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Best Random Orbital Sanders

One of the first rules of woodworking is sanding in the direction of the grain of the wood. , to avoid the formation of cross marks, that can jeopardize the finished look of your home. But when the pattern of wood fibers changes - for example, on the parquet floor, where grain direction changes from board to board - hard to sand, leaving no stains.

In such situations, one of the best (and the fastest) solutions is to use an eccentric sander - a power tool with a sanding pad, which simultaneously rotates and oscillates (revolves in orbit) in an elliptical pattern. This magical combination of rotation and oscillation significantly reduces sanding marks..

Let's clarify the frequently asked questions

Power sanders allow you to quickly smooth out rough finishes, flooring, railings and almost any other type of wood products, and random orbital sanders are among the most popular types of sanders due to their ability to smooth wood, without leaving obvious transverse traces. those, who completes their collection of power tools with orbital sanders, probably, there will be a few questions.

How Random Orbital Sanders Work?

Random orbit sanders use two different types of motion: rotational and oscillatory (elliptical movement). The combination of these two sanding movements prevents the sander from leaving marks on the wood.

What is the difference between orbital and eccentric sanders?

Orbital sanders simply spin. Random orbital sanders rotate in addition to, that the entire grinding head moves in an elliptical pattern. Try a random orbital sander, and then turn it on - your whole hand will want to move in an elliptical pattern. This is because of the orbital force of the sander.

What are eccentric sanders used for??

Random Orbital Sanders are used for the primary sanding steps, such as removing roughness or roughness from the surface of wood. They are often followed by sanding or a finishing sander., or manually with fine-grained sandpaper.

Are random orbital sanders finishing sanders??

Not, but using a random orbital sander will remove most of the roughness. After this you can use a finishing sander, to create a very smooth surface.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Random Orbital Sander

There are a few things to keep in mind when buying an eccentric sander., which will help you choose, что лучше всего подходит для данных обстоятельств. Большой выбор моделей представлен

Below we will look at some of the most popular top models of corded and cordless eccentric sanders and help you choose the most top models.

Speed ​​Variations

Many random orbital sanders have a single speed, but some models have variable speed, which changes the aggressiveness of the grinder. Higher speed is useful for quickly sanding finishes and bumps (eg, when removing varnish from an old bookcase). A lower speed is better for fine sanding (eg, for a smooth table surface).

Besides, keep in mind, that while most tools use RPM as the speed standard, eccentric sanders use the term "opm", what does oscillations per minute mean. The fluctuations are, in fact, turnover, but with a random oval path, not a closed circle.

However, the lack of variable speeds should not be an obstacle, because success can be achieved, simply using sandpaper of the appropriate grit (rough for rough handling, medium for smoothing and fine for finishing).

Disk size

The standard disc size for eccentric sanders is 5 inches in diameter, and any hardware store or home improvement center has a wide selection of standard 5" sandpaper discs. Home DIYers can also find grinders with smaller discs from 1 to 4 inches, which are convenient for grinding in hard-to-reach places.

For larger projects (eg, wood floor sanding) best fit discs with a diameter 6 inches or more. Depending on the size and model of your grinder, you may need to purchase a specific brand of sandpaper discs..

Dust collection

Some random orbit sanders come with attached dust bags, which collect some of the wood dust, formed during grinding. Others include nozzles, which can be connected to a standard wet/dry dust collection hose. These collection methods will not remove every speck of dust (always wear a dust mask when sanding), but they can significantly reduce it, so they are a good option to look for, especially when sanding indoors.

Power Options

Random orbital sanders are fed in one of three ways: from electrical cords, batteries or compressed air (pneumatic). Each method has its own advantages.

Wired: Since there is no need to recharge the battery, mains-powered grinders always ready to go, if there is an electrical outlet nearby. Just plug in your corded random orbit sander and get to work..
Wireless: these grinders are great for grinding away from a power source, eg, when building a treehouse for children without an extension cord, long enough to reach. However, when using a cordless grinder, the battery limit needs to be taken into account.. Users usually receive 30 to 45 minutes without recharging, and many keep a spare battery on hand, to continue working, while the first battery is being charged.
Pneumatic: pneumatic grinders, compressed air, are a good choice for carpenter, which has a central air compressor to power a range of pneumatic tools. However, small pancake type air compressors are not always powerful enough to operate a grinder without frequent stops to recharge air.. For best results, use a pneumatic sander with an air compressor, which can produce a volume of air 40 cubic meters per minute or higher.


A typical 5-inch random orbital sander weighs between 1 to 3 kg. Mini grinders weigh only 1,5 kg, while larger eccentric sanders can weigh 3 kg or more. Lighter grinders are less tiring for hands and wrists, especially when sanding vertical surfaces, e.g. wooden panels.

Additional handle

Most random orbit sanders have a top handle for the palm of your hand., making it easy to maneuver with one hand. but, if there is a lot of grinding in the future, it might be a good idea to choose a model with an optional side handle, allowing two-handed control.

Some grinders and polishers also have a cylindrical handle, similar to some jigsaws. Barrel handle allows the user to keep their hand closer to the work surface, improving leverage and control.

Overview of popular eccentric sanders

There is a lot of information on the best random orbit sanders., the buyer will have many questions. To help, check out the following product list, drawn up taking into account the main considerations. Be sure to consider the features, required for a given situation., when comparing one model with another.

There are so many models on the market, that choosing the best random orbit sander can be overwhelming. Tested models, help you choose the right direction.

Best Random Orbital Sander Options

Makita Cordless Random Orbital Sander

The best option for an eccentric sander: See XOB01T 18V LXT

See XOB01T 18V LXT

When electrical outlets are in short supply or when free range of motion is required to complete a project, check out Makita's 5" Variable Speed ​​Random Orbital Sander. This grinder uses batteries brand on 18 volt (AT), and it is available with battery on 5,0 ampere-hour (Priority), providing up to 65 minutes of sanding at low speed and 32 minutes at high speed. Also included is a charger and carrying bag..

This grinder has three adjustable speeds., including 7000; 9 500; and 11000 opm. Although it does not have an additional handle, it is compact enough for one-handed use. Besides, this model comes with a dust bag and uses 5" sanding discs with 8 Velcro holes.

We learned a few things while testing the Makita. First of all, we noticed, that it is very smooth - the smoothest of all wireless models. However, we also noticed, that he is a bit tall compared to others. We also found, that the buttons are a bit confusing, because they are labeled strangely: shutdown - "0", and inclusion / speed change - "1, 2, 3». Although this made it easier to adjust the speed, her shutdown was confusing. However, we liked, how to easily remove the dust bag, preventing dust from getting everywhere, as in other models.

Product features:

  • The size: 5 inches
  • Speed: 7000; 9 500; and 11 000 operations per minute
  • Power supply: battery 18 AT


  • Wireless portability allows you to sand anywhere
  • Adjustable speed for different materials and aggressiveness
  • Comes with a large battery for longer run time

Cordless Random Orbital Sander Black+Decker 18V MAX

The best option for an eccentric sander: cordless random orbital sander Black+Decker 18V MAX

When it comes to grinding on a budget, The Black+Decker 20V Max Random Orbital Sander is second to none. This 5" grinder comes with a lithium ion battery 18 AT 1,5 Priority, charger and removable dust collection system. It weighs just over 2kg and features a molded rubber grip for comfort and reduced fatigue..

The Black+Decker Random Orbital Sander uses sanding discs with Velcro, allowing users to quickly replace a worn disc. Even though it's just a single speed grinder (and this speed is relatively high), quick-change sanding discs allow users to customize the speed, with which they remove the finish or sand the surface.

Given the price, it was very difficult for us not to fall in love with the Black + Decker 18V grinder. maybe, it lacks a bit of power, and the dust bag is a bit underwhelming, but everything else is great. The handle is comfortable and has the right size and weight. For these reasons, it was one of the most convenient models for vertical grinding tests.. Not, it doesn't have variable speed, but it definitely does its job.

Product features

  • Speed: 12 000 RPM
  • Power supply: accumulator battery 18 AT.


  • Max Speed 12 000 RPM
  • Affordable price
  • Allows you to quickly change the grinding wheel


  • Only 1 speed (but she is fast)

Networked two-mode eccentric grinder BOSCH - GET75-6N

The best option for an eccentric sander: BOSCH power tools – GET75-6N – orbital sander

When it comes to power and features, than about portability, buyers should pay attention to Bosch 6 inch Dual Mode Random Orbital Sander. This durable cord eccentric sander features a large design with multiple hand positions for easy handling, including removable handle, attached on both sides, as well as a cylindrical handle and a molded hand pad on top. It uses 6" sanding discs and polishing pads.

This model has two modes: random orbital mode and turbo mode. Turbo mode achieves maximum performance 7300 operations per minute and removes inventory five times faster, than in basic mode.. Besides, this grinder is equipped with a built-in vacuum port, to which users can connect their industrial vacuum cleaners or dust collection systems. It's a little more expensive, but its features make up for the price.

Here's what we think of this random orbital sander from Bosch: it's a beast. Although the top speed may seem low, it has a large grinding disc and large torque. AND, despite its power, it has a slow start feature, which prevents him from jumping in our hands at launch. He's incredibly aggressive in Turbo mode., but very easy to handle in standard mode. It can be a little heavy for small jobs., but the weight helps it run smoothly and minimizes vibration (but not in turbo mode!).

Product features

  • Speed: from 3300 to 7300 operations per minute
  • Power supply: 7,5-ampere mains motor.


  • Multiple hand positions for better control and comfort
  • Turbo mode for aggressive stock removal
  • Integrated vacuum port


  • It may be too heavy for small jobs

DeWalt Corded Single Speed ​​Random Orbital Sander

The best option for an eccentric sander: single speed random orbital sander DWE6423 DeWalt

Random Orbital Sander DWE6423 DeWalt

For those, who is looking for an eccentric sander with continuous mains power, take a look at the DeWalt Single Speed ​​Corded Random Orbital Sander.

5-inch grinder comes with a removable dust bag to collect sawdust. Also included is a soft storage bag..

3-The amp motor of this 5" weight grinder is designed to reduce vibration, and also provides speed up to 12 000 RPM. This palm grinder features a rubberized grip to further reduce vibration and increase comfort., making it easy to use the tool throughout the project. However, keep in mind, that this grinder has only one speed (and she is tall), so always use the right sandpaper.

Honestly, we were skeptical about comparing a single speed random orbit sander to other models with more features and flexibility. However, this model from DeWalt proved to be more than worthy during our test. First of all, he seemed lighter, than other wired models, and it was quite comfortable to hold in your hand thanks to its compact and low profile design. Dust bag worked well, and we found, that emptying it was very easy, because it has a coil spring inside, which develops, to push out the dust. The bag also has a collar, which pivots into place for a secure fit and easy removal. And though it only has one speed, this speed will be sufficient for most users.

Product features

  • Speed: 12 000 RPM
  • Power supply: 3-ampere electric


  • High speed grinding with speed 12 000 rev / min
  • Excellent dust collector design
  • Lightweight and compact


  • Single speed only

DeWalt Cordless Variable Speed ​​Random Orbital Sander

The best option for an eccentric sander: DeWalt DCW210 Cordless Variable Speed ​​Random Sander

Any home master, carpenter or cabinet maker - professional or weekend warrior - should check out the DeWalt Cordless Variable Speed ​​Random Orbital Sander. This 5" cordless grinder has a compact design for ease of use., as well as variable speed 8 000 to 12 000 rpm to control aggressiveness on various surfaces. It also features a lockable dust bag, which allows the user to easily empty it.

This grinder uses 5" sanding discs with 8 Velcro holes, which allows you to quickly change the grit or when one pillow runs out. Although this particular model does not come with a battery or charger, it is compatible with the 20V Max range of batteries. This allows users, already invested in DeWalt tools, take advantage of your battery supply.

The DeWalt Cordless Random Orbital Sander did not disappoint during our test. This model is equipped with a collared DeWalt dust bag, which is not only easy to take on and off, but also easy to empty thanks to the coil spring inside. We also liked the size of this model, as it was light and compact, but still provide more power., when it was needed. It was also quite smooth during use.; However, the rubber guard around the disc on our model was loose and chafed the disc, but all, what was required, it's a bit of a stir, to put it back in place.

Product features

  • Speed: from 8 000 to 12 000 operations per minute.
  • Power supply: battery 20 AT (sold separately)


  • Adjustable speeds to control aggressiveness
  • Compact and lightweight design for control
  • Offers wireless portability

Networked eccentric sander and polisher Bosch Professional GEX 125-1 AE

The best option for an eccentric sander: Bosch Random Orbital/Polisher

For light sanding with an easy-to-operate palm sander, check out the Bosch 5" Random Orbital Sander/Polisher. This model has a wired design with a motor on 2,5 BUT, which provides users with consistent power without having to manage battery life. It comes with a dust collection cartridge, also with built-in test port for vacuum connection.

This model from Bosch combines many features in a small package.. It has variable speed from 7 500 to 12 000 operations per minute, allowing users to choose the best speed for the project. Despite the small size, it uses 5" hook and loop sanding discs, which provides a large surface area and quick replacement in the middle of the project.

This grinder from Bosch may appeal to many. Let's start with the most impressive feature: dust bag. The dust bag of this model is equipped with a real pleated air filter, which allows air to pass through and traps dust particles. It also detaches easily without a cloud of dust., fluttering in the air. We also like the affordable price., what makes it a steal (in our opinion). Although we thought, that it is a bit heavy compared to other wireless models, we liked the comfortable rubber grip and the fact, that users can easily switch speeds.

Product features

  • Speed: from 7 500 to 12 000 operations per minute.
  • Power supply: 2,5-ampere mains motor.


  • Comfortable rubber handle
  • Excellent air filter design
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to switch speeds

Conclusion by choice

For those, who are looking for the best universal eccentric sander, portability, Makita random orbit sander speed and battery life is hard to deny. For those, who prefers to save some money, but at the same time be able to polish your projects to a beautiful result, The Black+Decker random orbital sander for the price compared to its features makes it a good choice.

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