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Installation of a concrete floor screed

Before, how to start laying the flooring of any kind should consider conducting qualitative leveling base. That's what created screed technology in the apartment. It provides for the implementation of successive events, the quality of which will depend on the final result. After completing installation work should think about the structure of expansion joints, which can be of various kinds. Each of them performs certain functions.


All work on the device of floors in the apartment must begin with the preparatory activities. After careful examination, on the surface to be performed all the items, so that you can attempt to install a floor screed.

The first concerns the cleaning of excess debris, dust. This is done in parallel with the removal of the irregularities, protruding elements, which may interfere with the filling solution.

In the presence of cracks, potholes, eat, they must be sealed with a specially prepared mixture. Large volume defects filled base of sand and cement with a solution of, are prepared in a strict proportion components.

Installation of concrete screed

K is the initial events include setting a "zero" level and all other points with respect to a horizontal line. The quality of these works will affect the evenness of the future concrete floor. In this case, the device of floors in the apartment of the technology should be fully respected. Any variation will have a negative impact on the result,. concrete floor unit in the apartment provides for successive jobs.

In the specific set of useful tools and materials. Everything will depend on the specific situation of the concrete floor mounting, as well as on the desired quality and strength of the solution. Each of the items can be easily purchased at hardware store. If desired,, you can use the services of special construction equipment, which is leased for a fixed term with the performer.


Before, how to prepare a grout floor, should perform main stage - a device waterproofing layer. This is particularly important for rooms in a private home ownership, when it is very close to flowing groundwater. Waterproofing to avoid ingress of water from the soil filled in solution, which may cause a glut of moisture and uneven drying up. The same goes for a quick exit from the water pouring into the downstream floors, rooms. Failure to perform the active layer before, as the installation of a concrete floor will be carried out, it will have a negative impact on the process of drying the solution, the final surface quality and reliability of future floor.Installation of concrete screed

screed technology floor apartment provides for the application in a particular set of materials for the waterproofing layer. These include:

  1. roll waterproofing. The most common of them - the roofing material. But he has a vulnerable site, which is a joint sheets. This indicates, that they should not be joined, and to have an overlap of at least 15 cm. some rolls, commercially available, on the edge have a special fastening element, allowing fully and reliably connect individual sections interconnected.
  2. liquid waterproofing. Bituminous mastic is one of the most costly. But in the end they provide an excellent result, which is almost nothing compared unable. Perfect for rooms with high humidity, which can be bathrooms.
  3. Waterproofing film. It is not uncommon use of a conventional polymer film. It should only have a certain thickness, to meet all the qualities to arrange a layer.

Selection of a particular embodiment will depend on the size of the purse, the desired position, as well as the particular case and the state of the room as a whole.

exhibiting lighthouses

Certain ways floorings provide additional leveling measures base using cement-sand mortar. Here carry beacons to fill the floor. They are a huge number of options: profiles, concrete embankment, screws, stretched yarns, etc..

It is worth paying attention to, that they are firmly and securely fixed to the base it was to fill, and can successfully withstand the load volume of the solution at the site.Installation of concrete screed

If a beacon is performed by pouring the floor of the Beacon Profile, it is fixed on the surface, on the mound of concrete mortar. Beacons must be in exact accordance with the horizontal lines affixed with respect to the floor level, and depending on the height and thickness of the cast portion. On top of the exposed beacons will be required to carry out rule or other tools for leveling cement mix.


screed in the apartment can not do without a reinforcing layer. It allows you to create a strong structure, can withstand maximum loads. But it is worth to pay attention to the choice of material to work. The most commonly used stainless steel wire mesh, which fits into the thickness of a future tie layer.

A large amount of the reinforcing agent in the solution may lead to increase of load on the slab or other foundation materials. This is particularly true for older buildings. There permissible levels of stress, which is to adhere to.

When choosing the thickness of the floor, and quantitative composition of the reinforcing layer, worth shopping old screed. Installation of concrete screedAt its destruction and dismantling, layer approximately calculated, reinforcement material used and other items. But this is only indicative figures.

To install to fill the floor with reinforcement was solid and thus was suitable for use in accordance with building regulations, with metal elements (bars, grid), used more modern materials - fibrovolokno. It gives the solution of plasticity and the best qualities in the process of drying. Practically, you can forget about the process of casting shrinkage, even the appearance of microcracks. Fiber is able to eliminate these defects and thus excellent arrange reinforcing layer. There are several options and types of material. When each of them will depend on the number of (weight) in each square meter of floor space. But in any case the cost will be slightly lower fibrovolokno, than purchasing steel mesh or other metal products.Installation of concrete screed

When it comes to metal structures as a reinforcing layer, they must not be located immediately on the basis of. No effect is not be able to bring. The mesh or bars are to be fixed by means of special elements at a distance from the lower portion, to stay in the middle part of the future of the concrete floor. It all involves filling floor screed technology apartment.

not important, What solution do floor screed, importantly correctly perform the reinforcement layer. It will give the whole "pie" of reliability and increased service lives.

solution components

Many, probably, know about, how to make a solution for floor screed. Still, it should be performed with high quality and proportioning for floor screed. The filling should be evenly combined all the components used, and possible impurities and additives. Only this will eventually bring the desired result, and the entire fortress of concrete floor layer.Installation of concrete screed

A solution for floor screed has certain requirements. Astringent elements therein is cement, sand and acts as a filler. The basis of all - water. It is for this reason you need to take it a clean, uncontaminated (without acid and oil impurities).

No other species in the sand should not be. The same goes for clay, which will only bring negativity into the future prepared by solution. Make a solution for floor screed will depend on the brand of cement used. It is recommended to use it is not lower than M400, to the fortress was the best. When choosing a cement should pay attention to the expiration of its production and expiry. Not rare, when the stores spread bags of cement, who bought long ago. After all, it has the properties of cake, losing their properties and quality. Mark floor screed must comply.

When preparing to grout floor, proportions play essential. The best option would be 1 the proportion of cement 3 proportion of sand. The required amount is added water. The solution should not be too fluid or too thick. This all creates a problem when installing the concrete floor.Installation of concrete screed

Mixing particularly large volumes of solution is best to use a concrete mixer. It allows you to mix all the ingredients evenly without any extra effort. The structure for floor screed solution may be added various additives, giving it certain properties. In the same way one can change the color of the solution if necessary.

During the preparation of the cement slurry for floor screed the proportion of each component must meet the requirements and established standards. Much will depend on the cement used, his mark.

fill rules

After that, how prepared grout floor, you can begin to fill the immediate future subfloor. All work starts from the far (the opposite) the angle of the entrance to the room. The finished mixture is poured, then leveled using special means. This may be the usual rule.

Pay attention, to grout for floor screed was not overexposed. Average time, during which it retains all 100 percent of its quality - just 20 minutes. Subsequently, the cement mortar for floor screeds gradually lose properties.

Installation of concrete floor should be made immediately after the, prepared as a mixture of. Installation of concrete screedOnly in this case it will be respected casting technology and get the desired results. After that, the whole area of ​​the room is filled with a solution of, not missing a single slit, you need to give him time to pour. This usually occurs within the first 12-18 hours. Further it is possible to iron out all possible defects, wipe them, remove beacons, filling the void with a mixture prepared.

Types of expansion joints

In the operation of buildings it shrinks due to temperature fluctuations, different thickness of concrete floor and other errors in the. The same applies to the poured concrete floor, which is in the process of drying can begin to crack as. To avoid all of this on a concrete floor, Expansion joints should be mandatory. Even though it is not provided and is not spelled out in the building regulations.

The following types of expansion joints in concrete floors:

  1. Insulation. They run along the walls, possible decorative elements in the room (column), around the foundation of the projections for equipment. These joints are designed to eliminate the transmission of deformations in the filler from the structure.
  2. construction. Drawn up in those places, wherein the daily complete work on casting solution.
  3. The unit contraction joints for concrete floors. To avoid the appearance of cracks in the rambling screed drying process. Cracks appear if, it is only in a given direction. This is achieved through the creation of direct planes of weakness.

    Installation of concrete screed
    Apparatus deformation layers

Places seams slicing

Depending on, which are used joints in the floor screed, will depend on the location of cutting. So, contraction joints are cut along the axes of the available columns and must converge to the angles of the joints, which are on the perimeter of the structure. Should also be clearly stamped distance to the suture from the column. It should be no more than 24-36 times the thickness of the screed drenched.

This type of joints is performed also on exterior doors and corners. Avoid the appearance of areas on the screed with sharp corners. Here already there is a huge probability of occurrence of cracks. This will require in the future to repair the joints in concrete floors.

There are certain requirements for cutting in hot days. Each third cut (or fourth) to stitch, both are made interim.

construction joints, as mentioned earlier, made in the case, if the area were breaks in concrete pouring. They are made on the borders of plots. In each case, we used a variety of tools and equipment for cutting seams. To each of them are recommended by the manufacturer for the correct cutting, and what is necessary to adhere.

Cutting seams is performed immediately after pouring the solution onto the surface of the room or to acquire the necessary strength points. You can start to make a test weld, which is already a start for further device.

suture cutting depth should not be more than one third the thickness of the entire screed. That aside the resulting weld and should appear more cracks. No random elements should not occur.

If you adhere to the instructions and filling technology of concrete floor, you can not worry about the result. He will always be high quality.




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