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Varnished wooden table: expert advice

The choice of furniture in modern furniture stores is wide enough, as well as the material from which it is made. But, We have not lost their appeal and products made of natural wood. For example, kitchen set made of solid. This product will be released in 2-3 times cheaper, if you order it from the folk artist. You can try to collect and independently, especially. The details for such furniture is also widely available in stores. But, we will focus on, how to cover varnish wooden table, the furniture is protected from any kind of damage and pleasing to the eye.

The choice of varnish

Preference in choosing the material lakokrasyaschego depend only on consumers. Our task is to familiarize them with the properties of each type of. Lucky to cover the table are:

  • Water-based are the most environmentally friendly. Substance almost odorless, not hazardous to the health of consumers. It is water-based varnishes are most often used for furniture in the nursery. But, professional masters seldom use them, since after drying, the treated surface becomes matt acquires.
  • Acrylic-based materials are affordable and fairly easy to process. Novice masters is best to begin with such varnishes. If in the process admitted missteps, they can be easily corrected. For this use mineral spirit or surface grinding is carried out.
  • Based on polyurethane are recommended even for professional artists. Such a substance is better to apply spray. In this case, the surface will look quite stylish. Acquire such material is better in retail stores.
  • For very expensive wood used for furniture specialized oil. This composition quite expensive, so rarely used. Applied by hand using a swab.


Tips for choosing a color lacquer

For beginners, masters very important issue is, what shade to choose the nail table made of wood. Here, too, must put an end to the customer. You can not violate the naturalness of the wood texture, or to cover the color of cherry or walnut. But it does not always get the result, had counted. To avoid this should be familiar with some features:

  • Clearcoat does not always retain the original look of wood. Most often, he gives the wood surface yellowness. therefore, if you want to keep the original tone, it is better to use a polyurethane material. They eliminate the appearance of yellowness.
  • Coming in chain stores, the seller to provide a choice of a large range of color schemes. To get the color, which stopped preference, it is better to take color, which is 2 -3 shades lighter. After the desired gloss on the wood surface is formed only after application 5 or 6 layers. When the patch of each subsequent layer to be darker shade.
  • In that case, when applied 2-3 layer, and the result is a desired surface color, but to achieve the desired gloss, to solve this problem, you can use a colorless varnish.
  • Begin spraying should be only after, both made high-quality grinding.


Technology varnishing wooden table

Before starting work, you should understand, like lacquered wooden table. Pre should worry about, how to protect the respiratory system. This requires a respirator or dust mask. Also, work is carried out only in premises, which is well ventilated. To lacquered table correctly, Here are some algorithm execution of works of restoration.

Prepare the surface

A very important role as a coating varnish wooden table playing surface preparation. First, you must stock up on tools for polishing wooden surfaces:

  • sandpaper varying degrees of granularity;
  • piece wooden block;
  • rubber scrap;
  • a long stick.

A piece of wood need to wrap the sandpaper and fix it. Such a method will greatly facilitate the work and helps make the surface perfectly buffed. Using sandpaper bar with smooth surface processed.

If you want to treat the rounded surface, it is better to use a piece of compacted rubber and also wrap it with sandpaper. Holes handled wand with sandpaper.

Proper treatment is achieved by a movement along the smooth passage of the wood fibers. This way of avoiding the formation of scratches on the surface of the table. Start with coarse sandpaper and gradually reduce graininess, until moving on to the minimum grain.

When, When scratches still formed, this is the place you need to moisturize, allow to dry, and then repeating the process of grinding fine sandpaper.

varnished table

The process of priming

Before pre-varnished wood table surface should be primed. It primer closes the pores in the wood and lacquer takes less. such compositions are used for priming the wooden surface:

  • liquid wax;
  • Skipidar, in which the wax added;
  • mixture with wood glue PVA powder;
  • wood glue and water solution.

The primer is applied to the surface using an aerosol spray or brush. Then we leave it for some time to dry and re-treat with fine sandpaper.

Important: before applying the varnish on the surface of the table carefully remove all dust.

lacquer coating

table painting lacquer consists of the following stages:

  • Table cover a small amount of stain. This does not allow formation of fat smears and of leaked. after application, We are waiting for the complete drying of the stain.
  • The second layer is applied after, as has already been caused to stop stick. Sometimes have to apply several coats of stain. To make the surface gloss is sometimes necessary to carry out an intermediate grinding.
  • Once the desired shade is reached, start to open the surface with varnish. Apply nail polish should also be evenly, without smears and of leaked.

Observing all the rules, which have been given in this article, novice master will be able to do their jobs quickly and easily. Yeshe Read about other options transform the furniture.




The cheapest way to the restoration of the people's table surface with oil and vinegar. It is only necessary to dissolve and wipe. Details in the video.



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