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Replacing the heating elements in the apartment

When the hands have a permit for reconstruction of the central heating on stand-alone, you can begin to work on all components replaced. In certain situations, it can be done independently, if it is about battery life and tubes. But that's for certain moments have to involve experts (boiler and related products). In addition, replacement can also be useful if you want to upgrade your existing heating system components.

Set of tools

The most original action - cut off the water. If this is not done, and begin to dismantle the radiators, accidents happen, with the result that affected not only the performer, but also its neighbors. In addition, no extra than buying material to work with and acquire more tools, which include:

  • Spanners.Replacement of the heating system
  • Level.
  • Hammer with a knife.
  • Press fittings.
  • drill.
  • Truʙogiʙ.

But this is only a list of the main components, which will be required during the execution of works. The final list depends on the circumstances repairs and a new heating system in the apartment unit, as well as the possibility of independent work. Especially important is the list of materials, if there was a desire to change the heating system in an apartment on a stand-alone. Virtually every step reorganization rooms relatively teplopodachi, help experts, having a certain set of experiences.

change radiators

In the process of obtaining permission from the executive authorities can reflect the original purchase of new radiators. Best of all, each component is replaced by a new, not to return to the repair for a long period.Replacement of the heating system

It is the best option at the moment - bimetallic battery. But the cheapest options is not necessary to acquire, since they are exclusively made of steel cores in the vertical channels. Consequently, neither of which reliability is not necessary to dream.

From the outside bimetallic radiators are made of aluminum with some rebreniem. These two components help to achieve an increased heat transfer while maintaining reliability during the maintenance period. Among the newest technologies can be identified radiators Monolith, presented by Rifar. They have the possibility to withstand working pressures of up 150 atmospheres. They destroyed only when it reaches this indicator 210 atm.

At the time of purchase should be paid to the presence of all certificates, as well as the term of the warranty. Usually it is 25 years old. They are encouraged to acquire, to replace the heating in the apartment on a brand new or a simple update of all components.

You can then negotiate with the neighbors from the top and bottom. They agreed time, when the work will be carried out. If carried out alterations to the apartment offline mode supplying heat inside the room, disconnection by specialists.

Replacement of the heating system
The markup for the new radiators

At the same time pay attention to the simultaneous replacement of the pipeline, special, if we are talking about individual heating. Manufactures a complete dismantling of the old elements by cutting the riser. Such activities may be carried out in the case of the desire to increase the temperature in a particular room heating. the number of batteries increases ribs here. But exercise is best done only in the diagonal connection. Otherwise heat even decrease.

When I removed the old radiators, in their place is better to make a preliminary layout. From the floor must be maintained at a distance 10-15 cm. a similar distance to be observed from the window sill and. If strongly to bring the new battery to the wall heat transfer is reduced. Will be sufficient to adhere to rules 4-5 cm.

Purchase of pipes

Since I started working with radiator replacement, should consider, to hold them quality pipe, which can and hide. On the quality will be good to choose galvanized version, but the installation process will be time consuming and not really acceptable weight.Replacement of the heating system

The problem will help solve the corrugated pipe of stainless material. The replacement process will be endowed with difficulty, but it is possible to produce a bend in the desired direction, angle relative to the existing. Yes, and a set of tools will be minimal. In the presence of the risers to them will have a somewhat different mount the pipe due to the differences in thread. Production cutting is performed using the die to ¾ inch.

The cost of material will depend on the manufacturer and the quality of. The above option European brand will cost about 500-600 rubles. It will be cheaper to buy a South Korean peers TM Kofulso.


For each radiator replaced need to buy a shut-off valve. Here will suit off valve and a choke in her capacity as. In the first case a total stop heating device. Replacement of the heating systemrelatively throttle, it serves as a regulator of temperature levels, supplied to the room air. In addition, it will be maintained at the required level in the automatic mode.

There are other nuances, to which you should pay in this case,:

  1. The best option valves - Ball and modern. During operation, swept aside the likelihood of leakage on stem.
  2. The kit includes a throttling valves also jumper. Otherwise, will not be satisfied with the neighbors because of the thermostatically controlled all of the riser from the bottom to the top floor.

All these little subtleties will provide the answer to, how to change the heating system in the apartment with his hands. Every little thing at first sight as a result of play crucial, up to damage of radiators and pipe. Consequently, a long time to serve the whole system will not be able.

Reset risers

direct mounting, aimed at heating replacement in apartment starts with resetting risers. This can be done in pairs, If I'm heating in the apartment in the building with the lower filling. Replacement of the heating systemCommunication risers will be determined when visiting neighbors above. That they have his jumper must be placed.

If you go looking for the risers in the basement, orientation should be made regarding the entrances. Initially should find entrance stairs, and already from it to pay attention to the location of the rooms in the apartment. It is possible to find really true tube. Will only make the overlap of each of the risers, unscrew the cap opening and implement sbrosnikov.

A simpler option is in flats in the presence of a lower spillage. Resetting is performed sequentially risers. But it overlaps with the gate, located in the attic and in the basement.

the need for thread

Further dressing made from the pipe holder plates. It must be positioned perpendicular to the axis of the riser. Plate should go to the tube and in the preliminary purification of the last of the available colors. For chamfering applied files, bolgarka or otherwise improvised means.Replacement of the heating system

The pipe with the need threading is lubricated with oil. This will avoid the appearance of scuffing on the material, and indeed the die will go much faster and easier. In this case, it should be pressed to the end of the riser, whereupon cranking holder. This is the case of the first line of the thread cutting. Further mounted riser pipe wrench. There shall be cranking pipe, transmitted from the dice. Otherwise, can not do without damage to the components of the neighbors.

Threading will be sufficient 5 of threads. This is due to the fact, it is used only for fastening to the pipe-fitting adapters.

Install new batteries

When all the above steps have been completed, you can proceed to the next step - making allocations in the room bought in advance radiators.Replacement of the heating system

Before, how to fix the new batteries, they must be equipped with fugornymi nuts. On ball valves are installed pipes themselves. It is with a crane and all the work begins. Compound of all components must be reliable and robust. For this purpose, a sealing material is additionally used, which is wound on the connecting elements. Pre-lubrication of thread is also produced paint with tow. If, after screwing tow remained, even re-paint.

For fugornyh nuts, their installation, There are certain requirements. They are connected with the necessity of their location in the seals, made of rubber or paronita. On the reverse side is exposed at the bottom of the plug, and on top - bleed screw. To install the batteries using the bracket. It allows you to really determine the place, relative to the top and the sill, as well as to maintain a distance from the wall.Replacement of the heating system

All the fastening should be performed on preformed markup. bracket nut twist after hanging radiator. Will only bled, which is used for set crane Maevskogo. Even in such a case can not be immediately let the system work. Otherwise, such a replacement radiators in the apartment with his hands will lead to a leak.

Replacement of the heating system
Methods of connecting pipes

Testing conducted initially with air, and then water. true, in such a situation often have to use additional and expensive equipment. To avoid this, better to seek professional help, that fulfill all the established timeframe and with high quality.

Running the riser

Upon completion of work will only have to put the work in the riser. Pre HERZ-TS occurs at the stub underwinding. The entire system is filled with coolant. But even here there are some nuances, are worth paying attention to in the process of launch heating system after replacement of all components.

  • There may be occurrences of the helical valves must achieve, so that the water received in the wrong direction, wherein the arrow points to the housing. The consequence of non-compliance with such rules - there is a valve gap.
  • Originally opened one valve, wait for some time until the coolant partially fills the system. This is done to create an even pressure, both in the riser, and the spill. When the sound of the water will disappear, fully open all other valves in the system.

Replacing the heating in the apartment with his hands can be performed during the heating season. Here, after the completion of pre-venting takes place at an upper floor. You can not at the same time even to think about, to independently produce a remake of the heating system in the autonomous, as the perpetrator of the negative consequences await, up to the apartment deprivation.

The technology of the installation works its strict adherence, It allows to answer the question, how to change the heating system in the apartment. Special complexity in it is not, but the basic knowledge useful.

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