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Polusuhaya screed, advantages and technology

A man comes up with something new every year, seeking to create a versatile construction methods, more robust and durable construction. In this case some of the important conditions are of high quality and efficiency of operation. All this allows to get a semi-dry screed with their hands. The resulting finish is durable, resistant to all sorts of stress and perfectly flat.

Machine-everything semi-dry screeds
Machine-everything semi-dry screeds

Today, there are several ways to create a perfectly even and smooth floor:

Increasingly popular is semi-dry screed. What are its advantages over conventional concrete pouring? And how to make a semi-dry screed floor with their hands? there are different ways to align the floor of the lighthouse.

First of all, the thickness of the semi-dry screed can reach 5 cm, while it remains strong and durable.

If the screed is considerably thicker, it is recommended to fill large cavities leveling solution. Or pour conventional concrete with gravel.

Secondly, polusuhaya screed easy to equalize before the date of complete solidification. In the preparation of the mixture used is well sieved sand and cement, ordinary high grades.

Semi-dry floor screed with their hands
Semi-dry floor screed with their hands

Thirdly, floor, configured using a semi-dry screed, It has the best indicators of thermal and sound insulation. This is achieved by adding fibers.

Fourth, at pouring the semi-ties thanks to the presence in it of a small amount of water, it does not follow the edge of the waterproofing and misses the slab. Thus does not cause trouble to neighbors below floor.

Fifth, semi-dry screed therein due to the presence of polymer fibers is more resistant to cracking and shrinkage.

Features a semi-dry screeds

With the advent of new building materials, new technologies are born, allowing to obtain the same products, but with better performance. liquid Cement-sand screed and still remains the most common, this is due, probably, originated habit.

Semi-dry screed made with his own hands from the solution, consisting of the same components, but only the ratio of sand to cement is selected 1:2. As mentioned previously, to improve strength, elimination of cracking and shrinkage, usually typical for mortars, apply fibrovolokno.

Fiber is a polymeric fiber length of 6 to 18 mm and thickness 30-35 m. New leads to concrete and gypsum products stronger, due to uniform distribution throughout the volume of the mixture. This arrangement of particles, confined between a, create a huge resistance to the concrete layers, securely fastened together and creating a monolith.

Types of semi-dry screed, depending on the destination premises

Polusuhaya screed, performed using beacons
Polusuhaya screed, made by means of beacons with their hands

By performing half-dry method can be screed machine mode and manual. The first type involves the use of special equipment for kneading the mixture, feeding it to the place ties and mashing. By using art process is greatly accelerated and the resulting finish is better in all respects. By machine can cover a much greater area of ​​the premises in the same time.

Also, depending on the destination premises any screed, including semi-dry, can have different mount technology. Making the semi-dry screed their hands Video, applied to the article, It will be an excellent tool. Consider some of the most common techniques create a tie in the kitchen, which are described in the attached video to the article.

The first method is to even the floor without the need for additional insulation. It can be applied not only in private homes, but also in the apartments on all floors, there is no need to worry about the repair of neighbors on the floor below.

To create a semi-dry screeds with their hands the technology can be different depending on the destination premises. But it can also be differently configured:

  • by means of guide beacons;
  • with the help of small islands or areas.

The first method can be performed without the use of laser level. On the prepared surface mounted beacons. These may be T-shaped perforated strips or profiled square pipe. The main idea of ​​this technique is to fill the solution or mixture for a coupler space between beacons, and the next day or after a minimum 12 clock extraction from their sex and putty joints with the same solution with subsequent grouting.

We take a closer look how to create ties with a laser level.

Semi-dry screed without beacons
Semi-dry screed without beacons

flooring types, depending on the required functions

Depending on the desired function from the premises, eg, heating installation is required or not, can be divided floors, performed using a semi-dry screed two types:

The technology of creating a semi-dry screeds without the use of beacons and without heating

If you do not need to install a heating system in the floor, the semi-dry floor screed in the apartment with his hands fulfilled exclusively for finishing the surface of the alignment.

Semi-dry screed requires no further alignment. Thanks to a thorough grout during mounting surface turns out perfectly flat and smooth.

Substrate preparation

To obtain a steady and level concrete floor, you need the maximum quality prepare base. To do this, use a vacuum cleaner or a broom with soft bristles thoroughly swept subfloor. large cracks, gouges and pits must first conventional solution to cover. Thus aligning it with the more. Old solution, not part of the concrete slab or monolith need to be removed with a hammer and chisel.

Free of dust and debris cover the bonding surface must be ground or other similar materials to it. Modern acrylic fillers other than gluing have excellent antiseptic properties, so a good impregnation ensures always dry floor.

If the ground is loose enough, it is possible to apply several layers of soil. Important to remember, that the strength of the subfloor vary the properties of the screed.

Prerequisite of creating high-quality installation is the screed damper tape around the perimeter of the room. It is required to compensate for the expansion of the floor as a result of temperature changes. The pieces of penoizol may be used as it (thick polyethylene foam 4 mm), width 15 cm. For convenience, it is better to be stuck on a glue.

After processing and drying the floor, you can create semi-tie their own hands, Video process which exists in this article. Just a lot of mixture is not necessary to prepare, because the technology in question involves the creation of indicative areas, islands, which will further align the floor.

Mixture for semi-dry screeds

Mix for semi-dry floor screed
Mix for semi-dry floor screed

To prepare the solution can be applied ready mix, which is implemented in bags at any hardware store. Or you can prepare yourself in the sand and cement. The sand must be carefully sifted through a fine sieve. It's necessary, that in the course of work (alignment and mashing) avoid problems with small pebbles and debris, which abound in the river sand.

Cement is better to use 500 marks and 1 categories. To prepare the solution in a ratio of 1:3 cement mixed with sand and thoroughly mixed.

Uneven or not fully blended mixture can not be sufficiently ductile, which significantly worsen the parameters ties.

To improve the thermal insulation properties, elimination of cracking and shrinkage is recommended to add a little fiber. There are several dosages for certain properties. On average, 1 m3 ties required by 0,6 to 0,9 kg fiber. It is added directly into the mixture or into the water. It is important to thoroughly mix.


If you use a concrete mixer, the duration of mixing in 15-20% more, than when mixing conventional solution. It is important to achieve uniform fiber distribution of particles throughout the tank volume.

Advantages and disadvantages of semi-dry screeds

Semi-dry floor screed pros and cons also has. Positive aspects were described earlier in the article,. On the downside can be attributed only to a rather long process of alignment and rubbing semi tie.

The ratio of water in solution

The water content in the solution
The water content in the solution

When water is added should be very careful. It is important not to overdo it, since due to excessive stress considerably deteriorate work process, thereby reducing the quality and.

In order to check the amount of liquid in the solution, strong enough to crush some of it in the fist. In this case, between the fingers should not exude moisture, and he clenched his hands at the lump remains unchanged.

Seven is brought to a uniform status for consistency, and get to work.

Create islands Beacons

When creating indicative areas should apply the technology of "wet on wet". That is, before the application of the sub-floor surface should be wetted with the solution, moreover, do it better adhesive mixture. Alternatively adhesive may be applied to tile, diluted to a state of consistency or liquid yogurt cream. Immediately proceed to the creation of an estimated area. To do this just prepared mixture is spread on the approximate number of wetted spot. And level with the help of flexible plastic rake or similar tool.

Create islands as landmarks
Create islands as landmarks

Not necessarily buy at the store household goods rakes, the process can be performed in the usual trowel, uniformly leveling a pile and loosening large gluing.

After loosening and uniform distribution of the estimated site solution (majake), it must be well potrombovat. This can be done simply by her hiking shoes with a flat protector or use any hand tool. Well pressed down by a surface float overwritten. It is better to use a polyurethane, since the semi-dry cement creates considerable opposition.

Iced surface periodically monitored by means of a ruler and a previously set in the center of the room to the laser level. Doing this it is recommended in several places site. Small dimples again filled with the mixture and again overwritten for a perfect smooth surface. Everything, first beacon prepared. You can start making the next. It is necessary to do away 15-20 see closer, than the length of the rules.

Generally recommended to use a rectangular cross section, and they should work strictly in a perpendicular position.

A bit of litter and hardened beacons must be placed at the corners or edges of the room to the previously mentioned distance. This will allow in further work to reach a larger perimeter space. While the islands are frozen, possible to prepare the remainder of the solution. Its volume is quite easily calculated, online calculator.

Indicative sites are located on the sides of the room
Indicative sites are located on the sides of the room

Further, process is as follows::

  • The mixture is evenly distributed over the remaining space or small areas. compact, and overwritten multiple passageways aligned rule mapping to the ideal plane between beacons.
  • Lighthouses better connect the parallel guide bars, To get the kind of runners to work with a coupler in the center of the room.

The whole process of working with semi-tie long enough and requires some diligence, therefore, should be treated with the utmost responsibility.


Apparatus semi screeds require a moist environment for high quality cement crystallization. Therefore, a polyethylene film is used, it covered areas screed ready for a few days. If you do not use it, then the next day and not earlier 12 hours, gently moving on screed, it must be thoroughly wetted with water for the same reasons.

Videos for the creation of a semi-dry screeds

To navigate through the screed is recommended to use special walkers like snowmobiles, but only with a continuous planar surface. This eliminates the likelihood of defects and failures when moving on it. Complete solidification loop is not less than 1 weeks at a temperature above 150WITH.

Sex electrically heated

Technology create a floor with electric heating is the use of thermal insulation materials, such as polystyrene and penoplex. Top of them is mandatory to be installed in steel mesh for reinforcement of ties, moreover, it must be in her mid. The detailed technology and work process can be viewed in the attached video.

Opinion about the quality of semi-dry floor screed

Vaughn illustrative example when manufacturing the dry technology broken floor screed.

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One comment on the record "Polusuhaya screed, advantages and technology

  1. Everyone who bought an apartment in a new building necessarily faced with a matter of choice than to level the floor and a very low price but with good quality and a flat floor. It's about those, who started a large-scale repairs to this end, laying floor coverings, parquet and laminate.
    As known, These floor coverings require their installation on hard, level ground, with difference, not exceeding 2 mm 1 linear meters, and the flooring on the substrate, having humid, unacceptable.
    Leveling the floor in an apartment or house is motodom wet concrete screed, it requires careful drying - at least 20-40 day, depending on its thickness. Failure to comply with the allowable subfloor humidity leads to the appearance of mold on the wooden flooring and its rapid failure of. Failure to comply with building regulations, related to concrete fortress or evenness of the base, It leads to the appearance of scratches, slits and subsequent badness such floor pokrytiya.Danny floor leveling method is long and costly.

    The foregoing objectives, since the mid-90s of the last century, and until recently,, solved competing three-floor systems.
    Depending on the destination premises used:
    laminated concrete leveling;
    It appeared on the market of semi-dry screed;
    adjustable design;
    dry screed Knauff.

    Trying to reduce the cost of these three technologies has led to deviations from the existing building regulations. As a consequence - the mass distribution in the Russian construction market of poor quality products, do not meet the requirements of modern flooring materials in the preparation of the base.

    Sellers of such, frankly, consumer goods dishonestly silent fact reduce topcoat Service, if prepared correctly base. Consequently, the amount of investments in the floor arrangement we increase, as a result of the "put and forget" really could forget - the cost of such a "repair" will grow exponentially.
    How to spoil their "improvement" high-quality multi-layer concrete floor
    Experienced builders know:
    1) Technology rough leveling concrete screed;
    2) technology is more precise alignment - alignment screed;
    3) Finish leveling flooring thick plywood sheet 12 mm.

    Each of these layers (with floor thicknesses of not more than 3-5 cm) together with the work and material cost to the consumer from 600 rubles per 1m2. For parquet flooring necessarily use all three layers (parquet glued to the bottom); for floorboard or laminate (flooring for floating, Latching on the perimeter of the skirting, and without attachment to the base) only two layers, true, to the detriment of comfort floor (loss of sound- and heat- isolation, lack of protection against humidity topcoat differential).

    In this way, multilayer concrete base value depending on the quality of 1200-1800 rubles per m2. And this is not the limit!
    When lifting the Floor predetermined level value by more 5-7 see this method become even less profitable, since the price increases significantly.
    also note, that the use of a weighted structure is not always possible due to the growth of additional loads on the floor slab; and covering, using wet processes, It requires drying of 30 day, what is not always communicated to the consumer. However, despite the complexity of the manufacturing bases in such a way, with mandatory compliance with all the above requirements, parquet or laminate coating on such a floor will last for many years.

    Proposed in the last few years on the market so-called "know-how" "Screed per day" - a simple client sell, who wants to "faster and cheaper". Such a coupler is made of a fine fraction of sand and cement with polymer additives, which gives concrete mass form dense curd, until it dries. Distributed "curd" by a special pump, and then smoothed by hand. cost - 650 rubles per m2, cheap and cheerful, everyone is happy. But it is at first sight. Misleading the consumer and the name of this method - the method of semi-dry screeds. Manufacturers are silent about the need for further alignment of the innovation in order to achieve the required standards drop (maximum 2 mm 2 linear meters), which increases the cost and twice the mandatory removal of moisture, before it will be possible to lay the floor finish coating.
    Summary - not me 1200 rubles per m2. cheaper? And the same 30-40 days pulling moisture from the screed, before decking topcoat.

    How to spoil their "improvement" quality adjustable floor
    Modern alternative to the concrete floor is a multi-layer alignment with adjustable design.
    Two types of the DNT adjustable floor - the floor on adjustable lag and floors on adjustable plates - are intended for floor leveling with a different initial quality.
    Different embodiments of an adjustable tie thick - 3-5 cm (adjustable plate), 5-12 cm or 10-17 See more (adjustable lag). Both of these structures at the height of the floor recovery (thickness adjustable screed) 5-12 mm are on average 1200 rubles per m2, which corresponds to the cost base, Method of manufacturing multilayer concrete screed in the embodiment Economy (2 layer, without plywood). Increasing this setting price, Unlike the previous method varies slightly. At the same time as the fixing of the adjustment components used plastic bolt-resistant and bushings (of special strength polymer), interacting directly with tree (fanera or lag). Mandatory element is adjustable floor or plywood plate DNT, which is laid topcoat.

    Attempts to "improve" is used in the Russian market more 20 years the technology of controlled floors DNT led to a change in the form of fixing the adjusting elements and materials, from which they are made. In the Russian market there 2 main options "pseudo-rationalization". In one case of furniture made of metal studs are screwed directly into the threaded wooden joists, and in the second - inserted in its hole and on both sides are tightened with nuts and washers.

    Advertising themselves on the regulated market of the sexes, manufacturers of these "improved" designs for the price with adjustable floors DNT (1200 rubles per m2), declare the alleged increased reliability floor construction, precisely by the application in its manufacture instead of metal studs polymer.
    These statements are unfounded and contrary to the laws of Materials. Let's look at loads of materials closely.

    In the first version of "know-how" carved in soft wood under dynamic load quickly cut off a tough metal, which leads to rapid loosening and play structure. In the traditional case DNT technology patented plastic bolt has approximately the same characteristics of rigidity to wood and interacts with it, without violating the integrity of the compound for at least 50 years old (official tests SRI "Mosstroya" and "Academy of Fine Chemical Technology").

    In the second version of "pseudo technology" wood, from which it is made lag, shrinks by temperature and humidity, that requires constant dismantling of the floor and twisting nuts on the stud. If this be neglected, between tree nuts and the gap appears, and there is backlash structure as a whole. Now imagine, how "easy" continuously dismantled and re-laid parquet, that is attached directly to the base?! Wherein, applying polymer bolts DNT technology, false, cracked with time, only enhance the rigidity of its threaded connection with the bolt. And I bolt, made of polymer, comparable in softness to a tree, Unlike metal, tighter bolt, do not cut away threads in wooden lag.

    I would also like to note the lag adjustment with corners, fixed to the floor. Lined the horizon lag sealed the sides with corner screws. The unreliability of such a design is obvious - at constant dynamic loads on the lag of the load is redistributed at the fixing screws in the form of, screwed into the sidewall lag, at an angle of 90 degrees, which causes them to bending and loss of strength throughout the floor construction.

    Another type of alignment subfloor, also comparable in price with a floor of a multi-layer concrete screed (economy version) and adjustable floor, a dry screed "Knauff" (at the exit 1250 rubles per m2).
    Small fraction expanded clay poured into the room at the base, and leveled by smoothing it over the surface and binding tamping, followed PRT flooring sheets with their fastening-groove joint method.
    With a thickness of not more than backfilling 3-5 see well rammed faction not to squander from constant dynamic loads. But to achieve the desired density of the screed when it is necessary to use special tamper tamping machines. of course, In this case, the said coupler also can not be cheap.
    It is important to know, that the floor height of more than 5 see application of this method for aligning wooden flooring generally not acceptable! In areas of constant load on the granular mixture of this thickness it begins to sink, resulting in deteriorated flooring or laminate, roofed top.

    If you do not stay in the illusions of the sweet stories about the great builders alignment and training base of one square meter of floor 650 rubles for parquet, floorboard or laminate, the, anyway, to produce durable and reliable floor according to the rules and standards in the construction of cheaper, than 1200 rubles per m2, It does not get any of the above methods.
    Wherein, the same competitive advantages between the concrete multilayer alignment, adjustable leveling floor screed or dry DNT "Knauff" are stored at a thickness of screed to 5 cm. Difference, very significant, in, that when installing an adjustable floor is not used wet processes. This saves time. Besides, design based on the adjustable floor has an elevated heat- and sound- insulating properties, in contrast to its competitors.
    But in case of need to raise the floor to a height of more 5 cm. adjustable floor DNT have a serious competitive advantage in terms of price and quality in comparison with other methods of qualitative leveling the floor under the wooden floor coverings. In this case, the application of technology most appropriate regulated lag.
    AND, of course, none of the previously used technology will not allow such ease of installation of communications, and a variety of heating systems "warm floor", as the adjustable floor - because they remain under the cover of the air gap. It is conveniently placed corrugated channels of communication and pipe water underfloor heating, as well as additional heat can be put sound-proof mineral boards for maximum isolation of the premises from the noise and cold.
    Ease of manufacturing a controlled floor, minimum time for its assembly in the absence of wet and dirty concrete processes, its low price in comparison with competitive techniques alignment, increased heat and sound insulation, as well as its durability and reliability, distinguish adjustable floor by other means and align the substrate preparation under flooring finish coat. I for myself have chosen these and what you choose of course you decide.

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