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Choosing curtains for the bedroom - general advice, a photo

Bedroom - a special room in the house or apartment. This room, which I want to feel like in a special way. Therefore, it is important to re-create it in a special atmosphere, including by means of interior and using curtains, in particular. blinds Bedroom is necessary to select special. They should create comfort, adjust to calm, moderate way. And with all this, the curtains should perform its main task: protect from blinding sunlight, dust and prying eyes, especially it will be relevant in the case, if the apartment is on the ground floor, as well as the excessive noise, which goes into the bedroom from the street. Of course, everyone chooses the curtains to your taste, but even here there are a few rules. Therefore, the fact, How to choose curtains for the bedroom, should know before, you go to the store.
The curtains in the bedroom in a classic style

What are the curtains in the bedroom

In the bedroom there is any kind, that may be a significant impact on home furnishings, here almost unchanged level of humidity, there is no sudden environmental impacts, as, eg, on the kitchen, where curtains can affect fat splashes or smoke. In this regard, the fabric for curtains can be selected essentially any, this, to which lies the soul.

For those, who likes to use natural fabrics, such variants may be suitable as flax, cotton, atlas, silk. the, who it is not a fundamental question of the use of synthetic fabrics, It offers a much wider range of curtains for the bedroom. They can often be combined natural and artificial tissues and look like they are at the same time can be just awesome, they are able to fit any taste, color and purse.

Curtains for the bedroom in natural fabrics

It is important to guess with curtains density. If the window of the room is located on the south side and they often looks the sun, it is necessary to choose a sufficiently thick curtains, which will easily slide, for, to protect you from the sun during the day. But these rooms should pick up easy, transparent tulle, which is let into the room in the morning and in the evening a lot of light, when the sun does not have to be outside.

The length of the curtains for the bedroom should be large enough. However, they must be easy to move, quite easily removed and washed to give in. they also must be easy and quick to dry.

Modern curtains for the bedroom

Species diversity of curtains for the bedroom

There is a huge variety of different types of curtains, are used in different embodiments Improvement, Which of these is most suitable for the bedroom? Will decide each for himself.

  1. Curtain - the most ordinary curtains options, implying direct long web of translucent fabric types. The most commonly used in the south, in those countries, where the sun are protected by shutters, and the curtains are used only as a decoration.


  2. Curtain - the perfect complement to the curtains. Why? Because it is made of thick fabric, often there are even lined. These hangings are good in the case of, when the windows are on the sunny side and the sun was hot too.


  3. Classic curtains. This combination of a thin, almost transparent tulle and curtains. Often, the curtains are only a decorative function, and sun protection function performs additional fabric. If you need blinds the bedroom in classic style, the choice is stopped on this variant.

    Classic curtains
    Classic curtains

  4. Italian curtains. Very similar to conventional curtains, but differ in, they can not move on the ledge, and fixed on it. These curtains are opened using a special lace, going, draped and fastened on each side. Assembled look very impressive.
    Italian curtains
  5. French curtains. Suitable for normal bedroom, performed in the classical style. Their feature is the huge number of very adorning their folds.

    Curtains for bedroom
    French curtains

  6. Roman curtains. curtains option for small rooms. it's curtains, who are able to quickly assemble, They have a variety of fabrics and colors. This is a very modern curtains for the bedroom.

    Roman curtains
    Roman curtains

  7. blinds. Suitable for rooms, interior which is made in a minimalist style. It consists only of the roll, which is untwisted and twisted with a special mechanism or manually.

    Rolling, or Vietnamese, blinds
    Rolling, or Vietnamese, blinds

  8. Japanese curtains. Made in the style of minimalism, can move over the guide or disclosed in one direction. Represented as a vertical fabric strips of a certain width from narrow to wide.

The choice of colors for the bedroom curtains

Choose the color of curtains for the bedroom is often a daunting task, because this choice needs to be done consciously, These curtains will be with you every day for several years.

The easiest way to pick up the curtains in beige bedroom. In the room with these color accents will fit almost all - you can choose any colors and shades, as bright, and neutral.

White curtains for the bedroom is one of the ideal options. Since the white color - color, which brings peace of mind, appeasement, from which he emanates an aura of light and comfort. But behind these curtains require special care, you can not forget this. Therefore, the, who lives near the road, better not to use white curtains. But it is possible to issue a bedroom in bright colors. And what to hang curtains in a white bedroom? Here, the designers say, that can be selected as the curtains of delicate, pastel colors - pink, beige, blue, white, and contrast, bright curtains. Everything depends on the size of the room, the style of the interior and.

Blinds in white bedroom

Gray curtains for the bedroom are perfect in the event that, If the bedroom is done in a modern, Scandinavian style, who now becomes extraordinary popularity.

Gray curtains for the bedroom

The green curtains in the bedroom will be a good choice for you if, if you want to fill your home lightness and freshness, add a bit of natural harmony.

How to choose curtains for the bedroom

Curtains - is a very important part of any room, especially bedrooms. They are able to decorate every interior, make it a unique and unrepeatable, In no case, the curtains should not be neglected. Properly selected curtains can become an indicator of, that the hostess has good taste.



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