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How to Repair a plastic window in the home

windows repair may suddenly be required, regardless of, what type of structure you have installed. Many problems can be corrected without using the wizard, making it their own hands. enough to know, how to eliminate the most common problems with plastic windows.

Even if you put high-quality products, and they are made correctly, over time, can damage the handle or the need to replace the heater. maybe, that broken glass or require adjustment mechanism. The repair of plastic windows under force owners.

Damage to handle

This problem is very common and easily corrected. You first need to buy a new handle for the window. This can be done in a home improvement store and building products. For a replacement will need to find a decorative plate, which is located directly under the handle, then rotate it, to become visible screws, who need to extract out.

After that, the old handle comes off without any problems, and in its place you can put a new. Tighten the screws back; at the same time can be set for the opening limiter. To do this, It must be integrated in the base member for ventilating regulator plate, then the handle can be screwed.

Repair of windows

Repair window hardware is not too complicated and in the case of, if it was jamming. You will need to find and disable the blocker. Scheme action depends on, what hardware you have installed. If it is the brand AUBI, It needs to find a metal plate with a spring: it is usually near the handle. Press it against the seal and gently try to turn the knob. Accessories other brands, eg, Maco, GU, Winkhaus or Roto, It has the metal tab, which is at the bottom. It is necessary to press, forced to stand parallel to the wing.

Sometimes this method does not work, and then why not check out, Do not lock caught. To resolve this problem and need to open the box to find a place, for which touches this item. Then you must remove the mounting lock, install plastic spacer between them and clings design element and put the item back.

Do not be afraid to carry out the repair of plastic windows with their hands. The window does not closeIt's not a problem. Usually this happens for the reason, that the handle does not rotate due to lack of lubricant in the fittings or the most sagging sash. The latter can be determined visually, carefully examining window. The product can be adjust, tightening bolts, on which it rests. If everything is in order, worth checking lubrication. You need to purchase a special tool, and it is desirable to lubricate all parts of the mechanism, driven.

Timely maintenance of plastic windows will help to avoid many problems. However, if the product is not slack, and lubrication is not helped, Most likely, You need professional help.


improper opening

If the flap gives in force at the opening, but hangs on one corner, has been switched completely in ventilation mode, try to press the upper hinge, moving the flap to the rotational position. If you manage to achieve this, put pen horizontally. Sometimes lock prevents to do it, and it will have to remove the above-described method. After this, the flap should be closed. Try to hold the handle down, without the use of force. If she succumbed, try gradually to change its position several times.

PVC windows repair may be needed, if out of the windows began to blow. Inviting for this wizard optionally: faster and cheaper to solve the problem yourself. Most often, the air flows pass through the seal. To get rid of it, press the shutter to the frame and check, Do the same position of pins and strips response type. If they do not match each other and the pins do not extend beyond the strips, you need to rearrange the elements of the past. It is very easy: You need to remove the screws for fastening and moving the bar to the desired location. Windows will then close tightly.

Maintenance of plastic windows

If the reason is hinged, repair of plastic windows with their hands at home is simple. Press the shutter to the frame is in their area. Locate the bottom hinge special hole, in which you need to insert the nozzle to rotate. Outer loop also governed, but it has a scissor mechanism, which is regulated by using a screwdriver.

It often occurs and different difficulty: fall or stretch straightening plate, which are located between the glazing and window profile. Typically, this design center. Change them should be under warranty, but if it came out, you will have to carry out the repair of plastic windows with their hands. To do this you will need a small piece of plastic, select the width you need, based on the thickness of the glazing unit. Take a putty knife made of metal and paste the butt, which is located between the glazing beads and glazing. Hit the spatula and remove, in this way, štapik. You may consider aligning plate, which are located in the gap between the frame and sash. Move on 3 mm double glazing, put the plate; pulling the spatula, you return it to the place, then you need to close the design glazing bead.

Note, that the plates do not have rested in the glazed part of the structure. This can damage the glazing.


repair of accessories

Accessories stops working properly, If clogged garbage. Over time, the dust and dirt particles penetrate mechanisms. To restore functions have to clean machinery. To carry out such repairs accessories plastic window, you'll need to unscrew and remove the flap and its lining, which play a decorative role, its hinges. When you have completed this, You will need to pull out the upper axis.

Council: better to ask someone to help, since the construction is heavy and may fall.

Thereafter, the flap can be pulled out from the bottom and move loops. Inspect the sash perimeter and carefully unscrew the screws fastened to it. Flush mechanism is necessary with a special liquid, which is applied by means of an ordinary brush. clean off dirt, dry mechanism: this can be done using a hair dryer. Lubricate the moving parts for lubrication fittings. Then you can proceed to the assembly fittings. Actions performed in the reverse order, as a parsing mechanism. The loops also need to grease.


How to Repair PVC windows yourself, if broken glazing?

Another vexing problem is the broken glass unit. This can happen for various reasons: eg, someone specifically break a window with street-side or it will happen accidentally as a result of repairs or careless actions of tenants of apartment. Before you get started, You need to order a new glazed. To do this, you need to know exactly the size of the window.

To replace a damaged glass, not necessarily invite specialist. It should try to do it yourself. To begin, you need to remove the broken glass. This can be done quickly, knocking it and selecting fragments, but this method is not very suitable for an apartment, because it will leave a lot of garbage.

Repair of plastic windows

If the glass is cracked or damaged not strongly, better to pull the whole thing. You will need a spatula made of metal, with the help of which you want to pull shtapiki. Spatula is inserted between the glass and the frame and glazing bead to hook them with the help of a light tapping on the handle. After you remove all, Glazing can pull. Repair evrookon better carry together, as the glazing is usually very heavy and difficult to handle alone with him.

Do not forget to install the new glass-plate straightening.

When installing them pay attention to the flap design. For deaf embodiment appropriate setting bottom plates, and for opening sash straightening plates give, departing from the angle 10 cm. Before installing the new glass unit, check the geometry is correct. With the help of straightening plates may get rid of irregularities. At the end is mounted on the seat glazing beads.


Repairs PVC windows with their hands, if the window is skewed

This problem is also not uncommon. sash misalignment may occur due to violations of the window adjustment, building shrinkage. You may well be able to return the structure to its normal position. You will need to purchase a key to the 4, with which you can adjust the loop; you should start with the bottom. Open the window; depending on the direction of the skew flap need to be raised or lowered. To do this, remove the cover and use the Allen key; at the hinge has a groove. Clockwise Rotation tool design lift up, and in the opposite direction - will lower.

If the flap is biased towards, it can also be put in place, adjusting the lower hinge. Groove for this is at the bottom. You will need to use the same key. right need to move the key counterclockwise to rotate the flap; to the left, respectively, conversely.

Repair of plastic windows with their hands

How to fix a plastic window, if it is twisted on top?

The upper part of each window can be set. To do this will need to find the element, located in the highest part of the sash, while it is desirable to open the. The adjusting member is located in a special socket, you want to look as close as possible to the loops. By means of the leaf key adjusted, shifting to the left or right side.

Council: Repair mechanism of plastic windows with their hands is only possible in an open state.

How visible, many of the operations can be done with the window with his hands, but if you doubt their abilities, You can take the help of a specialist, but its services are usually quite expensive.


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