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How to choose their own curtains to the interior

Making your own home pleasant and troublesome task. I want beauty, comfort and individuality. An important role in the interior takes window. selection curtains, the material from which they are made, color and texture depend on the nature of the room, colors of furniture and walls, as well as the requirements and tastes of the owners. Tips on how to pick up drapes to the interior you will find below.

Choosing colors and pattern

First of all, remember, the room should look in the same style, and like all the inhabitants of. Before, how to choose the color of curtains, accurate, who and what pleases. If your family can not agree, there are universal colors - white, Gray, beige.

When choosing a fabric color gamut, pay attention to the lighting and the location of the windows on the south, north, west or east side. The intensity of illumination will help to define, how to choose the color of the curtains to the interior.

cool colors (blue, Violet, lavender) Use in rooms, windows facing south, southeast. warm colors (pink, beige, sand) - on the north or west side.

In areas with intense sunlight, choose darker shades of fabric, these curtains will prevent burning skin furniture and wallpaper.

How to choose curtains

The presence of prints on canvas or lack important detail. for example, so as not to overload the room visually is recommended to choose a monochromatic color, If the wallpaper pattern is applied. And vice versa, if the walls or wallpaper without pictures, the curtains have to be patterned. Remember, which is optimal to choose the modest and brilliant images.

If the room has wallpaper intense color, curtains better to choose pastel (unobtrusive) hue without pattern. The coloring material may be similar to the walls, but a few shades lighter.

The combination of multiple colors in the color of the walls, It allows you to choose two color option textiles, however such a solution should be cautious. There is a probability of color "overload".

Little tricks: pattern on the curtains helps to expand the space of the room, or "lift" ceiling. Vertical strip visually make the room above ceiling, and horizontal bar - expands space.

Do not mix prints on wallpaper and curtains, such a combination violates the perception and makes the room uncomfortable.

How to choose curtains for the interior

Textile selection Tricks

Today you can find curtains made of any material:

  • natural (cotton, linen, silk, viscose);
  • synthetic (polyester);
  • hybrid (Polycotton - polyester and cotton).

Each type of textiles has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • flax and wears great long operated. The longer hangs, It looks more interesting because of the effects of aging;
  • silk may look different in areas with uneven lighting. Due to the fine texture required lining;
  • cotton, viscose - depends on the density of the tissue lining the need for;
  • Polyester has proven itself in operation, but it does not allow easy form heavy folds;
  • mixed fabrics (Polycotton) - the best option, aesthetic, durable and comfortable for cleaning.

Housekeeping tip: if the curtains are made of upholstery, We need to strengthen the cornice.

How to choose curtains?

What kinds of decoration exist?

Different countries have their own versions of windows decoration. Types of curtains got its name in accordance with the characteristic design techniques terrain. In order to know how to choose the curtains need to understand the intricacies of shaped products:

  1. Rome - a principle similar to that of roller blinds, but they differ on the mechanism of regulation and tissue texture;
  2. French - a characteristic rounded folds and solemn appearance;
  3. Japanese - strict, minimalistic style, canvas fabric hangs evenly along the window. This effect is achieved by the presence of dense parts inserts the top and bottom products;
  4. Austrian - combines circular folds in the assembled version, and straightened - looks like a normal curtain;
  5. The classic version includes two paintings on the sides of the window opening.

For a modern design style provides blinds, Pleated blinds. Most of these structures are used for office space, balconies, but can decorate and window openings in ordinary rooms.

How to choose curtains?
The classic version

Selection of the length and texture of the material

Depending on the effect,, which should create curtains in the room, and the nature of the premises depends on the answer to the question: "How to choose curtains?"In the children's room, room and the kitchen is better to choose a small length. In these premises better suited Roman, blinds.

The area of ​​the small room visually help increase light and light fabrics. Dark colors drapery and dense texture will look great in a room with a high ceiling.

There are standard sizes manufacturing length:

  • If you want to, curtains to touch the floor, linen should be 15 – 20 cm longer than the wall;
  • If you plan option with curtains, which will not reach the floor covering, the distance between the curtain and the floor should not exceed 5 – 8 cm.

Visual correction of the window opening

Appearance window will depend on, how to pick up the curtains in the room. Small window opening can be optically enlarge, if the maximum eaves hang from the ceiling, and the entire length of the wall, and curtains will be a light color and light texture along the edges of the window.

If large window, eaves is better to fix the distance 40 – 50 cm from the edge of the window opening and leave the piers. This variant does not allow the registration of "burdening" the design of the space visually. Free part of the walls can be decorated with paintings or hanging lamps.

In a room with high ceilings, well will look dark and heavy curtains, at the same time it is necessary to fix the cornice above the window opening.

How to pick up the curtains in the room.

Choosing curtains in the apartment

All rooms in the house are different functional load. Depending on the room: children's room, bedroom, living room, study, kitchen - should be selected style, color and texture of curtains. In the children's room will suit a shortened version, roman or roller blinds bright colors, depicting geometric figures, letters or fairy tale characters. It is better to choose light fabrics, because in the course of the game the child can disrupt the curtains together with fastening.

How to choose the color of the curtains to the interior

The office will also suit fabric short version. The colors and texture of the material should be consistent with the overall style and waft working mood. Pick up the kitchen or roman blinds. The material from which they are made easy to clean. Besides, such constructions do not inflate a draft, that prevents fire. Convenient control mechanism allows you to quickly raise and lower the blade.

In the bedroom, choose pastel colors of products lined, to the morning sun did not disturb you. Optimally select monochrome fabric or web of cool prints to create a comfortable bedroom and relaxing environment. In the living room, you can choose curtains bright colors in the French style with accessories. After all, this room should look solemnly.

How to choose the color of curtains

The most common mistakes

Remember, that the window is not only of practical importance:

  1. thermal insulation.
  2. Alarm function - prevents the ingress of debris into space, insects, etc..
  3. Regulation of light intensity.
  4. Stand for flowers and other decorative elements.

It is also important aesthetic role in the interior premises. To make your room look attractive not try to trim:

  • the same image on the curtains and furniture upholstery if there is in the interior with ornament carpet room, paintings and other decorative elements;
  • dark colors and dense fabric texture fabric in a small room;
  • vertical stripes on the material in a narrow room with a high ceiling, horizontal stripes on the fabric in a wide room with a low ceiling;
  • short ledge for a small window opening;
  • bright colors of textiles to the intensity of the color of the walls;
  • too many elements of the scenery of a small window, this solution further reduces the visual size of the opening;
  • products of light materials without lining the room with bright sunlight.

instead of a conclusion

When choosing curtains for their home do not forget about fashion trends of the season: colors, texture, looks that. However, it is to listen to your own taste and opinion of experts, then you will be able to create an apartment of your dreams.



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