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Wardrobe around the window – original design ideas

The space around the window opening is often not used, therefore fitted wardrobes around the window is a convenient and practical solution. Under a window sill can be equipped with a sofa or desk. Wherein, around windows harmoniously fit bookshelves, accessories and other elements, favorably complement the interior.

In most cases, the design is built-in option, construction of which takes place at the stage of finishing or repair facilities. It may also be the usual furniture, made-to-order, according to the parameters of window sections.

Wardrobe around the window

Variants of arrangement of furniture

Ideas for the installation or incorporation of structures in the window can be used for any room in the house. Cabinets are complemented by shelves, mezzanines and racking.

Wardrobe window will help to make a cozy nook, which can be supplemented by a desk. A major shortcoming is the lack of mobility, in which the structure can not be moved to another location, need only dismantling.

Closet window

Cabinet under the window

Often used in small kitchens, where cabinets are built to the sill, thereby creating extra work surface. The niche should be closed tightly fitting door, to minimize heat loss.

Worktop-sill can be provided with a sink, and under it there are all the wiring and water filters.

If the battery is located under the window, the worktop are made holes for the exit of the heat flux, also set the facades with a slot on the curb in front of the battery.

The design by the window in the room can move seamlessly in desk, which it is quite stylish and original solution.

With the wide screen, the bottom may be positioned Niche for things, and upstairs built bench for relaxing and reading. A variety of options beneficial fit into the interior bedroom, living room or child's room.

Built around the window in the bedroom

Lateral cabinets window

The perfect solution for elongated rooms, in which it is possible to visually shorten the length of the room. enclosure system is built on the sides, so space is freed from the overall furniture. Design equipped with shelves, drawers, hooks, bars and other elements for convenient use.

Around windows can be installed side racks, but it is better and more practical to equip the n-type variant, except when the rack is also present above the top shelf. In this case, the curtains can be used instead of dot or hanging lamps, that provide a soft and warm light.

The kitchen or the living room side cabinets often serve buffet function. This design gives the room a touch of coziness and comfort of home and creates a relaxed atmosphere. For more elegance door buffet is better to make glass, at least partially,.

Built in the children around the window

The larger the size of the room, the deeper the cabinet can be arranged near the window.

Complete edging window

Wardrobe around the window in the room includes a window frame on all sides, while the shelves are located from the floor to the ceiling,. Actual rooms for small size and miniature cuisine, in which there is a shortage of storage space.

Solutions for children's rooms

Built-in design allows the best use of available space. They can store clothing, footwear, sport equipment, toys, etc.. Along the window opening located and shelves, and under it is practical to put a desk, for whom the child will do homework.

for children's furniture must meet certain requirements:

  1. no sharp corners and protruding elements;
  2. structures must be designed for growth, the weight and age of the child;
  3. free access to all parts of furniture.

Built in the children around the window can be a real pantry for placement of things and other accessories. Wherein, construction can be closed doors, equipped with shutters or half facade, depending on the age of the child and ease of use.

window decoration in the bedroom

The bedroom cupboards should be primarily practical and ergonomic, so when placed near a window, one or both sides can take wardrobe. It is also possible with the placement of the cabinet on the one hand, and shelves for a variety of accessories - other. The middle may be a dressing table with toiletries.

For large dimensions, cabinets around the window in the bedroom can be equipped with doors on the principle of an accordion, which will save a lot of space when you open designs.

Built around the window in the bedroom

Furniture for window frames

When constructing enclosures around window apply different closure surfaces:

  • blind door;
  • structures without doors;
  • Filling glass facades;
  • options with combined doors.

To obtain the desired results and to avoid gaps and other inaccuracies, Furniture of this type is better to make under the order.

Using a variety of ideas and options, can be successfully and effectively to save space, using the cupboards around the window. It can be a walk-in closet, buffet, bookcase and more, based on the purpose of the room. Furniture, made-to-order, It will help create a comfortable and cozy place, ideal for the overall style of the room.



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