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Repair of concrete screed

No one doubts the huge number of positive qualities of concrete floors. It is not only the performance of, but also the installation process, does not require specific knowledge. But over time will still have to carry out repairs of such ties for many reasons. To cope with possible minor surface defects. But the situation may appear, when you have to make a major overhaul.

The reasons

When the case comes to the primary source of cracks or potholes on the concrete floor, all causes should be divided into several groups:

  1. The destruction of the ground action. In winter, the soil tends to swell. It occurs in areas with poor heating. Additionally soil backfill layer could be poorly compacted, sealed. Over time, each structure is able to shrink, due to deformation which occurs on all surfaces. Externally flooring may remain in the form of fine. But if you look inside, then all the problems will be there to hide. Consequences of the most deplorable, if time does not remedy the defect.Repair of concrete floors
  2. internal factors. Cracks can appear due to substandard care after pouring, shrinkage during drying of the solution.
  3. external negative. In the operation of the concrete begins to raise dust, and with constant exposure to heavy objects appear potholes.

Each type of concrete floor defects can be eliminated in a short time. But if large scale, it is best to resort to overhaul of and complete removal of the damaged layer.

preliminary work

Damage to the concrete floor and outwardly from the inside worrying. It is worth noting, that in this case any minor elements are easier to eliminate time, than later to pursue a more global work on the restoration.

Prior to the repair, use a couple of very important actions, are preparatory measures. If you have a floor covering, it should be dismantled, if any opportunities.Repair of concrete floors

any debris, dust, dirt should be removed from the surface by using special tools and equipment. May appear on the concrete floor mold, fungus, rust and other negative aspects of operation. This all is cleaned with a wire brush. Do not be amiss to handle antiseptic properties. If, however, will stick pieces of reinforcement of ties, the handle means against corrosion.

When it's all done, You can proceed to the next step for elimination of defects surface. The list of activities will depend on the particular damage identified. It is important to prepare a working mixture for repair floor screed, which will be stopped and all the cracks and potholes.

Preparation of the solution

Preparation of mixture for the repair of floors will depend on the amount of damage, particular their type. All small cracks, potholes are sealed in the usual solution, which is added to PVA glue. But here are some nuances. To start the water is added in a ratio of adhesive 4 to 1. It all poured into the cement-sand mixture, prepared in the proportions 1 to 3. Will only knead everything until smooth.

mixes, which abound in shops, will be useful for the more tangible repairs. Durability is guaranteed as a result available in their composition components.Repair of concrete floors

Much will depend on the mixing solution. The best result is obtained, eg, using a mixer. Moreover, since the strength is increased and used a mixture of about half, compared with a conventional stirring with a shovel or other improvised. When we have available and it can be used for the solution deficiencies concrete surface, begin consideration of existing damage.

Getting rid of the potholes

In the fall of any tangible things on the floor, may appear potholes. Their size depends not only on the weight of the object, which became their source, but the period before the start of work. The earlier all eliminated, the less manifestations occur.

After surface cleaning debris from a pothole, it is covered with a primer layer, to increase the degree of adhesion. The existing cement formulations, in some cases, added substances, to strengthen. Such mixtures are realized as a finished product in stores. Each package of repair structure has a reference to the conditions for a concrete, in which the drying should be carried out of solution. Repair of concrete floorsThey should stick to get a good result. No load on the surface should not occur in the first week and a half after renovation.

There is another option to get rid of the potholes - make an incision along its perimeter, depth to 20 mm. Old coating completely removed. This will help chisel, drill, Bulgarian. Next will only clear of debris, primed and pour the solution. By drying the surface is polished.

Solving problems with cracks and cobweb

When faced with crack repair floor screed, should pay attention to the number and volume. Small cracks naturally take less time to restore. For a start, they examined, then erases screed near the fissure. This will allow in the future to avoid the occurrence of chipping on the surface. Even hidden chips, in this way, They will be detected and corrected. Form of cracks in the depth should resemble cone.

Any debris is cleaned from the inside, It occurs watering water to increase the humidity.

In the process of drying out any prepared mixture will shrink. For this reason, the solution is poured is not flush with the floor level, a slightly higher. Experience is not necessary, because it can be removed in a subsequent "cap" it is easy to use the sander.

Means at hand does not help when it detects significant cracks. Along damage circular saw cuts are made. The best option here - the use of the diamond blade, and no other. Repair of concrete floorsConcrete is removed from chisel cuts, as we did before with small defects. Will only produce a prepared pouring grout, which should for a specified period to dry out.

It should be a separate category of cracks in the concrete floor, which appeared as a result of shrinkage of the cast solution. Originally to be "embroider" them to a depth of 5 mm. Further, all very simple - clean from dust and add a solution of. In this case, as additives to a mixture of mineral and recommended polymer complexes. Shrinkage of concrete in this case, no longer takes place.

"Gossamer" requires no less attention. It occurs at a significantly rapid drying of the solution. Many question arises, than patch up the concrete floor. For sealing gaps often use an elastic sealant on top of the primer layer. But it is not always possible to find a place of damage. Their detection is carried out by wetting the surface.

Removal of uneven patches

New buildings are famous for irregularities on the surface of the concrete floor. Not always specialists do all quality and compliance with technology. It's not only spoils the attractive appearance, but also contribute to poor-quality installation of any kind of floor covering. Leveling the floor in such a case it is carried out by using in the milling machine.

It is important to make a hole under the floor level of 10 mm, then make grinding surface. Further dilute the primer treated with a solvent in a ratio of 1 to 10. Will only fill solution, which leveled rule flush with the floor level.

A large amount of dust

It can not be avoided during the operation of the concrete surface dusting. This has an impact not only on comfort while at home, but also on the health of its occupants. Wet cleaning does not help, We have to repair floor screed with their hands.

The hottest option - to paint the floor. It uses a special paint, protective covering (impregnation Ashford Formula, Maksdur C). This mixture is very easily absorbed into the existing ties and prevents dust "climb" out. Filling the pores occurs at a depth of about 5-6 mm. Such repair components produce a beautiful surface appearance. The floors can withstand even subzero temperatures, are wear-resistant, They may be treated by chemical means to wash and clean the surface.Repair of concrete floors

Repair of concrete floors in this case does not take much time, It is a simple and effective tool in the fight against dusting. As a means for coating the surface of various materials can be selected. The main thing to decide on the, which requires final result. If the room has no significant load on the subfloor, then do not even arrange a thick protective layer, saving money for the repair.

Trimming seams deformation

Attention should be paid during the operation and available expansion joints. Repair of concrete floorsIf the edges have started to deform, crashes, integrity violated, do the following:

  1. Get rid of the rough edges by cutting, make expansion joints, remove all debris from the inside.
  2. Perform priming using epoxy compounds.
  3. Prepare a solution based on polymers and cement, after which they repaired seam.
  4. Stitches are marked markers (steel rod), which are fixed along its entire length.
  5. After that, as a solution grab, markers are removed, It is a new expansion joint. The resulting seam is filled after the marker "Viloterm-string".
  6. The sealing surface is performed by using a silicone-based sealant.Repair of concrete floors

If you fulfill all steps successively, observing technology, then at the end we can say that, that the repair of concrete floors made at the proper level.


All of the above ways to restore the subfloor are classified as partial repairs. We must not forget, that there is also a major overhaul with extensive damage to the surface, installation of "warm floor" system, when upgrading concrete screed.

Repair ties concrete floor with his hands has a different technology, which also differ from each other in a set of tools and materials. By the choice of mixture should be taken with full responsibility, since it will depend on its quality and surface strength.

From the quality of the work on the device of concrete floor screed will depend on the number of detected defects in the operation. They force to carry out additional activities, to carry out repair floor screed at the proper level.






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