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Installation of rough concrete floor screed

When the device main floor partial structures, at warehouses or in the sales area is popular sub-floor screed. It may be arranged, regardless of, some soil underneath, and the ability to stay in the groundwater zone. All requirements for the use of materials and surface preparation are prescribed in the design and estimate documentation. At independent performance of works it is necessary to adhere to the technology, to get a great result.

Driving device

If we take into account the location of roughing screed floor to factors, as the ground level, foundation, finding groundwater zone, it is possible to highlight certain options, allows you to perform the installation of the screed:

  1. Adjoining to the foundation (tape), below ground level. Suitable in case, if there are basements.
  2. At ground level, adjacent to the side wall of the basement. Besides such a private home ownership scheme is used increasingly in industry for device storage space and working areas.
  3. Above the foundation tape. It is used in soil moisture, in places, where there may be frequent floods.

    Rough floor screed

There is no possibility to choose some universal way to arrange rough screed. The main condition here - the original should plan the location of the door frame, and only then proceed to installation. threshold level must coincide with the level of the screed drenched (topcoat).

Options on the ground

Neither the builder has no classical version pouring rough floor screed, and in choosing, depending on the specific conditions. It is optimal - ground, which is carefully compacted, oil sand pack, gravel layer (sand and gravel should have a different height). Subsequently, the polyethylene film is laid and the screed assembly is performed in a draft. Reinforcement is not always used, and also comes from individual indicators.

The circuit can be simplified, if the ground water located two meters below the ground surface. Fill rough screed can even be carried out directly on the ground. Concrete moisture is not afraid, Consequently, film in this case contributes to the delay laitance. Durability in this case increase considerably.


A very important and initial step is to carry out activities on research base, which will be performed fill subfloor. It should not be a bright projecting elements or recesses. They have to cope. After that, the works on the markup, when using an optical or laser levellers.Rough floor screed

In this case, set the zero mark, floor-surface level, determined relief. If you do not soil compaction, then later can face the subsidence, that affect the state arranged tie. Compaction also avoids the appearance of cracks on the surface of the subfloor, cracking it with its consequences.

Made screed is the basis for subsequent laying floor covering of any kind. But at the same time it serves as a surface alignment, creating a hard layer. If desired, it can disguise any kind of communication in the structure of.

Compacted soil can be on their own. But it is very difficult to achieve a positive result and energy consuming. The optimal case - the use of special equipment (rammers).

Then, in a layer of soil is filled river sand specific thickness. Selection layer is different from the, which is poured onto the surface. The latter should be more than about a quarter. Rough floor screedThis is all done for the reason, that the river sand is moistened, compacted by special machines (rink, vibrotrambuyuschie machines). As for special equipment, everything will depend on the financial capacity. With their help, you can do any amount of work with a high level of quality, but even the price is high enough.

To seal the base of the sand, backfilled may further layer of expanded clay or gravel. All will depend on the final layer of the blister floor screed, base errors.


In the implementation of the sub-floor fill the house is not enough to arrange a base and attempting to install. In addition to this should be organized and others are very important strata. Among them is an important waterproofing layer.Rough floor screed

Stacking waterproofing the floor serves to protect it from moisture from the concrete screed in base, as well as the inverse process - drawing moisture from the existing soil. As the material for this layer device using polymer membranes or bituminous materials in rolls. Another alternative to the above-described materials protrudes thick film of polyethylene. All this without any problems can be purchased at any hardware store.

Waterproofing may be arranged only on a solid flat surface and. This will keep the service life. Consequently, should produce a high quality tamper soil and layers of application phase.

The material selected must stay on the base of the leaves overlapping in 10-15 cm. Compound sheets together is performed by using a construction adhesive tape. We should not forget about the institution of the waterproofing layer on the wall at a height of 15-20 cm. You can not be afraid to make a larger deck, since in the subsequent excess removed without problems. Waterproofing concrete floor made mandatory in order to achieve the desired result.

Reinforcement and lighthouses

When a waterproofing handled without problems, you might think about a qualitative reinforcement of the future roughing screed. This will increase the strength characteristics of the floor. The material is generally selected reinforcing mesh, having a step in cell 50*50 or 100*100 mm. The thickness of the rods in the mesh is in limit 5 mm. All the necessary parameters for roughing screed reinforcement can be found in the store, where everything is sold for a complete set of. An alternative to steel mesh acts polymer, having much less weight, which is very important when installing on screed slab. There will need to comply with the requirements for limiting the weight of the finished structure.Rough floor screed

We can not forget about the fact, that of the metal grid should not be stacked directly on the base, as in this case, it will not bring the desired result. Usually it is in the form of special elements in the cast mortar or concrete fragments, approximately in the middle of the thickness of the next blister screed.

Technology does not stand still. Fill the blister screed may be performed using fiberglass together steel mesh. Fiber allows you to significantly reduce the overall weight of the solution used in the work, and also gives it a certain additional properties and quality, which include high strength and excellent ductility. This helps get rid of all the possible occurrence of cracks on the surface, shrinkage after drying. Besides the cost of using such material in the solution will be slightly lower, than steel mesh, in calculating for each square meter of floor space. The final choice will depend on the artist.Rough floor screed

Future roughing screed will be more smooth and practical, if you set the right level of lighthouses. They may be performed in various ways and embodiments. The most common special profiles, were called Beacon. They are fixed on the base on the raised elements of the cement prepared solution.

Installation of screed on the ground

For the installation of the screed can prepare a solution, proportioning of the components used. If there is no time or desire to spend forces for this event, the ready-mix It can be ordered from construction companies in the right amount. When there is a restriction in the financial plan, it is necessary to make calculations in each case and decide on the specific embodiment,.

Density of mixture for roughing concrete screed should be medium. This will allow it to self-expand with the surface and requires little or no effort to Leveling. In this case, you can even do without the beacons.Rough floor screed

When the rough concrete floor poured, you're ready to care for him. Within a few days the surface quality required for humidification dry and receiving the strength characteristics. In the next two weeks, the concrete will be able to collect about 50% from the highest strength. This allows you to continue to carry out all types of construction work. Floor screed on the ground is not too much difficulty. The main technology to comply with screed installation and perform all the steps in sequence.


When carrying out important to understand, how to fill in rough sex. Here there are subtleties and nuances. Do not be amiss to answer some questions, that would avoid difficulties in the process.

Can I replace the broken bricks in the rubble, other construction waste?

Answer: In no case can not be. Crushed unlike broken brick can protect the blister coupler from excess water. For bedding and expanded clay is not suitable in this case,, as it begins to swell from moisture. Even if you do not need protection against moisture, the broken brick difficult to tamp because of various fractions of the elements.

Whether it is possible to reinforce the rough screed?

Answer: Required reinforcing layer is provided for finishing concrete screed. Consequently, without this layer can be dispensed under certain conditions.

Do waterproofing layer is sufficient for roughing screed?

Answer: Under roughing screed film of polyethylene or other material serves only to retain milk to obtain better strength solution in the drying process. Waterproofing layer is required and after installation, before laying finishing layer.

What is the optimal arrangement of reinforcing mesh?

Answer: The approximate distance from the base arrangement of a metal mesh in the thickness of the concrete screed - 30 mm. But it should be guided by the total thickness of the fill and its central portion positioned reinforcement layer.

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