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Features of adjustment of different types of plastic windows

Adjustment of plastic windows - the procedure, that may be required of any window. To be able to do it yourself - a useful skill, able to save you money. The flap may stop functioning correctly, flowing air from continuous operation. Setting help avoid a large-scale renovation, restore functionality window.

Independently adjust the window?

Adjustment of window accessories in plastic boxes may be required, if low-quality installation was carried out: master hastened, not set up correctly fold, not lined design in two directions - vertical and horizontal. The natural design of wear can make itself felt. The window starts to cling when opened for fitting elements. Not always the flap closes tightly, because of this the room penetrate gusts, blowing out the window.

How to adjust the plastic windows independently, Everyone should know the owner. This simple procedure, which is easy to learn. You do not need to hire a professional or purchase special tools to adjust. acting carefully, you will extend the life of windows on the many seasons.

How to adjust the plastic windows independently

Instructions for adjustment of PVC windows

Start work can be, preparing in advance the following tools. You will need a 6 Allen key to adjust №4 plastic windows, screwdriver. Note, what hardware you have installed: you'll find most of the window Rehau. This profile is very popular and is installed in each house of the third.

Accessories may be different quality, type; you can often find kits Siegenia Aubi, Winkhaus, MAKO. Adjust windows may vary somewhat depending on the type of accessories installed. The difference will be that, You need to remove the sash or not. Only need to tighten the screws.

Adjustment of plastic windows

  1. horizontal adjustment

If there was a frame bevel, you need to set the flap horizontally. This problem can occur due to shrinkage of the building, relaxation accessories fasteners, wrong opening windows. To carry out operations on the need to find a window hinge adjustment window. Hole calculated allen, paste it there.

Make detailed adjustments necessary at the open casement window.

By rotating the tool in a clockwise flap gradually disengage from loops. The lower part of the product, located opposite, will sink.

How to regulate the plastic window to the outside? If you want to adjustment of the bottom part of the window, and you have the opportunity to approach him in the street, the window can not open. For settings in which case it can move only 2 mm.

Adjusting the profile of the horizontal
Adjusting the profile of the horizontal
  1. Adjusting the vertical axis

The procedure is performed using a hinged loop, located on the underside of the entire window. The cap is removed loop, after rotating adjustment mechanism. When the instrument is moving in a clockwise direction will raise the flap above. By moving the key in the opposite direction, element can be omitted. The error in this procedure is not more than 2 mm. If the sash has a length, exceeding 1 meter, will have to prepare to, that it would require frequent adjustment. Sag in this case is due to the weight of the structure. The more often you open the window, the faster it will sag.

How to regulate the plastic windows to
Adjust the plastic window vertically

Adjustment of PVC windows may be required, if the window is closed tightly. Learn it as follows: close the window and put at the junction of the sash and frame lighted candle. If the fire is waving, the air enters from the gap.

If you have a hardware Roto, design can be adjusted by means of eccentrics: you can find them around the perimeter of the window. They operate as follows:: you turn the knob, clown hides behind the pressure pad. If the close was loosely, the cam should be moved in a clockwise direction, which will cause the leaf to snuggle closer to your frame. Rotate counterclockwise postpone leaf ago.

Adjust the plastic window should pass smoothly. Slide mechanism is not over, than 2 mm times. Check the position of the eccentrics: it should be the same everywhere. There are special risks for determining the density of the pressing flap. They need to look at the seal. If the risk facing in the opposite direction, the flap must be tightened.

Adjusting PVC

Other models require profiles for rotating the eccentrics in the presence of the hands of a wrench or pliers. Some types of hardware is controlled by plates. Inspect gear loops: there must be a pressing device with the tongue. If the tongue is not extended, shutter pressed bad.

Adjusting the window with hinges on the left side. There are several different system: the key is to be moved counterclockwise, the sash is pressed. If a right-handed loop, key move in the opposite direction.

Self-regulation of plastic windows and doors, It should be carried out at the beginning of each season. for example, in winter, it makes sense to squeeze the sash to the frame, in the summer, conversely, weaken their. Since the heat of the window material expands. This will help extend the life of seals. Allowed to adjust 0,8 mm. If that does not work, do without the help of the wizard will not succeed.

Adjust windows
Adjusting the clamp PVC windows

handle faults

sometimes there problem with the pen work. This part is the most exposed to wear and require frequent maintenance. In order to fix or change the handle, you have to turn it on 90 degrees. After the need to remove the trim: you will see the screws, on which the handle is held. Unscrew them; then the handle comes off easily. It can be replaced by a new, you need to fix the screws in the reverse order.

If you need a comb, it can be fixed on the basis of the handle. In building the supermarket to buy a pen with the protection of the child.

Repair and adjustment of plastic windows
Screw tightening knob

What to do if you do not close the flap?

Adjust the plastic windows independently, it iswithDo not close the flap if required to open the window, you can, but it does not want to close. The reason is most often triggered lock turning the knob. we must act, based on the set of fittings brand. If this AUBI, look near the handle platinum, she is thin, under it there is a spring. Press it and turn the knob: window closes.

products Winkhaus, Roto or GU are arranged differently. Under the pen is the tongue: it is located at an angle relative to the frame. Find it and press. Thereafter, the handle should start moving. If this does not happen, check, Do not tongue slips. Repair and adjustment of plastic doors and windows, in this case made the same. You need to open the flap, find some mechanism, for which clings to the tongue, unscrew it, then insert it behind the plastic plate, which will help to move the mechanism closer to mate. It will thus be increased contact area of ​​the tongue and response mechanism. detail, how to make adjustment of PVC windows.

note, how the handle. It should rotate effortlessly. If you want to apply a force, to lubricate all elements of the rotating mechanism. This can be done in the usual lubricating oil, You need to put it with the help of sticks with cotton wool or lubricators. You can use the silicone grease or spray WD 40, spray it in the right places.

Adjustment of window accessories in plastic boxes
Lock in "closed" mode

replacement seal

This procedure is required, If the window blowing. It is simple: It pulled out of the grooves seal unfit, instead inserted a new. It does not need to stretch. If you hear a creaking, Use silicone grease. Frequent replacement of the element is not required: it usually need no more than once in ten years.

With the right approach adjustable plastic windows will not cause any difficulties even with no experience in such matters.





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  1. The initial adjustment of the plastic windows are best left to professionals. The only clarification, by choosing window, refer to the audited company, who will be able to choose the window with all the performance space. In large companies, the production and sale of windows and installation professionals with extensive experience. Once the window is set, the master must tell about the rules of care for him, Describe the necessary seasonal manipulation. for example, in my case the box set is not suitable for room location, fix it wanted, roughly speaking, on parole and once completed the installation without a word said about the regulation and methods of care design.

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