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The main building material at any stage of construction and repair is just concrete. This is due to its technical characteristics and properties, and low cost compared to other similar materials. In certain situations, it may be useful shading sloping floors. In the process of work, there are certain nuances, which should be considered mandatory. If the concrete screed technology would not be respected, you can not think of strength.

Application area

The most popular rooms, where laid concrete screed sloped, He enjoys it bathroom. In addition and outside the territory will not be able to do without such a device. Concrete screed with slopeThese include entrances to the garage, plots of land, the economic importance of the premises. Screed in the bath or while showers are also actively carried out the installation of the floor with a certain bias.

Such a device need to tie in places of unorganized water outflow, to compensate the difference between the adjacent surfaces. If you have an idea of ​​the process of installation of concrete floor, that any difficulties in the course of work will not arise. No special features are not available. But some of the recommendations should take into account, not to depart from the technology itself.

mounting Features

Drain in a desired area can be decorated, using the following fill Effects floor screed:

  1. The envelope.
  2. With two planes.

When mounting must be carefully and continually check the function of the drain in the room. Otherwise, in the future will have to spend time on the drilling and cleaning. Level difference in this case should not exceed 20 mm per meter of the plane of the shower or bath. Normal operation at higher bias will not be carried out. It will be difficult to carry out laying of tiles or any other type of floor covering.

Concrete screed with slope
floor unit with a slope

Draining usually located in the central part of the room or slightly offset to one of the corners. In the first case will be less of a problem because of the uniform distribution and installation of beacons on floor space. When the location of the drain in the corner, Beacons will have a different order.

the base device

We can not forget about a quality performance of cleaning the base of the old ties, or any other coating. You can spend less effort and just remove all the damaged areas, but subsequently the remaining elements can manifest itself on the negative side. puncher can be used to work, whereby concrete is removed. Particular attention is paid to the joint between the wall and floor.

If in the process of preparation will be installed overlapping defects (cracks, slit, potholes, etc.), they should be prepared to close up a solution. All further activities may be performed only when the drying of the solution. Only in this case it will be possible to know about, as pour half sloped.

When the surface is ready, should proceed with waterproofing layer. To do this, fit the following types of materials:

  • obmazochnye. Exhibit excellent waterproofness, able to withstand high humidity, and do not miss it. In addition to the floor surface they are applied and on the walls. It will be sufficient to raise the level of 10 cm. The number of layers of the solution will depend on the type of coating arranges. All the subtleties will be spelled out on the packaging of a material. Pay attention to the drying time, because only then can we start all follow-up activities, aimed at, Fill floors with a slope.
  • Wood banding. Presented in the form of rolls, which are spread on the base with overlapping in each sheet 100-150 mm. The most commonly used roofing material, entered the practice of carrying out repairs in the apartment.
  • bitumen emulsion. But the length of service is less than 5 years old. It is worth thinking about, whether it makes sense to spend money on such materials, to over several years to start work again.Concrete screed with slope

Fixing beacons

This step selecting a particular embodiment the beacon will depend, which means pouring screed selected. If the drain is located in the central part of the bath or shower, the sequence of works is as follows:

  1. Initially set the beacon from the direction of the existing drain to the far corner of the entrance to the room.Concrete screed with slope
  2. With respect to this lighthouse on the walls made the mark with the level for subsequent elements. it will be very difficult to apply in the long rule, as the small area of ​​the room. In this case, the best would be a wide and a narrow trowel.

    Concrete screed with slope
    Installation diagram beacons: 1 - frieze lighthouse series; 2 - intermediate auxiliary beacons; 3 - fiducial beacon on the wall; 4 - Lighthouse ranks; 5 - a berthing cord for lighthouse series of pads.

Problematic are installing beacons at the location of the drain hole in the dressing room, the bathroom in the corner. Here, attention is drawn to the fact, that will be a different length beacon. Of course, any difficulties should arise. Come to the main assembly in all seriousness.

There may be exposed beacons pull thread, indicates the need for a bias based on gender. According to the threads should safely move perpendicularly to the location of the other thread to enhance the quality of the fill. In any case it is necessary to use in the work level, which is held by a taut string. These filaments can be raised and lowered during installation. the main thing, all with the level of.Concrete screed with slope

Preparing the mix

it will be necessary to work to prepare a solution qualitatively. You can purchase ready-made options in the store, or knead it all yourself, proportioning and recommendations. For streets and exterior areas should choose a higher brand of cement - M600. His strength will be at the highest level. Before, how to fill in the floor in the bath sloped, should buy brand cement not lower M400.Concrete screed with slope

fragility provided, if the mixture for a long time lying and was not used. It is important to pay attention to the date of manufacture and service life.

For mixing all the ingredients of the future solution must take concrete mixer. With its help obtain a homogeneous solution, has a better strength characteristics. Concrete screed with slopeThe ratio of sand and cement is M400 1 to 4. Subsequently a gradually add water should, to give a thick slurry. No impurities sand should not be seen.

The solution is to get a few thick, than when applying the concrete screed in other areas. This will contribute to the full development of the slope. When this surface roughness allowed, since they are subsequently rectified tile adhesive. If the defects are obvious ties, and conspicuous, it is necessary to apply the cut with diamond wheels.

The process of reinforcement

Between exposed beacons laid reinforcing mesh, contributes to improving the quality and strength of the cast solution. An alternative are the steel rods. The main thing correctly and securely fix them. They should not be placed directly on the ground, but several have raised over him. To this end, suitable concrete pouring.Concrete screed with slope

Currently, all became longer apply fibrovolokno instead of any metal elements. Fiber helps reduce the overall weight of the finished solution for installation with a slope, and also increases the ductility and toughness after drying. Despite the turnover, fiberglass with excellent fit and obliquely solution. If we take into account the cost of, it will be even lower, you buy a metal grid.

Reinforcement just need if, when pouring concrete in the room is not performed in a single step, and several. If you bypass the stacking of metal mesh, the concrete will begin to crumble and crack.

Mounting ties

When there is no experience to perform such work, as pour half in the bath sloped, you should seek professional help. they prompt, that the installation is best done in two stages.

To begin with, a solution more thick and with a high content of rubble. It's got some sort of foundation. The second concrete layer - a thick and almost no gravel. The time delay between the two phases should not exceed days. If you miss more, then the lower layer begins to dry and hardly able to grab a second.Concrete screed with slope

The finished solution is poured between beacons, and then evenly distributed over the entire area of ​​the premises. The sequence of work may depend on anyone, what ways floor screed pouring selected. You can not be afraid of a large number of solution, since it is easier to clean, than to fill the void. Excess solution retraction procedure using slats should be repeated at least 2-3 fold, to achieve the maximum effect. Some recommend use screeds. But its cost is high, that does not justify the purchase by pouring the floors slope in one or two rooms.

quality mixture

Not difficult to learn, how to pour the floor sloped. Everything comes in addition to the experience. But it is very important to take care of quality mix. Can improve the properties by adding various additives and components, improving the characteristics of the finished solution. Screed begins to condense on their own, if a part to add plasticizers, as artificial fillers contribute to the strength after curing, opposition to cracking and brittleness.

The angle of inclination is optimal to 10-12 degrees. It will be enough, so that excess water is removed to the drain in the bathroom or the bath. In addition, you can often do without reinforcement. It is worth remembering, that everyone can exercise the floor fill sloped. Suffice it to adhere to the technology and the result will please everyone.






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