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Homemade summer garden shower at the cottage

Shower in the country with their own hands, you can build, following the simple instructions. Firstly, must take into account the, How will the holiday vacation from the city bustle. The long summer vacation will require installation of a global stationary construction. For short stays for rest in the garden or in the garden the best option would be a simple design.

The main purpose of the construction of summer soul with his own hands is to carry out a comfortable water procedures, which are highly desirable in a hot season. It should therefore be a very rational approach to the development of design parameters.

Planning in the country soul

When installing an outside shower with their own hands, should decide on such important nuances, as an organization runoff, supplying water to the reservoir and the way of its heating method.

When choosing a location it is recommended to pay attention to the following indicators:

  • water supply arrangement;
  • the presence of a hill;
  • distance from residential buildings;
  • produvaemost.

Normal water supply become possible when properly registered stacking connecting pipe. Rapid outflow of waste water is provided by a small angle deviation. Therefore, shower the country with their own hands is best to build on the hill.


Construction does not always put close to the residential construction, but it is not recommended and a very large distance from it. You should also give priority to areas most protected from drafts.

You can choose to develop many projects, which will allow to easily build their own hands cottage shower. A graphic drawing more clearly depict and define the selection of the most successful planning future construction.

Outside shower at the cottage - chertёzh
Drawing of summer in the country soul

Dimensions of country soul

Shower in the country should not be a narrow cabin with a barrel of water on top. When calculating the size of buildings, It should take into account their own dimensions, and all those, who will regularly use the shower. Inside should be a comfortable space, allowing to be free-standing, turn around and bend over easily.

When erecting arms holiday shower their standard sizes are 190 × 140 cm. In these calculations, the dimensions of the shower itself - 100 × 100 cm, and cloakrooms - 90 × 40. The height of the structure may vary from 2 to 3 m.

Scribing the installation location of the future soul, You need to pay attention to the thickness of the material used. Usually, in this type of construction used board, standard size which is 10 cm. In this way, the rate of, that the plan dimensions 190 × 140 cm should be indicated on the basis of a rectangle 200 × 150 cm.

Setting the foundation years of the soul

Construction of the shower in the garden with his own hands implies the existence of the foundation, the thickness of which is directly dependent on the material used. When heaving of the soil as a solid foundation recommended height 40 cm. Before installing it is necessary to create a sand bed. For other types of soil should be preferred pile foundation installation technology.

The foundation garden shower
How to lay the foundation for the soul of the summer at the cottage.

For installation of pile foundation is necessary:

  1. Perform a hole depth in the soil 1-1,5 or m drive piles in the ground.
  2. Set asbestos or metal pipes, having a diameter 90-100 mm, left protruding above ground level 20-30 cm.
  3. Make a hole at an angle to the discharge pipe.
  4. Insert sewer.
  5. Pour concrete piles, previously preparing a concrete mixture according to instructions.
  6. smooth the surface.
  7. After drying, a foundation to be coated with PVC film, or a two-layer roofing material.

Construction of plum garden shower

Drain soul in the country
How to organize the drain in the shower at the cottage.

Drain system to be installed, given the chosen technology. The main place is occupied by pipelining, which is connected to the common sewer system.

In the absence of nearby sewer network or gutter must dig a hole, corresponding to the dimensions of the tank. The average size of a drain hole up 2-3 m. In addition, consider the ventilation Drain.

Mounting frame garden shower

Less important step in the construction of country soul with his own hands is the future installation of the frame construction. For framework used metal or wooden beams. frame installation should be carried out in stages. To do this,:

Frame cottage shower
Erection of skeleton suburban soul.
  1. Set beams at the corners and concreted them.
  2. After drying concrete to hold the upper and lower piping.
  3. Consolidate the foundations of the walls to each other by rigid mowing.
  4. Perform an internal bandage, serving logs for future sex.

Fitted floor cottage shower

Getting to the arrangement of the floor, It should take into account such requirements, the high degree of hygiene surface, ease of care and a degree of skidding. The first step is the formation of a floor design threshold, which divide the locker room and a compartment for washing, as well as eliminate the flow of water. Further, you can mount the boardwalk or to establish a special tray, designed for the soul.

At furnish bars should be no gap, that contribute to the draft. Pallet assumes that the drain, from which the drainage hose. This item eliminates the accumulation of moisture on the surface after washing.

Installing water garden shower

The main stage in the construction of a garden shower with their own hands is the installation of water supply. Excellent reservoir for supplying water is a metal or plastic barrel tank, painted black. Standard volume - from 100 to 200 l. The tank should mount the water level meter or valve, which overlaps the flow of water when the reservoir fullness.

Lake divider should be placed above the head. This will help to avoid pressure drops during operation.

For the soul of the reservoir in the country with their own hands, you must create a greenhouse, based on the parallel bars, covered with PVC film. The tank can be pasted foil, which will help speed up the process of heating fluid from the sun.

A water tank in a summer shower
Scheme water tank for garden shower.

The tank should be installed at the top of the shower design. For supply of water to be welded to a water pipe or install a pump hose. Heated water can be produced using PETN - thermoelectric heater. This method reveals itself as the most practical and economical.

Heating elements are divided into two types - dry and wet. Dry work without direct contact with water, which eliminates the possibility of scaling them. Therefore, such devices may last longer. However, the wet heating elements are much cheaper, so the more common. When installing electric heating equipment is necessary to consider safety, provide electrical isolation from the water, earthed and set RCD protection.

Warming design suburban soul

For warming suburban soul, usually, apply foam, polystyrene and other insulation materials. For insulation design should be:

  1. Fill the space frame with insulating material.
  2. Cover with plastic wrap and secure with stapler.
  3. The door can also be installed overhead heaters.


Facing suburban soul

Before, both in the country to make shower, It should define the outer cladding. The most frequently used material is the same residential building. choosing material, preference should be given to, which provides ease of installation, and also has a strength and resistance to moisture. Most embodiments are best slate sheets, wooden beams, plastic panels.

The inner surface of sheathing material must be resistant to moisture. It would be the best PVC lining. Not recommended for wood, which in this embodiment will have a shorter service life.

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