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Rules of filling the floor in the bathroom

The number of special facilities is to provide bathroom. This is due to the operating conditions, as well as increased requirements for premises elements. Greater attention should be paid exactly the flooring, as it is it often gets a lot of water. When the base begins to crumble, peeling off and have other damage, it is necessary to provide a quality repair. To this end, it arranged a new concrete screed technology.

Characteristics Bathroom floor

The floors in the bathroom are some of the features, distinguish them from ordinary places,:

  • The possible presence of large amounts of water on the surface. Retention of water should remain at a high level.
  • Increased moisture level. In such circumstances, the concrete floor itself and the floor covering should serve for a long time.
  • comfort. Do not be amiss to make a floor heating system.
  • Devices water slope direction in the selected. It is more important for private housing. It is very difficult and almost impractical in this multi-storey buildings.
  • Moisture may act on the surface of the tubes, communications, which are often the "transit" from one room to another.
  • High strength characteristics due to the presence of sanitary equipment. They are less dynamic loads of walking. Operation of the washing machine and other machinery causing vibration. From this they should also be protected arranged concrete floors in the bathroom.
  • Location floor in the bathroom should be below the level of all other coatings in flat or house. This protects the latter in case of spillage of water.

Not always, these conditions will be met in new buildings or old apartments. In order to achieve a positive result and not have to worry about the state of the surface, should apply the fill of sex in the bathroom. The process does not take a lot of time and resources taking into account innovations, but to obtain a flat surface, meets all the requirements of operation.

Substrate preparation

At the initial stage of installation floor screed in the bathroom are all available sanitary equipment should be dismantled, and to make. floor area should not be anything to do, interfere with the work on the renewal of the surface of a floor covering.

Concrete screed in the bathroom

Further, there is a removal of existing old pavement. It can also be screed, but with injuries, appeared during operation. Some think that, that before, as a pour the floor in a bath, I do not have much to spend heavily to eliminate the old surface. This should be done without fail. And there are a number of very good reasons:

  1. old ties defects are not always species. Hidden damage later come out and bring a lot of negative points. Sometimes even have to carry out work on the deck of the concrete floor in the bathroom again.
  2. Not everyone is going to know about, Materials which have been used previously in tie device. They do not always meet all the quality requirements. The service life of such products is strictly limited.
  3. Effectiveness as will depend arranged waterproofing layer, which should be performed independently.
  4. Much will depend on the slab. Often it is also subjected to repair, create conditions for the strength, treated with various antiseptic compositions.
  5. You should always stick to the permissible loads on the floor. If you perform the concrete floor in the bathroom over the old ties, the rules are exactly the violated.

    Concrete screed in the bathroom
    concrete floor system

Therefore, the old screed is completely removed. During the work there is a large amount of garbage, which must be compulsorily submitted to the bathroom.

In the presence of cracks, potholes, slots, they are sealed repair pastes. I.e, conducted careful recovery of the entire surface. Necessarily closed up all the possible holes in the plates, who had previously made.

Further there is primed to improve adhesion levels in a subsequent solution prepared. Better, in addition to use compositions, having antiseptic properties. This will prevent the subsequent formation of mold and fungi on the surface. For subsequent stages can proceed only if, when a primer layer is completely dry.

waterproofing layer

The most important step you can even call device waterproofing layer in the bathroom. Without it, you can not exactly get an answer to that, how to fill the floor in the bath under the tile. All the rest of the coating quality is entirely dependent on this phase and. Here the following options are typically used:

  1. roll waterproofing. This roofing material with a self-adhesive base. It may further have a rubberized layer. Before the installation of roofing material base with walls (to a height 20 cm) covered with mastic asphalt. It can not be replaced by tar. Once the paste dries, and you can move around on the surface, proceed to laying of the waterproofing layer. Each subsequent sheet should have an overlap in 10-15 cm. As a result, should get a very tight vessel.Concrete screed in the bathroom
  2. surface waterproofing. They can be used on bitumen, acrylic, cement-polymer, Resin etc.. basics. Drawing is carried out using a spatula, roller or brush. Everything will depend on the consistency of. On the instructions specified time, after which the second layer must be applied. Usually it is 6-8 hours. Initially, the direction chosen one, and at repeated application - perpendicular to the first layer. Exposure of this composition after smearing the surface should amount to at least twenty-four hours. Only after that the concrete floor in the bathroom can be made.

Marking and installing beacons

The subsequent stage - surface reinforcement, marking, installation of lighthouses throughout the area. Concrete screed in the bathroomMuch will depend on the chosen thickness of the concrete floor. From this figure there is a reference point to establish not only a basic level, but zero, which will serve as a base.

order 2-3 degrees is the slope. Direction selected by the direction of the open end in the bathroom. at the thickness of future ties at 3-5 cm, as a reinforcing material suitable metal mesh, rods having a thickness 5 mm.

It should be remembered, that the reinforcing material must not lie on the base, and located in the central portion of the entire tie layer. This will help the old concrete elements, which occurs styling. Wood here can not be used in any case.

As for lighthouses, for them is applied from a metal profile. It is located along the premises. The maximum distance from the lighthouse to the parallel walls - 20-25 cm. Otherwise, it may encounter a "face breaking" solution. The level may be reduced. Screws or studs in this case can not be used. Waterproofing layer must always remain intact, it can not be subjected to destruction. Beacons can be fixed on the slides from the solution.

The process of filling

It is important at this stage to pick up quality mix to perform screed. If there are certain skills and experience, you can make your own solution, respecting the proportions of all the components. This will be the classic version ratio 1 to 3. We can not allow a high turnover and a large amount of water when mixing.Concrete screed in the bathroom

Strainer It becomes easier, If the solution is to add expanded polystyrene crumb. It contributes to the thermal insulation properties. If you do not want to waste time on such things, then immediately have to go to the store and buy ready-made mixture for. It will need to pour a certain amount of water, and knead until smooth.

No need to invent anything in the, how to fill in the bathroom floor. Suffice it to the prepared substrate with exposed beacons to carry the finished casting solution, whereupon razravnyat using generally. Do not be amiss to further pass the levels, To make sure, that everything is done correctly and accurately.Concrete screed in the bathroom

That in the process of drying the solution does not lose its strength properties, it should be dampened with water from a spray in an amount necessary to. All conditions for full maturation must be met. For flooring topcoat can start only, when the surface is dried completely and found all strength. We can not forget about the possibility of hiding in the thick screed system underfloor heating. It should not be switched to dry concrete screeds.

The choice of floor covering

When the response is received at the, as a pour the floor in a bath, you might think about the choice of flooring. Everything will depend on the financial situation, operating characteristics and personal preferences.

Many want to know, how to pour the floor in the bath under the tile. This material is so far the most popular and most popular. There are some difficulties in the process of laying. Still, the choice of color, type, type of floor covering vast and suitable for any interior room. Nobody looks even on the, that in case of damage of one fragment tiles, repair should be carried out across the surface.

But still practiced, and other types of flooring, after that, How to perform a pouring the floor in the bathroom. Rare cases is the use of a wooden surface. But not every option will be able to withstand the high level of humidity. Alternative acts waterproof laminate.





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