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Installation of individual heating in the apartment

You always want to remain independent in every direction of life. An exception can not be a heating system in your own apartment. It is not always central heating system boasts powerful arguments, which leads to his replacement. It is important to provide all the details of the work and collect a list of documents for obtaining permission.

What is the need for

installation of individual heating in the apartmentTo install in the apartment individual heating and achieve its goal to install, We have some work and spend time with nerves. To do this, avoid all instance utilities, including governments. But in the end will be comfortable housing, where it is possible to independently set a specific temperature level. It can not prevent even in this situation the heating season, when hot water is lost and creates discomfort. But individual heating in the apartment must be installed in compliance with all.

It is worth noting, that the individual heating can reduce a few costs for utilities. In some advantages mainly manifested. This is particularly evident when applying a hot water system. You do not have to spend money on its heating and distribution of all components.

The main advantages

In considering this issue should immediately focus on the positive qualities, which will be accessible during operation individual heating in the apartment.

  • Space heating takes place throughout the year, regardless of, Whether central functions. The latter will depend entirely on the actions of the authorities, Manual Thermal performance of windows.installation of individual heating in the apartment
  • In each room, arranged according to the embodiment of the heating system, possible to maintain the necessary level of heat, increasing or reducing its, if you use a separate heating in the apartment. From this will change, and the costs. Such action is due to the fact, it is impossible to create the same atmosphere in a separate room. This is due to the layout of the rooms inside the building or on the street side, from the north or south side, etc..
  • Independent realization of operating modes. In the absence of an apartment you can set parameters on the minimum value and vice versa increased in the evening or night. If the devices are automated, they will do all this for the host.
  • Costs are reduced and operation of all the equipment of the heating system. In addition, its efficiency will approach the maximum 100 interest.installation of individual heating in the apartment
  • If the work is used boiler with two circuits, You can do without water (hot water). This is all done offline. Consequently, no temporary profrabota will not affect the hot water, its presence.
  • Serve the central heating system should be all year round, even in summer. This can be avoided, if we use the "avtonomkoy".

All this gives an idea of ​​the actual quality, that you should know before, in the apartment to make individual heating.

disadvantages arrangement

No system can boast only the presence of pros in their work. It should be put up with the, that in the process of preparatory activities and operation have to wait for some of the vagaries of her hand.

  1. Preparation legitimate reason for installation work. installation of individual heating in the apartmentEven in the case of attempts to circumvent all registration activities will still have to continue to pay for central heating and detection supervisory authorities - to pay a considerable amount of the fine.
  2. Installation of individual heating in an apartment in certain situations require the preparation of a separate room, where the boiler is located. Particularly important is the effect of the choice of gas equipment, where you can not do without ventilation at the proper level.
  3. Paperwork, collection of documents, the constant bustle of the various state structures.
  4. Complicated editing process, which is almost always a need for specialists.
  5. The owner of the apartment should be independently responsible for the installation and operation of the process. Especially in a variety of staff will come to check the individual heating in the apartment for the entire time.
  6. expensive equipment, as well as the collection of relevant documentation, additional charge.

collection of documents

Individual heating in an apartment can be realized only in the event, when it received the resolution and made off from the central. Sometimes it will be delayed for a few months, up to six months. And it can not be compared with the installation works, that can be executed within one week.

A list of all documents and requirements established in the Housing Code, as well as other special regulations. Coordination of all activities required to be carried out with the authorities. To this end, it is going full list, which include documents for individual heating in the apartment:installation of individual heating in the apartment

  • Statement, which expressed a wish to apply make reorganization of the heating system in the apartment. For him, the country has a form approved by the Government. Forms are available in the housing in the community.
  • Registration certificate on premises. It is worth noting, that is needed here is a copy, which is certified by a notary is required to.
  • The documents of ownership. it, such as a contract of sale, inheritance, transfer of ownership, etc.. there is also a copy of the required, certified on a mandatory basis.
  • Project, that will be used in individual heating unit apartment. It also has its own form.
  • certificate of residence, which displays information about the registered persons.
  • All residents on the paper should reflect their agreement with respect to ongoing reconstruction. Originally done a complete list of them, opposite the name, where they commit signature.

There may be cases, that the house is considered an architectural value. In this situation, further prepared and obtained another document - permission from the organization for the protection of such objects on the reconstruction. If to you will require other documents, not reflected in the regulations, they can refuse. So they are not endowed with the right. After the adoption of all documents issued by the receipt with a list of all the documents and the date. Further there is a coordination of the relevant authorities.

Decision-making should be administered within 45 days. During the whole period there is formulation of individual heating in the apartment. In the following is given 3 working days, to convey all the permissions to the applicant. It is worth noting, that the individual heating in an apartment requires a permit, without exception,. Only now can implement the connection of individual heating in the apartment.


As was seen, the list of documents specified project. Without it there can not be carried out the installation of individual heating in the apartment. Not sufficient to reflect everything on paper and provide. Pre-made to align it with the appropriate state organizations. They are in addition must be received permission to produce a disconnection from the central system and install, such as gas.installation of individual heating in the apartment

In drafting it is important to make yourself a mini-sketch, where there is a desire to place the pot in an apartment and all the main radiator. This sketch will allow experts to focus on the opinion of the owner. But for the purpose of accuracy study plan of the apartment. In the project should be reflected not only internal, but also by external factors, on the basis of which a particular embodiment is selected heating.

  • Temperature readings in the region, where the dwelling is located.
  • source of energy, the expense of which will be distributed coolant.
  • Features of the structure. Taken into account the number of rooms, balconies, loggia, area throughout the apartment and a separate room.
  • The financial component. The budget will allow to choose the optimal variant of the heating system, boiler and all components.

Gas boiler and all components

installation of individual heating in the apartmentDespite, that experts on the basis of the project will recommend a specific option boiler, specify, how to carry out independent heating in the apartment, You should independently investigate in this matter. There are certain moments, when a particular unit will not be tolerated. Immediately necessary to determine the order, exactly which can be used for boilers in residential facility location.

  1. Availability of the combustion chamber, which should be sealed or closed.
  2. The maximum temperature of the heat carrier within the system is 95 degrees.
  3. In the absence of power must be present automatic disconnection of fuel supply. The flame of the burner is required to be extinguished. This is done in case of unforeseen failures, such as increased temperature of the coolant, system problems, etc..
  4. The ultimate pressure heat carrier - 1 Mpa.

On gas heating in the apartment documents on the list correspond to the normative act.installation of individual heating in the apartment

There is an opportunity to purchase one and two circuit devices. In the first case we are talking about only heating rooms in the apartment, and the second - further heating the produced water to a level hot. It gets rid of the water distribution system. Be fixed at the same time it can not only on the wall, but placed on the floor. Selected and specific boiler power depending on the performance space (the presence of double-glazed windows, additional insulation at home, etc.), as well as the size of rooms, which should heat. Only in this case, an individual heating system in the apartment allows to perform all of its functions.

Electric heating variant

If you analyze only gas and electric heating, second embodiment will be much easier in the device. This is primarily due to the possibility of the installation of all the components in a large number of premises. In this case, you need not arrange additional ventilation, to place individual heating in the apartment.installation of individual heating in the apartment

It is important to make a consultation with representatives of the "power company". In the apartment building additional sources of energy must be present. After receiving approval for the reconstruction, sent a petition to the heating system.

the boiler should be selected for the full operation of the heating system conventional wiring pipeline or direct heating by means of devices installed (warm floor, convectors, heaters, etc.).

When choosing a classic boiler is its connection to the heating radiator, located on rooms. Central heating is a role will not play. Manage it very simple due to the presence of automatic control. Consequently, You can set time limits, when heating of the air in the room will be.

A specific embodiment of the boiler, you can choose yourself or seek professional help. Based on my experience, they prompt the appropriate unit. It is important to understand, that in certain situations have to make postings to the new replacement, so that it can withstand the power supplied in the course of work.

We can not forget about the possible nalichestvovanie direct heating elements. It provides an opportunity to get rid of the pipe around the perimeter of the room. If taken into account the warm floor, it can act as an additional heat source within the room, used during the change of seasons. Remember the cost of the mandatory presence of ground for this type of heating. Without it, it will be impossible to get permission to enter the system. That all these details will answer, that it is necessary for individual heating in the apartment.

Selecting a radiator and pipes

All components and individual heating units in the apartment must meet certain requirements. First of all we are talking about the purchase of pipes and batteries for installation. installation of individual heating in the apartmentNot necessarily at the same time to spend huge finances for the expensive equipment.

To exclude the load on the walls and floor slabs, It should abandon the iron and steel pipes of radiators. The best option - plastic:

  1. polypropylene. To reduce the impact on the thermal expansion of the material, better to buy products with reinforcement.
  2. Cross-linked polyethylene. At a cost will be slightly higher. But significantly increase performance and durability.

As the radiator is best to choose aluminum model. Their main quality is the ability to dissipate heat into the room.

editing process

When an individual heating in the apartment where to begin knows every. But all kinds of works on installation of equipment after being disconnected from the central heating is best done by an. installation of individual heating in the apartmentThey have on the corresponding resolution and the experience of work. Not everyone has a tolerance. Making the own hands can harm not only the executor, but also the neighbors in the apartment building.

On the shoulders of the landlord to go to the distribution of radiators in all the rooms for uniform heat transfer. In addition it should be carried out wiring conduit in a certain way of one or two tubes. All components must be connected to a heating boiler. the main thing, that while there was some knowledge performance of works. Otherwise also have to apply to masters. They will do everything efficiently and on time. You do not have to think, how to make the individual heating in the apartment.

unauthorized installation

If self-reconstruct the heating system in the apartment, with all the same it will be revealed over time. In the absence of permits and the project on the offender imposed a minimum fine 1000-1500 rubles. installation of individual heating in the apartmentFor payment will be given time for 30 days. Otherwise, the penalties will be doubled and additionally performed his administrative detention according to the rules.

As an additional measure to the perpetrator effects may be exhibited all the requirements to return to its original position. In the absence of a penalty payment is made by the seizure of the property of the debtor. The strictest measures - not a converted apartment sale at auction. Part means thus spent on reconstruction system samosvodnoy, and the remainder is returned to the owner.

This indicates, it is best to spend a significant amount of time on obtaining permits, than later to get permanent sanctions, up to the deprivation of property. Responsibility to violators is very hard due to the possible consequences of illegal reconstruction of central heating in the apartment house.

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