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Choosing the best option of heating in the apartment

Some residents of apartment buildings are willing to replace the central heating system in the autonomous. This is due to cost increases, and with the final comfort in terms of comfort and temperature regimes. But this process takes a fair amount of time and requires strict procedures. It is particularly important to pay attention to installation work, selecting the best heating system for the apartment.

heating problems

Virtually no problems in private home ownership, which is arranged a specific embodiment of the heating system. You can choose a completely different version of coolant and fuel, the boiler is. If necessary, situations can be carried out there installation of additional equipment in the form of Solar Collector, heat pump or, a separate boiler e.g..better heating in the apartment

For apartment buildings immediately should be paid to possible problems, to be faced:

  • Violates the interests of other tenants, which can negatively to speak out against such a decision.
  • Restrictions are imposed on the legislative level,.
  • The project should be selected based on the specific circumstances. After all, not all of them can be realized in reality in terms of technical performance or documented.

Immediately exclude the possibility of the installation of the boiler, the solid fuel. In this case it is necessary to have an additional room, where the material will be stored for heating boiler. By themselves slab will not be able to withstand considerable weight. Danger create other variants of flammable liquids , which can reduce the level of security in the apartment. If we take into account the warm floor, the apartment is not allowed for the water version. For this reason, you should pay attention only to the electric.better heating in the apartment

Before starting work, should make a consultation with a lawyer, which will allow to give an answer, whether legally allowed to move to independent heating. Not rare, when such decisions are made exclusively through the courts, to get rid of the central heating system embodiment.

A reasonable question arises, associated with the, a heating opt for apartments. Relatively apartment buildings, in its two versions is selected as the auxiliary heating:

  1. gas.
  2. electrical.

selection rules

It is very difficult to give a definite answer about the fact, which variant heating systems It will look great in an apartment. In each issue should be approached individually, taking into account the specific circumstances.

Some do not think over this issue, and it is easier to use proven over the years the central option. better heating in the apartmentBut it is very difficult waiting period, when they turn on the heat. The heating season is switched off from the working track.

As the most economical due to night rates assumed electric boiler installation, or a similar system of floor heating options. Moreover, the latter can be used as an additional heat source, because it is independent from the central, working on electricity. And the entire electric heating system has the independence property. Warming water in the system will be carried out by connecting to the mains. can say, it is advantageous heating apartment.

In any case, one has to think about, to go to offline mode. No need to sit in his apartment and wait for the heat. Moreover, during such period occurs many diseases.

initial work

Initial steps in the transition to independent heating - collecting documents and providing it to the supervisory authorities. It will serve as a basis for the project. better heating in the apartmentThese include:

  • A statement from the owner to carry out restructuring.
  • Technical passport on premises.
  • Sam project, where all editing nuances are reflected.
  • Document on the ownership of an apartment.
  • Obtaining the consent of paper from each tenant house.

It should be alert to the, Local authorities will be referred to federal law, refusing to pass such a decision. Flat without central heating, in their opinion, There can not be fully.

But there are other regulations, that produce such manipulations do not prohibit. the main thing, that they meet the technical requirements. If you still did not get to reach an agreement with the local authorities, will have to apply to the courts of general jurisdiction. They often help residents move to independent heating.

Location pipes

It is necessary to pay attention to what, that there are several embodiments of the wiring of the heating system pipe in the apartment. As the most simple embodiment with respect to the mounting process can be called a single-pipe. true, its effectiveness will be much lower than all other options. Warming rooms in the apartment is carried out uniformly. But he comes in the case of an electric boiler and a small area of ​​the apartment.better heating in the apartment

Two-pipe system It will cost a bit more expensive due to the fact, which doubles the number of purchased pipes. They are necessary not only for the supply of coolant, but of opposite direction to the boiler cooled liquid. It has an additional division, depending on, where it is carried out layout - top or bottom. In the first case water is supplied from the basement, where all the equipment is located. When the upper wiring arrangement made in the attic. In this case, the air warm-efficiency apartment rooms will be much higher. Correctly composed of heating system pipe mounting scheme will make all the work on their own, increasing the quality of the heating in the apartment.

correct calculations

For optimum air temperature in the apartment, should implement a competent installation. Particular attention is paid to competent estimates of all components. better heating in the apartmentStart with the power used in the boiler together with the area of ​​the apartment. Is taken into account and the climate of the region, where people live. After all, some dominated by high temperatures, and sometimes do not rise above 0 degrees.

Most often sold in flats Twin-Tube option, which during operation provide the highest level of efficiency. But I have to make every effort to quality installation. No harm will be invited to work in this direction specialist. Each radiator warms up evenly, that allows us to provide the room required temperature level.

Heating boilers

In the process of obtaining permission from local authorities to install autonomous heating systems, should visit the store to purchase boiler. It should be enough to heat all of the required level of apartment. For this purpose the corresponding formula:


From the above formula is meant as flat area S, which require heat supply, K - factors, to be applied depending on the particular circumstances. Attention should be paid to the following table,, which shows, how and what should be considered. R - reserved capacity boiler, selectable in the range of 1.15 to 1.25, P - average power, required for each square meter. These data will provide a modern heating of houses and flats.better heating in the apartment

In addition, it should be defined with, what option to choose - gas or electric. Each of them has its own characteristics. The greatest interest among the performers gets Boilers for gas. Due to the availability and cost of fuel during operation. Among the main advantages can be identified lack of noise during use while working, increased safety, maintaining the temperature conditions in the premises is dependent on the gas pressure level. It is worth noting, Such heaters fit even in small area apartments.

As the main source of heat and electric boiler suit. It can also act as an additional heating. They may be placed on the floor, and on the wall. They have sufficient advantages, as the effectiveness of the, economy, hygiene. But at differences in power may have problems with the heat supply into the room apartments.

electric version

The most basic question - what heating The apartment is? It is to understand the most elaborate electrical heating system for residential premises. Furthermore electric boiler it can be performed in a floor heating device or heat pump. During the installation of the boiler, remove all of the old pipe, producing replacement on all new.

It is considered the least expensive heat pump. The most suitable embodiment of the device in this case - "air-to-air" and "air-to-water". The equipment operates with the lowest power consumption. Here there is a heat extraction from the environment and makes its high-grade. Such equipment has the properties ecology, and a power source independently resumes. It has maximum efficiency when installing such a system in the presence of ambient temperature to below -25 degrees.

better heating in the apartment
Connecting the heat pump air-water

Despite the expensive pump and all its components, for a certain period of time it is able to payback. But more often they are purchased for a large area on the premises.

Gas heating

In here can be used as the main boiler Turbofan embodiment. It closed combustion chamber must be present. In addition, he arranged electronic ignition, and a thermostat, allowing to control the room heating process, introducing specific programs for this. If the rooms in the apartment are large in size, should think about buying a storage water heater. It will collect the warm water, allowing not only to wash dishes in the kitchen, but also to take a shower. New apartment heating system will operate with the greatest efficiency.

Modern equipment for the heating systems more automated. After careful installation it can be used almost without any intervention by the host. None of the tenants, as well as the neighbors will not disturb the work of the boiler in the apartment. All the more so buy it at a reasonable cost.

During the operation should be careful, because although rare, but there are cases of explosion of boilers. With more expensive gas for the population over time. This applies to electricity, in principle,. It is important to make quality ventilation, all purged of combustion leaving room apartment. Them over time will have to be cleaned by the appearance of oily soot. Not particularly useful coaxial chimney, the use of which inside the apartment will get strange smell.

better heating in the apartment
Driving strapping

There are four main stages, How to conduct the installation of the boiler gas type:

  • Installation of the boiler.
  • Disconnecting the old heating system and its complete dismantling.
  • the rooms radiators distribution tubes with.
  • Proper connection of all components with each other. You can not do without a specialist from the gas service.

erection work

Summing up the above, you can make the sequence of works on installation of heating system in the apartment with autonomy. The sequence is as follows:

  1. Produced documentaries coordination issues with local authorities. Otherwise it is necessary to apply to the courts, considering the various options for apartment heating.
  2. Permission must be obtained from each tenant house. They agree with you a time frame, when produced will be installation work.better heating in the apartment
  3. Additionally, for the chimney orifice is arranged in the case of using gas-fired boiler. provided wiring for electrically embodiment, that was able to withstand all the power supplied during operation.
  4. Under boiler to be an appropriate basis, which will not have a burning property. For this specific material used.
  5. Do not be amiss to carry out work on the layout of all components and assemblies of the heating system in the apartment. This will enable competent to draft and carry out installation.
  6. To install the gas meter involved professionals. They have on hand all the permitting documents.
  7. Fixing the boiler. It can be placed on the floor or on the wall. In the latter case, it must be retrofitted fasteners.
  8. gasket pipe, after which they are connected to the boiler.
  9. The test system start after the connection and the connection of all components, including pipes to radiators.better heating in the apartment

cost of

Concerning the specific cost of all it will be difficult. After all, it is impossible to foresee all aspects related, eg, with the choice of the boiler or pipe material in the apartment. If we take the averages, it is possible to conclude that, the price of the issue in Moscow around 150 thousand. But this is just the design documentation and installation work. All equipment will have to buy additional.

It is worth noting, that such a high cost should not scare. Indeed, over time it will be possible to recoup all due to savings on utility bills.

Pipe installation rules

In the subsequent implementation mounting pipes and radiators should adhere to certain rules and requirements, which include:

  • Connecting radiators must be parallel, not consistent.
  • The thermal head is attached to the back liner.
  • Inset panels carried out strictly from the top down, ie applied bias circuit.
  • Majewski faucet fixed to an upper battery stopper.
  • In use the clip latches as additional components, valve on the pitch.
  • After completion of all kinds of works and connecting the boiler pressure test performed across the system.
  • When installing the radiators used level.

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