

The balcony differ from the loggia?

First of all, you need to know about the differences balconies and loggias. These elements have the structural differences: loggia has sidewalls and does not go beyond the facade, and the balcony is a hinged design, resembles a basket, the side walls had no, and the plate is fixed to the front, and not to subordinate structures.

Glazing and insulation of balconies and loggias

Glazing and insulation Balcony closing extends for approximately one and the same circuit. The only difference is that, that with loggia work a little bit easier and not have to think, how to organize the sidewalls and fix the ceiling, if you are on the top floor. The rest of the works are almost identical.

Glazing and insulation of balconies and loggias

What is required for glazing balconies?

Balconies glazing and insulation is not always possible to do without a special permit. The fact, that this procedure leads to a significant change in the external appearance of a building facade, if you live in an apartment building, you have to get a paper. Glazing is heavy, so you have to get acquainted with the technical regulations at home, discover, how much weight can withstand the balcony slabs. In some cases, reinforce plate, but it is not always technically possible, plus it requires additional expenses.

must not, to glazing weight exceeded the maximum, as it will lead to the collapse of the construction, for consequences, that it entails, responsible owner of the premises.

How are glazing works?

Glaze and warm balcony it is possible with his own hands. This will make the process cheaper, but some jobs may require special equipment, then do not work without the aid of professionals.

Before you get started, is required to evaluate the technical condition of the structure. If the balcony slab dilapidated, it is required to strengthen. You will then need to replace the parapet. If it is a concrete, you are lucky and do not need anything, so often the case with loggias: if the parapet of metal rods, its cut and changed to penoblok. If the fence does not interfere with dignity and, it is better to leave. Important, design had to the least possible weight.

After it is ready parapet, it set the glazing, roof mounted. If it is required, Conduct internal wall insulation works.

Glazing and insulation of balconies and loggias
Thermal insulation of expanded polystyrene

What materials can be used?

Glazing and insulation Balcony closing can be carried out using different materials. You can use wood, aluminum, plastic windows, various heaters, the most popular are PVC windows and such heaters, as mineral wool and foam.

Glazing and insulation balconies
Warming foam

After the balcony will be insulated, required interior. It is necessary to isolate the heater and make the construction of decorative species. Finishing may also be performed with different materials, This may include the following types of:

  • Plasterboard vlagostoykiy.
  • PVC sheets.
  • Siding.
  • lining.
  • Brick.

Each material has different external characteristics, and technical. Types of glazing may also be different, eg, warm glazing and insulation loggia suited to provide with plastic double-glazed windows. They have quite a large mass, but their thickness is optimal for, to qualitatively retain heat indoors. With good insulation balcony or loggia can become a full part of the dwelling. There could be held heating and use design as a small room.

Glazing and insulate balcony
Cold frameless glazing

Cold glass does not give such an effect. Insulate a balcony in the application of aluminum profiles will not make any sense, as the metal very quickly gives off heat to the atmosphere. However, such an option less glazing warm and can be used, If the balcony is not used as a dwelling. If you plan to just protect the structure from rain and wind, making it comfortable to use in the summer, storage, smoking or drying clothes, then this option will suit you well.

Glazing and insulation loggia Wooden Euro will be no less quality, than with plastic constructions, however, these frames can be even harder, depending on the type of wood, and the construction itself will cost more. It is possible to use a simple wooden frame, this option is not bad for a country house or the balcony uninhabited. Homemade frame of wood can not hold heat well, so count, that this design will be warm, not worth it.

Glazing and insulation balconies
Exterior insulation foam

How is the work on warming?

glazing, warming balconies - two procedures, which are separated from each other does not make sense. If everything is clear glazing, how to act with warming? You first need to select materials, with whom you will work.

Glazing and insulation loggia
Insulation for floors

Council: It needs to warm not only the walls, but the ceiling and floor constructions, otherwise heat will go through them.

You first need to fill in all the construction foam construction gap, waterproofed it: for that is the mastic. Once you are ready to implement the remaining milestones.

The most accessible material for insulation rolls mineral wool or glass, but to work with this insulation is necessary to wear protective gloves. You need to create a crate, you can make it of timber or metal profiles 4x4, the resulting cell is filled with cotton wool, then closed vapor barrier film, sew exterior trim, eg, plasterboard sheets.

Glazing and insulation loggia
Warming Penoplex

Using foam (Penoplex) instead of mineral wool also require the creation of battens, but to work with it much more convenient: foam holds its shape, attach it easier, You can use a special glue. The material is water repellent, therefore it does not require seal the premises, Besides, it does not crumble and does not cause skin irritation and respiratory tract.

Conclusion: insulation glazing loggias and balconies - a procedure quite interesting. You can do it yourself or hire professionals. Wide selection of materials will not only qualitatively insulate the structure, but also to give it the desired decorative appearance.



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