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Restoration of wooden windows step by step

Before deciding on the restoration of wooden window frames, make, they are subject to such works. Promptly their status can be assessed by looking holes, posted by pests, cracks in the wood, Tapping the frame and sash.

make sure, that they do not disintegrate, and most importantly - not distorted. To do this, you can use a chisel and hammer. lightly touching, You can check, Whether split wood, is there any rot or damage from pests.

Benefits restoration of wooden windows:

  • you can save the ecology of their home;
  • the rooms will always be optimal comfortable environment;
  • wooden windows are often the main attraction of many houses, and allow the restoration with the help of modern methods and materials to maintain their pristine appearance.
  • Significant savings sredvtv.

Restoration of old window frames

Major defects and workarounds

During the operation it is wooden window designs to their owners often have to deal with the following problems:

  1. The gap between the frame and the window frame.
  2. Problems with the surface coating.
  3. Skewed casements.
  4. The decay of the binding or frame.
  5. Tight closing flap.

Defect 1. The problem of a lack of integrity is one of the most pressing. Such cracks are formed because, that the timber is of such material, which is easily deformable. The need for the restoration of old wooden windows in this case is due to constant drafts.

But also to eliminate this problem is quite simple. Only need to install an additional seal.

Defect 2. Repair of old wooden windows required in the case of wear or stains cracked paint. A few years later the paint on these structures loses its original properties, regardless of its quality and price. it will be enough for the restoration of the window just to update painting.

Defect 3. Current issue, especially when it comes to frames made of solid board. The main reason for the skew - properties of wood to deform when exposed to moisture or direct sunlight. Eliminate such distortions can adjust fittings. If this is not possible because of the technical features of the selected parts, We have to change the loop.

Defect 4. This is the most difficult defect tree, which can not be eliminated. In the case of decay will need to completely change the window design.

Defect 5. A fairly common problem during the operation of the old wooden windows. To return them the ability to again properly closed, then to start is to check, not sat there the whole structure. If yes, simply to regulate the height of the flaps.

Repair of wooden window frames

Repair of old wooden windows: preparatory actions

In order to reduce the amount of work, associated with the repair of old wooden window frames, It is necessary to periodically maintain their condition by treating special preparations.

Sometimes, owners do not attach importance to this, and a few years later it turns out, windows that are only suitable for replacement. should consider, whether under a layer of old oil paint discover hardwood, and with less effort and financial investment to extend the life of such constructions.

Before beginning repairs the flap must be removed from its hinges and placed firmly on the prepared support. Around the window is put, eg, foil, for the protection of the neighboring objects from pollution. Ideally, just take out the glass.

New paint can not be applied to old layers. They are best removed, but always, keeping safety at the workplace, because each carelessness may cause damage to glass.

Repair of wooden window frames
Repair of old wooden windows - the preparatory stage

Before, how to repair the old wooden windows, also need to remove old putty or sealing material, which connects the glass to the window frame. Now, these elements are made of stronger materials and aesthetic, rather than a few years ago.

It is best to apply the acrylic. He carefully applied to cleansed from grease and dust surface, preferably finger, moistened with water. Before applying the paint need to take care of the protection of window hardware from contamination.

You are welcome, note, that a coating of clear lacquer should be updated every 2-5 years old, and paint - every 5-8 years old.

Restoration of old window frames must be combined with the repair or replacement of hinges and fasteners. Correctness of embarkation provide stability and tightness windows. Hinges replaced with new or changed only fasteners them or bolts, screws. The rods must be treated with oil or undergo special training, recommended by the manufacturers of windows.

What you need to repair the windows with their hands

To properly carry out restoration of wooden windows with their hands, will need the following materials and tools:

  • hair paint stripper. This unit helps to remove the coating, without damaging the surface of the frame;
  • sanding machine;
  • sandpaper;
  • boot knife, which easily removes paint inveterate;
  • putty knife, because the repair of wooden window frames implies a mandatory filler to update the frame and sash surfaces;
  • Brushes for painting;
  • Stameska;
  • findings, glass (this is the case, if you plan to change the data elements);
  • olif, varnish, paint;
  • primer;
  • putty;
  • compactor.

Restoration of wooden windows with their handsIt is important to pay a little more attention to the choice of putty. Total for work it will need three types:

  1. Coarse filler for window frames with a wooden surfaces. It will be used for sealing large cracks and other defects. The material is often used in the restoration of doors made of wood.
  2. Fine grain finish. Most often the product is used, to decorate the interior of the premises. But for working with wood it is perfect. The only time, that you need to remember, - it is the right choice of color. The most optimum variant - white. He is better, than beige, It hides in the future embedded defects.
  3. Primers, deep penetration. material needed, to achieve a combination of high-quality paint and putty.

Repair of windows with their hands: procedure

Repair old windows from a tree is made up of several consecutive steps. Let us examine them in more detail.

Step 1. Removing old paint

This can be done in three ways:

  • mechanical;
  • thermal;
  • chemical.

Mechanical removal of old layers of paint involves the use of a thin spatula, sandpaper, grinders. Necessity is the use of tools, that uses a hand, especially in the corners, bends, hard to reach places.

Puff or cracked paint films are not a good substrate for a new layer, so the first step is aimed, to remove it. The easiest way, what we can do ourselves, to remove the old coating with a spatula. This requires the use of specific products to remove paint.

Preparations for removing paint can be found in every shop chemistry. They, usually, presented in the form of gel formulations, which is applied with a brush on the surface renewal of the thickness to 2-3 mm.

Choosing means for the removal of old coatings, must not contain preference acid Drugs. Otherwise, they react with tree.

The agent should remain on the surface to 30 minutes, depending on the number of layers of the old coating, It wants to remove. After a short period the product layer is softened and easily removed with a spatula.

Another method of removing the old pavement - use a hair dryer in accordance with specific practical advice. It allows you to send hot air, which removes the paint. This method is used, mainly, to protect the glass from the heating. When bubbles appear on the frame, spatula can collect paint.

Restoration of wooden window frames

Step 2. Smoothing the surface of timber

What's happening, when there is a defect? Old windows can be on the frame of deep scratches, defects or damage. Before painting their need to fill a special putty for wood. For applying putty use a special spatula with a rubber tip.

The mass of tightly laid in a single layer. It should not be thicker, than 4 mm. therefore, if the cavity longer, in some cases you will need more layers, which are imposed after the curing of the previous.

How to repair the old wooden windows

Step 3. grinding surface

Next step is necessary, to obtain a smooth surface for painting. For sanding use sandpaper.

When the surface is smooth, She carefully cleaned from dust, washed and left to dry completely.

restoration window

Step 4. impregnation varnish

This is a fairly old technique, but very effective. Despite the fact, that today the market for construction materials is very difficult to find a natural varnish, Yet technology is still relevant.

Manufacturers offer a product from a variety of synthetic derivatives, instead of hemp and flax oil, as in former times. Varnish supplanted by good quality of impregnation, which is an order of magnitude more cost-effective production.

To cover the surface of the wooden window structure, You need a special brush. The first layer go, as impregnation, and the next two - final. Before, continuing the work, make sure, the surface is not sticky.

Step 5. Painting

What paint to paint the window frames? In order to keep the wood grain pattern to use nail polish. It is available in many colors, natural wood, and the surface gives a delicate shine.

But for the repair of window frames the best coating is still a paint, which will mask irregularities. Emulsions for wood are available in many colors.

It is worth remembering, the paint should cover about 1 mm glass. In this way, forming a protective layer to prevent ingress of water between the glass filler and.

Repair of old wooden window frames

How to extend the life?

If maintenance is carried out properly and regularly, it has a positive effect on the state and greatly extends the service life and durability of conservation of the property. This applies to cars, clothes, TVs and windows.

Regular maintenance of the condition and cleanliness of the window, concern for the well-chosen protection measures significantly extend the service life.

Modern wooden windows to the factory processing means, which protect them from the harmful effects of external factors (the sun, rain, air pollution). Repair of wooden windows, or rather paint, It recommended every 3- 5 years - depending on the type of coverage (paint or varnish).

Cleaning and maintenance of the window frame requires the application of appropriate measures. Wood is better to wash with diluted mild liquid dish detergent.

In this way, you should keep in mind, during wiping is not necessary to spray on window frames and glass are the same funds. any remaining, even the smallest, should be removed from the frame - rinse with water and wipe dry.

To prolong life and paint longer retain its aesthetic appeal, After washing well the frame additionally use various means to care. They are applied to the cleaned and dried the frame with a soft cloth or cotton. It is not recommended to use such agents in sunlight or on a heated surface. Optimum temperature is 10-25 WITH.

Repair of wooden euro

Repair of minor damage

cover the camp should be checked regularly - at least, twice a year (spring and autumn), paying attention to the apparent condition of the surface of the frame.

Despite the fact, that the modern manufacturers of wooden window designs try their best to protect their products, a month operation without the protective paint frame begins to absorb moisture from the environment

Wooden windows are products, which must always take care, that they retained their attractiveness.

If you do not follow the advice of experts and does not take care of the condition of the windows, then repairs can be costly. It is always better to make small repairs, to avoid trouble in a more serious scale.



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