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Save your back with a hand winch

A good quality hand winch can be an indispensable tool in your garage, in a warehouse or in the back of your trailer. While an electric winch uses electricity to operate the motor, manual hand winch operates using a lever system to tow heavy objects. Depending on the task at hand, this often means much simpler and hassle-free setup and operation.. With a hand winch, you can easily pull heavy objects, that are too big or too heavy, so that they can be moved in any other way.

Reliable hand drum winch well suited for your tasks, which can be bought at a reasonable price, simple design and small size.

Design options

Most of the range of hand winches comes with either synthetic rope, or with a belt, or with steel cable. Synthetic rope or belt is definitely becoming the standard for winches these days. (including electric winches) for many reasons. This is primarily due to ease of use.. Steel cable can be heavy and difficult to handle, whereas synthetic options are usually much lighter and much easier to handle.

Many of the winches below are also ideal for lifting small boats or tin boats., like on a trailer, as well as outside.

Key Features:

  • 2 forged steel hook
  • Non-slip comfortable handle
  • Quality steel construction
  • hook for hanging on 360 degrees
  • Double wheel ratchet gearbox
  • Portable hand winch
  • Made from durable carbon steel material
  • Synthetic rope or rope
  • Different speed transmission 17:1/5:1/1:1
  • load capacity
  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Stable base with universal mounting holes
  • Removable knob for changing speed at any time
  • Hook with safety latch
  • Durable resistance to all weather conditions

Specialized winches for boats

For information, which we have provided on this page, should be relied upon as general advice only. Recommending the best winch for your specific boat, you must know, that our recommendations will vary depending on, but not limited to...

  • Average anchorage depth, on which your boat is operated, and the required length and diameter of the rope and chain, suitable for your boat.
  • Regardless of, do you use your boat on the high seas (in the ocean) or on the beach (in rivers and lakes)
  • Total length of your boat
  • Mounting pad size
  • Total operating weight of the boat (including passengers and weight of fish/tackle)

Size and Type Matter

In some situations, a very large boat may only require a small winch., and a smaller boat may require a larger winch. for example, pontoon boat, moving along shallow river systems, may not need a big winch.

windlass vs. drum

Windlass type winches have been the mainstay of the winch market for many years. This doesn't necessarily mean, that they are the best. Windlass winches are notoriously unreliable, susceptibility to jamming in operation and short service life.

On the other hand, drum winches can be installed anywhere on your boat. Because winches are waterproof, doesn't matter, where do you put them. They work in tandem with vertical gravity and wind evenly on the drum., which makes the job easier.


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