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How to avoid mistakes when installing bathtubs

Installing the bath with his hands carries a lot of nuances and peculiarities, when there is the possibility that ignorance mistakes. If you make a wrong installation, not comply with the rules, then there will be extra time and cost. The situation is complicated by the variety of types of products, which leads to differences installation technology.

Installation of acrylic bathtubs

Acrylic bathtubs are common because of its advantages. First of all, This outward beauty, modern look. Secondly, This low heat, that promises comfort during use. Thirdly, Installation of acrylic bathtubs with their hands is mild, as it weighs little.

Of course, there are drawbacks. Acrylic products are sensitive to physical shock and damage. Relatively models of cast iron, they are less. Also acrylic bath installation must be performed on a hard frame, that it does not lose its shape over time.

Set the bath in two ways:

  • the carcass frame with legs, which are usually included;
  • on brick frame.

If the product is sold with a special frame and supports, the installation it can be produced more easily and securely, because this method is provided by the manufacturer.

  • We begin with the markings on the tub, and drill a hole through it for, to install rails on the frame, and the legs;
  • We are continuing to siphon podgotavvkoy. The process is a connection of the upper and lower spouts, as well as the assembly itself siphon;
  • We continue to install the bath and its bumpers are regulated according to the level. After determining the correct position, mark up, by which establishes the mounting hooks;
  • Concludes mount acrylic bath to the wall using hooks.

Installation of acrylic bathtubs on legs
If sold acrylic bathtub with feet included, it is advisable to use them for installation.

If the product is sold without frame and legs, the installation will have to produce on a brick. The overall process is similar to the first. Brick base is constructed to be mounted siphon, and he put the product itself. It is recommended to use the same hook for attaching to the wall of the bath. Installation of acrylic bathtubs on the bricks going harder, than on the frame and legs.

Installation of a corner acrylic bath

Corner bathtubs are made of acrylic and are popular among owners of small rooms. The advantages of such a shape provides space savings. Besides, this design looks fashionable and can fit into any interior design.


Installing the corner acrylic bath starts with measuring the angle between the walls, where it will be located. All of these products are created with the right angle. obviously, that must be strictly angle between walls 90 degrees. Check angle by using the construction gon. In most cases, you have to resort to additional measures to align the walls.

This is followed again choose, how to install acrylic bathtub: on feet, reaching complete, or brick base. And the installation process does not differ from the installation of direct and acrylic models.

Installation of cast-iron baths

Cast iron bathtubs are distinguished for their durability. And it is only their dignity, which, however, impresses many. These models have only one drawback - they are heavy, which complicates their transportation and installation.

Before, how to establish a cast-iron bath should determine the installation method. There are two ways - on the leg and on the bricks. obviously, if the product has support included, it is necessary first method, if not - the second. Both methods are equally good.

  • Start the installation of cast iron tubs on legs to turn it on its side so, that the drain hole is in closest proximity to the drain in the floor;
  • We are continuing to siphon assembly;
  • We continue coup baths and aligned horizontally using a spirit level;
  • Completing the installation of the bath to foot ends catch bolts or wedges (depending leg structures).

It should be remembered, that when installing a bath on legs, it is required under the flat floor. However, pulling the floor will not be required, if installing the tub on bricks. In this case, the whole process is similar, and differs only, that the product is on the basis of a brick, which is reliable for such a heavy object. It takes only line the bottom of the level of.

Installation of the cast iron tub on bricks
Before installing cast iron bathtub on the bricks, to align the floor.

If the bath is placed on the bricks, the frame is constructed in the form of support. Usually, bath installation height from the floor is three bricks. Between such supports should be no more than 50 cm. therefore, if you want to establish a long bath 150 cm, you can put it on the two supports. The width of the brick base should equal the width of the bath.

Installation of the steel bath

Steel baths easier, than cast iron, but heavier, than acrylic. Therefore, they have found the advantages of easy transportation and installation, but zaimeli lack of stability. Before, how to install the steel bath, should be aware of one feature - the installation can be done in such a way, to have had contact with three walls. Otherwise bath is too unstable.

Mantazh steel bath
Installation of the steel bath should be done so, it touches three walls in the room.

Installation of steel baths with their hands should be done on foot, not recommended its installation only on the grounds of the bricks. This will lead to a poor stability. However, to build additional support from a brick does not hurt.

Before, how to install a bath, it must be turned upside down. In this position, the legs are set. A pair of legs should be installed next to a drain hole. Second - as close as possible to the opposite edge, but, the height of the towers was the same.

After that there is installation of the steel bath on legs, i.e, she is turned to the normal position. Then you need to collect a siphon and connect the top and bottom drainage holes. The spirit level and adjust the clamping bolts legs should ensure evenness bath installation.

The space under the bath is recommended to lay the bricks. This will provide additional structure stability, It reduces the likelihood of bending and curving. Then the brickwork can be oblitsevat tiles.

Installation recommendations bath

Installing the bath with his hands - the occupation responsible, Therefore, the approach to this issue should be a deep understanding of the business. And knowledge will be incomplete without the latest recommendations and guidance.

  • If you are installing a hot tub, in which electrical circuits are present inevitably, it is required to install the socket with the usual ground;
  • If the bath is set at the level horizontally, the inexperienced eye suspiciously catch, that the bottom is slightly tilted. This is normal and necessary phenomenon, which provides a quick outflow of water;
  • Before, how to set up the bath with his hands, should consider the, how they will be drained. For these purposes, it is best to apply modern material - corrugated hose. It can be bent in different directions, that will provide ease of installation, as well as operating reliability, because this hose is durable enough;
  • To install bath in the bathroom did not violate the interior, should take care of the decorations. So, if not specified by the manufacturer used additional supports and grounds, they must be oblitsevat tiles or build a sliding panel.

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