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Where better to go out the window in the apartment

buying a house, worth considering - a lot better, went to the apartment window. After all, you can save on electricity with sufficient light. In addition, people, lives in a brightly lit room, often it has a good attitude, tk. light helps produce serotonin - the hormone of happiness.

solving, on which side should go out the window in the apartment, guided by their way of life. for example, if you are a "lark" and used to go to bed early, then the best option - the window to the east, tk. in the evening the sun's rays will not interfere with sleep, and in the morning you will wake the rising sun. For "owls" more suitable west side: early in the morning sun will not wake, and brighten up the evening rays of the setting sun.

A clear answer to the question "In which way is best, to go out the window "- impossible. It is necessary to take into account the individual rhythm of life, personal wishes,requirements, and even marital status.

Apartments with southern windows

The windows of the structure of the southern side - is a guaranteed source of natural light and heat in the apartment. Especially it will please gardeners, tk. Flowers grow well and seedlings. Structures with southern windows are particularly suited to people, conducting house the whole day - parents with children, pensioners, people, working at home. Under the influence of sunlight pathogens reduce their activity, so, if one person is sick, the rest of the family can avoid illness.Output windows in the apartment

Unfortunately, on the sunny side of the fast fade wall, upholstery, screens of home appliances. Here help blinds, Roman curtains, curtains "black out". In the summer the heat in this air-conditioned apartment to save. The big plus is, if the windows will grow shade trees: without obscuring the room in winter, they will save from the summer heat. Protect from heat and the presence of loggias and balconies.

The apartment with the windows on the south a little warm in the autumn and spring time, when the heating system has not been switched on or off by the fact, the walls are warmed by the sun.

INTERESTING! Basically satellites, providing telecommunication services,"Hang" above the equator, so if you want to enjoy satellite TV, then exit to the south -Ideal option for antenna.

Apartments with northern windows

For fans of the shadows and people, hard to tolerate heat, recommended apartments with north-facing, north-east or north-west. In this room, even on cloudless days due to lack of enough light dimmed, the sun's rays will not dazzle the eye, and always will be cool, even in the hot summer. This is true also for the people, are engaged in a photo, paintings, programming, design.

apartments illumination increase the problem, if necessary, you can always choose the right selection of wallpapers and artificial lighting.

Apartment with east windows

Most versatile arrangement of windows. Rising Sun sets on the good mood in the morning. In the evening, the sun does not bother. It creates the perfect indoor climate - not too hot in the summer, winter is not cold.

When the eastern windows may be a lack of sunlight in the afternoon, but for the bedroom, where people relax after work, solar lighting is overdue.

Apartment with east windows appreciate florists - the plants will grow well, tk. sunlight will be enough for them.

Apartments with Western views

The sun's rays fall at an angle of less, than in the south, and therefore better illuminate the room. The room is not heated in the heat, Mayor dimmed in. After work, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sunset.

Good, when the kitchen window facing west, after work until late in the evening, you can not turn on the lights until the sun sunset on the horizon.Where in the windows of the apartment in the city look

The best option - it is when the windows are located on all sides. North and west side suitable for operating rooms, kitchens, huts, bathrooms and classrooms. The bedrooms have a better window facing east or west. A large number of windows on the south side - a guarantee of good natural lighting and heat. Arrange in this room, nursery or living room.

select the Features:

  • Keep in mind, that sometimes the view from the window is of greater importance, than which way to go out the window.
  • take into account the number of storeys. The lower situated apartment, the less it is illuminated. It has the meaning and form of the room - square considered the most illuminated, and toilets- "cupboards" as a rule are more shaded.
  • Not least important is the number of windows. Many modern two-bedroom apartment has three windows, which improves illumination.
  • To windows are not obscured adjacent large objects.
  • Good, that windows were enlarged window openings in width and height. Also interesting panoramic windows. Add-light glazing of balconies and loggias from floor to ceiling.
  • it's desirable, to the vicinity of the house there was a busy road, tram / Railway tracks, shopping centers, supermarkets or night clubs. The noise from the car park and air-conditioners are not conducive to good rest. it's desirable, that the windows looked out on the river, lake, forest or park.

Therefore, each individual chooses a view from the window, depending on the needs and opportunities.



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