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Restoration lacquered wooden table yourself

Furniture, which is covered with varnish, back into use. After lacquerware rich look, and interior add originality and solidity. Although, that prevaricate, the surface she is quite problematic. It can easily be damaged. Very frequent defect - occurrence of scratches. Do not just get rid of the corrupt table, and should try to restore it. This process can be charged craftsmen restorers try to restore or lacquered table with his hands.

restoration technique

Razberёmsya, how to restore lacquered table restoration method. This is one of the best ways to return a decent kind of lacquered table. for example, to remove scratches, necessary to remove the imperfections of the varnish layer, and then apply a new. This method is effective enough, and gets rid of any scratches. But not only the scratches are a problem for lacquered furniture. A further disadvantage, which may occur over time - is the darkening of the lacquered surface. As a result, the surface haze countertop, the appearance of the table begins to lose significant in relation to the other furniture. This defect is corrected in a similar manner: removing old paint layer and reapplication of a new. This method is simple enough, and it is really old varnished table with his hands.Varnished table

Sequence of performance recovery operations

Update old lacquered table can be in several stages. But first should prepare some tools and materials, and to think about their safety. so, Learn more about the algorithm of work on the refurbishment of lacquered table.

We determine the degree of wear

Before you restore the nail on the table should be initially formed to assess the degree of defects.

  • Visual aging of the table surface. By defects, which relate to this type - is the formation of browning ground thread, mesh formation on the surface. Although it should be consider the fact, that non-essential manifestation of such violations do not spoil the furniture, but on the contrary, give it a value.
  • The emergence of more serious defects requires the intervention and restoration. the main thing, to conduct work so, not to damage it completely. for example, many simply apply paint, thus painting over all the beauty and attractiveness of the varnished surface.
    grinding table
    First the sweep abrasive surface of the table
    removal of dust from the surface
    Carefully wipe the surface of the table

    Painting table incrementally
    Perform painting table

choose material

The question arises, how to remove paint from the table. To ensure the quality of the restoration should be to pick up materials properly. Many people believe, that problem areas can be cleaned with alcohol. In some cases, minor defects can really use alcohol, but may have unintended consequences, such as roughness, highlights, etc.. Therefore, we focus on the specialized materials, which will be a good helper for beginners masters.

  • shellac varnish. This material not only helps to restore the surface, but to emphasize its originality. This is one of the oldest and proven materials. According to its consistency is more like a liquid polish, instead of varnish. To achieve a good result, this composition is applied around 50 – 60 layers. It is because of this is achieved by the original deep color. This is a very good option, which will remove scratches on a lacquered table.
  • nitrocellulose lacquer. This solution is used to recover large table surfaces. For its application used sprayers, which provide a very quick and uniform spray. At a lower speed, droplets of the solution begins to freeze, and the desired effect is smooth and uniform surface will be quite difficult to achieve. It is therefore not recommended to use conventional spray equipment, which form a further air bubbles, from which it is practically impossible to get rid.
  • Nitrocellulose lacquer. It is an ideal material for the restoration of the table, because it is quite easy to work. It does not require special devices for the application and quickly dries. Apply it at least, than in 4 layer. You can exclude acquisition primer solutions, since the first Nitrocellulose lacquer layer will act as primer. After application of the composition and its complete drying should be performed polishing.

Once a choice restorative composition defined, you need to pay attention to such a point as the definition of the color. You can use the transparent lacquer, and you can buy varnish, which mimics the color of any wood. In the second case, you must correctly identify the tone lacquer.

Step-by-step instruction

We give detailed instructions, which will answer the question, how to varnish a wooden table. It consists of several stages:

  • The preparatory phase consists of those aspects:
  • table surface is cleaned with the help of specialized staff or by conventional hot water;
  • remove the damaged layer by a scraper;
  • We start to grind the surface with sandpaper to achieve haze;
  • dust from a surface being cleaned.
  • varnish applying the water-based:
  • surface is coated with several coats of lacquer on a water basis;
  • each subsequent layer applied after drying of the previous;
  • after that, as the final layer is fully cured, perform surface grinding;
  • dust from a surface being cleaned.
  • Execution of works using varnish on acrylic base:
  • initially select a varnish, that suits the table surface in hue and luster;
  • diluted varnish 15 % White-spiritom, conduct priming;
  • After drying the primer produce intermediate sanding;
  • We cover the table surface with undiluted paint in several layers, to prevent dry pre previous layer;
  • We produce the finish grinding the surface.
  • Please note, that after the application of all the layers to impart a glossy surface luster surface grinding must be carried.

Implement all the recommendations, you can get a very high quality surface coated with lacquer. It is understandable to get a decent quality should be used a spray gun. The following video is translated by varnishing a table and given tips on restoration.





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