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Sticker tile on drywall

Gypsum boards are widely used for surfacing, prepare her for the installation of various finishing materials. As the finishing materials are applied not only to various types of wallpaper, but the flooring, cork or laminate panels, tile. Consider, how to glue tile on drywall. Since the basis of the gypsum board is gypsum G-4, has the ability to regulate humidity, then glue the tiles on gypsum board is easy.

How to properly prepare the surface for laying tiles on plasterboard

Plasterboard sheets produced several types. Tile can be installed on any type of drywall. But in damp areas recommended plasterboard vlagostoykiy type gypsum plasterboard, GVLV.

Before tile sticker surface it is necessary to prepare.

Step 1

Connecting seams of gypsum boards definitely shpaklyuyut butt putty.

Caulking butt joints
Caulking butt joints

recommended use butt putty Drywall Knauf company. It is better to use dry mixes Uniflot, Tifengrund or Fugen Fuller.
Among other mixtures can recommend firm putty UNIKMA called Ceresit, putty Kiilto Finnish company called Keston.

Of domestic materials is better to use putty brand Gipsomontazh production company Forward.

Characteristics putty Gipsomontazh:

  • It is a dry white mixture, which is based on plaster with polymer, water-repellent additives.
  • It is easily mixed with water, forms well plastic with high adhesiveness mortar mix. Water absorption of the solution does not exceed 5 %.
  • It applies when mounting gypsum plasterboards, puttying and gluing them to the flat surfaces. In combination with the reinforcing tape is used for grouting gypsum plasterboard.

by the way, putty joints and the surface of the gypsum board under a tile adhesive solution can tiling.
When the putty dries, the surface must be clean. This is done using a wide spatula. Spatula held at an angle of 30º to the surface and is found on it. This removes all the bumps, particles of plaster, putty.

Step 2

Priming the surface of gypsum board
Primer letter

The surface of the plasterboard sheets primed with two layers. The second primer layer is applied only after the complete drying of the previous layer. As a primer is recommended to use a primer of deep penetration, manufactured-known companies Knauf, UNIKMA. for example: Rotband Plot, Betocontakt.

From domestic primers is best to use a primer Monolith.

Characteristics primer Monolith:

  • high penetrating power;
  • creates a high adhesive property,;
  • It gives the surface a higher water repellency;
  • It promotes uniform surface staining;
  • prevents the appearance of mold and mildew;
  • dries quickly;
  • environmentally safe and has no odor.

Before applying the primer the surface is cleaned by Monolith chalk, dust, grease stains. Before applying the mixture to be mixed thoroughly. The primer can be applied by spray, roller, brush.

Apply the primer can be at least +5 oC. It is not recommended to apply a primer on the frozen surface of the monolith.

Step 3

Proper label tileHow to put a tile on drywall. Tile start to stack on drywall, once thoroughly dry the last coat of primer.

You can put tile on drywall using a variety of materials:

  • tiles sticker using cement-based;
  • Use as an adhesive composition liquid nails;
  • use as a special elastic adhesive tile adhesive.

Of adhesives based on cement it is recommended to use the brand Ceresit CM11, CM12, CM17; Master Standart i Normal.

As liquid nails best applied acrylic adhesives based on aqueous emulsion. But liquid nails on the basis of organic solvents in the household should be avoided.

With the help of liquid nails is possible to glue the tiles lightweight.

Gluing tile on drywall can be a variety of methods:

  • Lay the tiles next to each other;
  • laying a new series with a shift by half tiles of the previous row;
  • laying herringbone tiles;
  • tiling diagonal;
  • tiling Christmas tree with attach;
  • tiling modular grid.

It is best to glue tiles on gypsum board using a special tile adhesive. You get high-quality surface for many years, although in terms of money will lose some. But any method on the surface of the fixing plasterboard tile allows you to get high-quality results. Of adhesives for laying tiles on gypsum board is recommended to use Ceresit glue, That is 35, Elast, Plitonit. by the way, tile adhesive discharged in the form of a dry mixture, and in finished form. To ready the firm applies glue Neomid and Terraco.

Of domestic brands can recommend such adhesives, Neomid as the same or as a dry mixture company Volma.

The calculation of the amount of tile adhesive.

When mixing dry mixes must be strictly meet the requirements for the preparation of solution instructions, withstand strictly specified proportions of water and dry matter. Properly cooked glutinous mixture will not pereuvlazhnyat cardboard. And this is very important, since excess moisture causes deformation plasterboards.

How to glue the tiles on the drywall in the bathroom

Sticking tiles in the bathroom
Sticking tiles in the bathroom

It must be remembered, that for surface preparation and laying of tiles on plasterboard in the bathroom are recommended materials for rooms with high humidity. The core of such material is cement.

Before stick tile in the bathroom, necessarily need to prepare the surface.

  • The joints are sealed plasterboards special putty, the surface is cleaned and primed.
  • After complete drying of the soil from the tiles laid out a layout, calculate the required number of whole tiles in a row.
  • Apply a layout of the bottom row with the help of the level, installed support bars.
  • the tiles are laid, starting from the second row.
  • Online calculator for calculating the required number of tiles Bathroom.

We should not forget to control the flatness after laying each two rows and vertical level of the upper row.

Know! glue of life time for the tiles does not exceed 20 ... 30 minutes.
It is necessary to prepare as much adhesive, how you can use the faster this period.

The thickness of the adhesive should be within 5 mm. Glue is applied on the wall, with a notched trowel made comb. Excess glue is removed, where not enough, leveled. Be sure to greased tiles on the inside.

In the following video the process of stickers tiles on the bathroom plasterboard is considered in detail.


  1. Before laying tiles for priming the surface it is recommended to use the primer deep penetration type Rotband Grund.
  2. Putty joints are best designed for this purpose solutions of dry mixes type Uniflot, Tifengrund or Fugen Fuller.
  3. For laying tile it is recommended to apply a special type of tile adhesive Ceresit, That is 35, Elast, Plitonit.
  4. For a budget option suitable mix of domestic producers.

Here is a list of some auxiliary materials for laying of tiles on plasterboard, produced domestic producers:

  • Deep penetration primer: Monolith, color, Lakra, GCR-1 primer;
  • fillers for gypsum board joints: Palaplaster firm Palladium, putty firm Kreps;
  • Adhesives Drywall: firm Kreps, Petromiks, Perel, ANTC "Alit".


The procedure for laying tiles on the surface of gypsum boards

Begin to lay tile from the second row. To this end, the level of mark out the position of the tile in the bottom row, the upper limit mark. Knowing the height of your tiling, be laid tile size, not difficult to calculate how high must undergo marking line. In line marking fix a wooden batten or a metal profile, which will serve as a support for the second row of tiles to be laid.

Having laid a number of, give the glue time to grab and move to the laying of the next row. In one day, it is not recommended to stack more than three rows. When stacked, all series, removed support rail and the lower row of glue. tips on how quickly apply tile adhesive on the tiles.

Try and get everything!

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