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Decorative plaster on the walls with his own hands

Декоративная штукатурка своими руками на стены фото
Benefits, instruments, materials and technology of application of decorative plaster on the walls of their own

Among the many types of decoration wall decoration of recently takes more and more popular, thanks to, that such a finish looks particularly elegant, but if you do it yourself is cheap, in comparison with other types of finishes. In addition, the original performance makes this a very attractive finish. Site apartment repair by own strength It tells how it is done.

Besides, decorative plaster walls with his own hands has a number of advantages:

  • No need to pay great attention to the preparation of the wall;
  • The opportunity to disguise the existing defects;
  • It can be used on all surfaces, for use in decorating the walls of wood, ray to use a mixture solvent based;
  • After this finish does not remain joints and seams;
  • Ease of use;
  • very hard-wearing, years can not change anything;
  • Immune to temperature changes and fireproof;
  • The walls can be cleaned using detergents;
  • increases sound insulation and heat.

Декоративная штукатурка ceresitDecorative finishes of walls are used for interior decorating, and outdoor. Besides, not only can decorate the walls, but the ceiling. Such work performed by means of special composition with a granular structure. The composition of such a mixture is about the:

  • Water base with a connecting part;
  • Fillers of granite chips, marble or quartz;
  • various additives, improving the quality of the mixture - Preservatives, zagustiteli, antiseptics.

When a person is ignorant of the construction business comes into the room, where it performed finishing decorative plastering, he did not immediately understand, how it's done. In fact, so draw the walls are not only high-profile experts, but any man, if desired.

For decoration more suitable large empty walls of country houses, designers are advised to for apartments, the best manner to make out different niches, or wall, which have significant cracks. The use of the kitchen is most convenient because, that these walls do not absorb odors, and better protected from dirt.

It goes well with any other finishing materials. Therefore, they can be used in a variety of design solutions.

Possibilities of decorative plaster are not limited to the creation of an unusual surface texture, With this method, you can even do different patterns, multi-colored and multi-layer panels or pictures. If you do bad draw, the stores sell special stencils. Or you can use a variety of cut out cardboard figures. With the help of them you can create original panels, that nowhere else will.

Most often in houses and apartments use silicone plasters, they have high permeability, and better repel water and dirt. Such mixtures are marketed in finished form comes, so they are easier to use.

Surface preparation plaster

For. That the decorative plaster was applied easily, it is best to prepare the wall, if earlier the walls were covered with wallpaper - they have to pull out, remove old paint, then wash the entire surface with detergent.

Before working with a mixture of read the instructions carefully. If the composition of the need to prepare, then follow all recommendations and instructions, on the package. Manufacturers compositions often recommend them to be applied to the surface, pretreated primer, which embeds the microcracks. If the surface is absorbent, Primer will prevent its absorption. surface, with metal parts, eg, nails or the pipe must be covered with a special protective structure, otherwise after a while, rusty stain may appear on the surface of the plaster. Next, let us consider in detail how to apply a decorative plaster on the wall correctly.

If the application is made in the newly constructed building, sufficient to cover the surface of a conventional mortar. Only then it is sure to dry well the surface for 10 – 12 hours. All work is carried out at a temperature not higher than 30 degrees, but not below 5 degrees.

Technology applying plaster on the surface

Рельефный валик фотоThe work can be carried out using an embossing roller, spatula knife, special brush, bristles, veničkom, or simply with a brush. It all depends on the desired pattern, your skills and preferences. If desired, one can use a special trowel - rectangular plastic spatula, with a comfortable handle.

structural plaster, dub trowel or spatula, while pellets, perekatыvayas, create intricate patterns.

textured plasters applied using a stainless steel spatula, bead, or sprayed, then surface dub. In this way, Venetian plaster is manufactured with interesting patterns.

After application of the plaster remains plastic and it can be given any shape. This can be done using a roller with long pile, then smoothed with a spatula, or brush, in broad strokes, but the use of a special roller of figure, or a notched trowel to make the work more interesting.

Depending on, what kind of pattern you want to get, on a straight line due to the fact, how many layers of plaster will be applied. And the formation of the final pattern depends entirely on your imagination. But the work must always be carried out from the corners. The first time plaster certainly does not lie evenly. Initially, therefore, work out in a small area. Do not leave the bank open. Now look at the photo looks like a decorative plaster on the walls with his own hands:

Декоративная штукатурка под старину фото

Декоративная штукатурка фото

Декоративная штукатурка под дерево

Panels made of plaster

To do this, prepare a sketch of the beginning. Then, drawing is applied to the prepared surface. Silhouettes of decorative elements needed by the contour of glue masking tape. After application of the first tape layer must be removed before, the surface will harden. Then, after the upper layer dries, an adhesive tape is pasted over its contours and begin to apply an upper layer on the remaining lots.

Three-dimensional images created by application of the plaster in the far layer. To produce more complex patterns applied overhead elements of cardboard or plywood. Now some examples of photo, as the panel looks at the interior rooms.

Панно из декоративной штукатурки "дракон" фото

Панно из декоративной штукатурки фото пейзаж замка

Photos taken from the site Design Studio Ellen Telnyh.



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