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How to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom and especially the connection

Heated towel rack in the bathroom serves as a drying laundry, It creates a warm climate, which eliminates the occurrence of fungus, dampness, and also prevents the formation of malodor on wet things. This is an important heater, designed to maintain the necessary microclimate in the bathroom.

Today's market is full of these products, with various design decorations and color schemes. here you go, purchase is made. The next task, this is the correct installation of the towel dryer. And when there is skill and a desire to do this work with his own hands, it will take a bit of theoretical knowledge, that can help you correctly and efficiently install the unit without errors.

Consider the basic modification of

known, that the water, circulates in the hot water supply, is sufficiently aggressive media and corrosion presents a real threat to the connected heating devices and pipes. Rational way out of this situation is the use of "coils" non-ferrous metal (aluminum, copper), stainless steel or electric counterparts. There are several types of modern towel:

  • water. This type of all known since the times of the Soviet Union, such models are most popular, require the presence of a heating system or a warm water feed fail-safe. They are made of stainless steel, brass, copper, characterized by low cost of purchase.
  • electrical. There are floor and wall units, which are located anywhere in the room. Their connection may open and closed method, walled up when the wires in the wall or displayed to the outlet. There are temperature controllers.
  • combined. Hybrids of the first two types, but most of all refers to aqueous products. This design allows them to work with disconnected heating, and they cost much more expensive than the previous types.

Basic connection selection criteria

According guests, regulatory specifications heating and hot water systems in residential apartment buildings, pressure of water in the system is not pillar must exceed 4 atmospheres. In fact, it is from 2,5 to 7,5 and it depends on the number of storeys of the structure, the terrain and the technical condition of communication.

It is best to give preference to devices, stainless steel made. Special, if mounted heated towel rail is supposed to the heating system.

Connection methods "dryers"

Choosing water heated towel rail, must be considered a way to design connectivity. Exists 3 basic types of connections:

  • lateral. It is used for the vertically elongated devices. This is the most universal way, suitable for standard snakes, systems with "recessed" pipes for individual models-ladders.
  • Bottom connection. Requires bleed screw and normal pressure hot water. Suitable for overall patterns, often used in the step ladder.
  • diagonal. This connection method provides an efficient water circulation, It requires additional piping. Suitable for large structures, ladders and their modifications. One of the most popular types - heating device with side connection. Such models are in demand due to the features of the device and easy connection of the unit to the water supply network.

When purchasing a towel warmer side should be considered, that some models are not suitable for standard domestic systems.

need for installation:

  • Sam polotencesušitelʹ.
  • The unit quarrel pipes.
  • polypropylene tubes.
  • brackets and 3 ball valves.
  • Joints.
  • Knife for cutting pipes.

Install the towel warmer in the bathroom includes several types of works.

  1. Elimination of old unit.
  2. soldering pipes.
  3. Attaching the crane on dryer.
  4. jumper.
  5. Sam polotencesušitelʹ.
  6. The unit quarrel pipes.
  7. polypropylene tubes.
  8. brackets and 3 ball valves.
  9. Joints.
  10. Bulgarian for cutting pipes.

If installation will be carried out with plastic tubes, it is necessary to take into account the instability of the material to the pressure drops. This method is quite economical and operational, Installation of the unit is performed by crimping.


Before, how to carry out the dismantling of the old device, necessary to block hot water riser, and only then remove the old pipes.

mount jumper. it, of course, not necessary, but the advantages during further operation of the unit essential. You do not need to depend on the decisions of others, wait, when shut off the water around the riser, and just take - and stop the water supply to the polotentsosushitelyu ball valves, Water goes on bridge, without disturbing the system pressure.
When installing this bypass is required of polypropylene pipes and ball valves. In some cases, allowed to mount a crane in the middle of the jumpers, in order to remove air from the dryer and provide a flow of water in the main conduit.

tube welding. Installation towel dryer continues soldering polypropylene tubes, Although you can take and copper (costly), steel (overall), metal and plastic (unstable).
Installation requires the towel warmer with his hands the connection pipe to the central heating system or a hot water supply units. Dryers may be connected to the heating systems with automatic water pumping.

Installation in a bathroom towel warmer is performed using the couplings (measuring 1 "x1/2"Or 1" x3/4″). Slopes liner performed along the coolant flow, to 10 mm over the entire length. eyeliner to 500 ml can be horizontal.

The feed hot water riser must be located above the drying, that the water circulation is carried out in all directions, for uniform heating of the entire drying unit.

Height towel warmer installation is done from a distance 120 cm from the floor, and not less than 60 see the indentation of all sanitary objects and devices. Positioning the dryer above the washing machine is not prohibited, the main thing, that it does not hinder the enjoyment of the unit. If the product is installed in the form of ladder, then you need to understand, that the height will depend on the growth of the tenants in the room. Next to the drying should not be electrical.

A further step of mounting the towel warmer water with your hands means fixing device and its test. It is necessary to check the tightness of all connections, probe all joints. Leakage and formation of drops should not be! Details about the intricacies water connection.

Preparation of the site under the towel rail

When you can not put water heated towel rail comes to replace the electrical

This essential device for drying towels can be an excellent interior decoration. Advantages are obvious: the product can be installed anywhere, independently regulate the heating temperature.polotencesushitel

Electric towel this electric space heating apparatus, made of a steel pipe, inside which a special heating element located (heating cable or heating element with water or oil). Filled with oil or water, the device is considered to be the most common embodiment towel warmer. Driving his work easy: warm liquid, heated Tenom, It is circulated through the tubes and the design heats the device itself. In the embodiment the heating cable, the function of the heating element provides cable silicone insulation. As for the design of the device, it was mostly, it has a different shape and is made on the "ladder" type, with TAN, positioned to the right or left inside the tube.

the important thing, that the heating element can not cause a fire, because they do not come into contact directly with the home furnishings (curtains, rugs), and unlike conventional electrical appliances, no danger of contact heating element energized and metal objects. Hoses to the mains can be open (if desired, using the device in several areas) and closed (to achieve the aesthetic appearance of the bathroom).

The use of such a "coil" dryer economically profitable, power consumption device can be compared with the work of a single bulb (35-200 Tues.). Besides, instrument is safe - maximum temperature of the surface of the coil pipe is 60 ° C, which minimizes the possibility of getting burns. The heating temperature of the device is manually adjusted.

Advantages of electric towel rails

Electric heaters compare favorably with those, that allow us to solve any problems with the repair work on the eyeliner and a lining of hot water pipes. After all, modern towel, using electricity, does not depend on the availability of hot water, It does not require routing and connector work, require no plumbing skills to install. Electric coils are more economical to install, than their water analogues: stretch the electric wire is much easier, than to carry out the purchase of supplies for the liner pipe and pay for major plumbing work on remaking hot water pipes. Devices mounted on telescopic bracket or mount, and they only need to plug it in.

polotencesushitel 3

Electrical "coils" different mobility, versatility and multifunctionality. The unit can be easily moved to any place of dwelling, whether it's a bedroom, kitchen or hallway, while using as a towel heater. Contemporary towel is the perfect solution for an apartment with a gas column, country house and garden. Such a device can serve as a heating of empty country house as a protection against freezing, thus in communication with the correct design of the coil are no fire risks.

The only possible drawback is that the towel dryer, that will have to pay for electricity, consumption unit, though he spends little enough electricity during operation. And it's not necessary to carry out continuous operation of the coil, You can turn it periodically to perform the necessary operations for the laundry drying.

Installation Guide

How to install the towel rail with electric drive? First, you must decide on the installation location, calculate the voltage on the electrical network, ground the unit, annihilate the outlet, which should be protected from water.

With any method of installation of the dryer, qualitatively necessary to construct the device from the protectiveswitch, PETN has to be directed upwards, and the unit itself in a vertical position. It is also important to adjust the distance between the wall and the equipment.

After the complete installation required to wait minutes 15 and only then switch on the appliance.

Towel can also be installed in the corridor, on the kitchen, in the room, or in the gazebo. This product is a multifunctional, and ensures elimination of humidity in the room, that is so necessary, especially in the winter time.
The power of this product is much lower conventional heater, and therefore less electricity is consumed.
Here are ways provided installation towel warmer with their hands. The work is not complicated, but very responsible. Let this piece of furniture for years uninterrupted serves its owners!




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