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Amazing design with 3d stereoscopic wallpaper

Photo wallpaper always made the room a unique design with natural elements, architecture. Now fashionable trend started 3D photo wallpaper. This type of coverage is striking in its eccentricity, eccentricity and realistic.

Pronounced three-dimensional pattern emphasizes interior of the apartment, It creates a unique atmosphere of the room.

Photo wallpaper on a wall 3d are selected according to environment factors. It depends on the placement of the windows in the room, premises footage, its individual characteristics.

How to create a beautiful design in the apartment

Photo wallpaper 3D can be a bulk drawings on the walls, framed in a frame, and may be widescreen, place on several walls.

This type of coating is created from environmentally friendly materials: paper, vinyl, non-wovens.

there is an opinion, what 3d wallpaper glued only on the wall. Not, surface can be:

  • wall, lined with plasterboard.
  • The partition of the GCR;
  • In some cases - the ceiling (children's room) unstuck wallpaper and regulated by remote control;
  • Door wardrobe or dressing room;
  • How realistic picture element surround the wallpaper can be adhered to the glass surface.

In choosing a photo wallpaper should be very careful. A wrong tone for the beautiful realistic picture can ruin the whole design of the room.

positive features, disadvantages 3D Wallpaper

Stereoscopic 3d wallpaper are the main difference - the creation of realistic images with three-dimensional space. Each component part of the wallpaper - a living figure, which complements and enlivens the room.

3D photo wallpapers have distinctive features:

  1. The coating is made of high quality materials, which do not contain synthetic or noxious impurities, dangerous to human or animal health. 3D is allowed to glue the child's room or in the kitchen.
  2. Long service life - pictures do not fade under sunlight, no fear of moisture or extreme temperatures. 10 years wallpapers appear in its original form.
  3. Easy care - Floor clean easily with the addition of conventional detergent.
  4. Creation of the interior - the appearance of the room transforms into a fairy tale. Complementing the interior, allow a break from heavy thoughts.
  5. Increasing the visual space - depending on the picture on the 3D wallpaper, space becomes visually better. Space, in some cases, it becomes immeasurable.
  6. In some cases, 3D wallpapers are used for zoning space. It is ideal to select multiple zones in a single room.

Despite the distinctive properties of the decorative finish, 3D coating has several drawbacks:

  1. Price policy. The coating for the wall is not cheap material. for 1 roll can be given by 500 rub. to 2500 rub.
  2. Area facilities. Not every room can be such pokleit wallpaper. If the bedroom is small in size, the wallpaper will look volumetrically, eclipsing all the space.
  3. Terms of manufacturing of wallpaper. When ordering wallpaper period their production is up 30 days. It all depends on the type of, material, textured, printing process.
  4. The lack of recovery options. In the case of mechanical damage, coating can not be restored.
  5. The nuances of installation. For 3d wallpaper must be perfectly smooth surface. If roughness or skew wallpaper lose their relevance. Depending on the type of wallpaper, It is sticky. In some cases, 3d wallpaper glue only professional wizard.
  6. Difficulty in purchasing. This coating is not available in conventional stores obojnyh. Basically wallpapers ordered online stores, in professional sales outlets expensive coatings for decoration premises.

Despite all the shortcomings, 3D wallpaper create a unique design of the room. They can lead the host state of relaxation or in thought. It all depends on the relief pattern.

Versions of 3D Wallpaper

3d wallpapers for walls are divided into the main types of, characterized Technical Data. As well as additional types, having individual differences from one another.


Coverage is somewhat similar to the standard version photowall. Major figure hardly stands out from the background, 3D picture is not an integral. The basic geometric shapes are shown in these wallpaper, 1 flower in big size.

single view

Wallpaper designed in size, specify in advance the customer. Every object in the drawing finished fragment. Such an embodiment has 2 subspecies:

  • picture, accent attention to yourself. It defined the overall picture, merging with the overall design of the room;
  • 3D wallpaper framed frame, creating separate from the overall design picture.


This large canvas, which is located on multiple walls, thereby creating a single room design. Data wallpaper is created or underwater thickets of the forest, possibly, This white sand and blue ocean, or maybe bamboo grove.

Fluorescent surface

In daylight, these wallpapers are not different from the three-dimensional cover, except bright pattern. But, nightfall, wallpaper change their appearance. The secret is in backlighting fluorescent lamps and used paint. Covering "comes to life", giving the appearance of an unusual type of room.

Svetodionye wallpaper

This coating is a very popular and interesting, from the point of view of buyers. LED Wallpaper represent a system with diodes. Remote control change the backlight power wallpaper. This makes it possible to change the pattern on the surface. LED system can be controlled via mobile phone, with the application installed. Everytime, changing the brightness of lighting fixtures varies tonality wallpaper. This is not the image of monotony.

The stereoscopic view of the coating

These wallpapers are installed in small spaces. This type of realism makes the presence of any element of the overall picture. The main difference between the stereoscopic wallpaper - a visual increase room. Creativity will host noted in the first place.

Stereoscopic wallpaper have their positive reviews and some disadvantages. Interesting design can impress guests in the hallway, which will meet not only the hostess, but also the head of a giraffe, let's. But, at the same time the coating can look ugly in a small room.

Stereoscopic 3D wallpaper used not only in apartments and houses, but in a cafe, in rest rooms, hotels. Because this type of coating can transfer person in the mirror or on the ocean bottom with glowing fish.

Zavorozhitelnaya - abstraction

3D wallpaper made not only with different coatings, but also with excellent tonality, image. Abstraction - a type of image on the cover, which are in demand among customers. Generally such a coating is glued in the operating area, in the corridor. As well as working rooms, reception at a private clinic. These wallpapers are selected for the finished design. This addition to the completed type of premises, so glued wallpaper or on 1 wall, or made out in the frame as a picture.

Three-dimensional wallpaper in the interior of the apartment, houses

One desires to have a flat three-dimensional design wallpaper little. We must consider these questions:

  1. what wallpaper will suit best for the corridor, and which will decorate the headboard?
  2. Where to maximize visual space, and where to make a zoning?
  3. What lights will be in the bathroom, in the kitchen?
  4. The color tone and coloring of the interior apartments.

Widescreen combine several functions at once.

Wallpaper in the kitchen

This area will become more lively and friendly, If the wallpaper paste on the wall along the countertop. Based on the colors and shades, select appropriate lighting, as well as other colors in the interior of the kitchen. Wallpaper complement the cuisine integrity, and do not stand bright spot. Relevant design wallpaper coating serves not only the walls, but the facade furniture. In combination with the 3D floor is a place in the apartment will be in this area from a fairy tale.


Basically this place, where all family members eat, Drink tea, feast. Dining room with open kitchen. At the table glued stereoscopic wallpaper for the walls. Even alone this feeling fades, so realistic figure.


Basically it is the darkest room in the apartment. Therefore it is necessary here to choose wallpaper with bright 3D volumetric abstraction or geometric patterns. This will increase the width of the corridor. At correctly picked up illumination, the room will be a light, with well-selected items.

Living room

The largest room in the house, apartment. In this room, often going to visit, children play, there is a table with a computer, is a movie or watching the evening news. One option - zoning of the premises with the help of the volume picture, backlight. 3D wallpaper should be combined with the general background of the living room.


This room is for a night's rest, exemption from a hard day. At the same time, the interior of the room in the morning should give positive energy, which will continue throughout the day. Big beautiful flowers or a flower will put in order thoughts, will relax, and in the morning with its fresh charge of positive energy. Realism flower bedside emphasize the subtleties of taste of the owner and will "highlight" the interior bedroom.


Clean water gives bright ideas, fatigue, energizes. White sandy ocean shore or transparent waterfall 3D wallpaper will impress with its beauty and realism.

The apartment has all the rooms with some daylight. Each room should be chosen not only 3D wallpaper design, but also in tone. If the room is dark, then light background wallpaper will make it spacious and comfortable.

Children's room

This room should look like a beautiful fairy tale. The color palette should be bright, but saturated colors, not pastel, but effusing. For the boy is happy to see the beautiful large aircraft or the moon. Girl princess from a fairy tale. The children's room is also often LED wallpaper glue, which are becoming a kind of night-light.

Secrets of the selection of three-dimensional wallpaper

For best results, you want to follow some rules:

  1. In small rooms do not have to glue wallpaper stereoscopic 3D Wall. They are best, According to the designer, look at a distance. As an option - the road to the lemma and wooden bridge in the misty mountains. This visually enlarge the room, make it light and cozy.
  2. Application pastel in rooms with dark corners, space acquires a certain mystique.
  3. When the volume and beautiful furniture, 3D wallpaper should not be allocated, and complement the interior elements.
  4. Beautiful 3D wallpapers for walls with a glossy surface is not glued in front of the window. Daylight makes the reflections on such a coating, spoiling visualization wallpaper design.
  5. Quite often there is an option - 3D wallpaper 3D as a continuation of the sexes. It all depends on the imagination of the host and hostess. When ordering individual palettes and wallpaper material to create a realistic picture.

Choosing 3d wallpaper develops imagination, a person begins to dream and think outside the box. Therefore, these tips are superficial and generalizing. Each choice is individual.3D flowers on the wall

Caring for the three-dimensional wallpaper.

3d wallpaper does not absorb moisture, so there is no fear of damage to the appearance of the. But, also can not overdo it. Once a month should be wiped out with a damp microfibre dust. In case of heavy contamination in water is added to the overall cleaning agent.

In the kitchen, to clear the wallpaper from the dust, Fat can be added to water means for kitchens or dish washing solution.

Wallpapers can not be washed with detergents, composed acid. It - antizhir, Santry and other aggressive products for cleaning the apartment.

With the right attitude and wallpaper, they will retain its original appearance for a long time, unceasingly will please tenants apartments his originality and creativity.

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